How to Watch the Olympics

How to Watch the Olympics❰Reading❯ ➶ How to Watch the Olympics Author David Goldblatt – The must have guide to the 2012 Summer Olympic GamesNext summer millions of Americans will tune into the Olympic Games the largest and most popular sporting event in the world Yet while it's easy to b The must have guide to Watch the MOBI î the Summer Olympic GamesNext summer millions of Americans will tune into the Olympic Games the largest and most popular sporting event in the world Yet while it's easy to be fascinated by agile gymnasts poised euestrians and perfectly synchronized swimmers few of us know the real width of a balance beam the intricate regulations of dressage or the origin of those crowd pleasing legs in the air swimming formations Luckily David Goldblatt and Johnny Acton have created this utterly thorough and always fun guide to How to PDF \ the rules strategy and history of each sport With witty detailed descriptions and clever illustrations How to Watch the Olympics will help anyone grasp handball archery wrestling fencing and every other Olympic event like a true pro. I love everything about the Olympics and always watch as much as I physically can with gymnastics diving weightlifting and synchronised swimming being some of my favourite eventsReading How to Watch the Olympics An instant initiation into every Olympic sport at Rio 2016 by David Goldblatt and Johnny Acton was the perfect preparation and I learned a lot about different sports that I didn't know beforehandSet out alphabetically by sport this handy reference guide was informative without being overwhelming and entertaining with a light sense of humour throughoutSome tidbits were memorable like this one from the sport of badminton on page 76 The shuttlecock may be mere cork and feathers but struck correctly it can split a watermelon in twoWhile enjoying the Olympic footage I often found myself recalling knowledge from the book oh they don't have to row inside their lanes they can row across the buoys as long as they don't interfere with anyone else and in synchronised swimming they can't touch the bottom of the pool and the spectacle they put on before they dive into the water is called deckwork which isn't included in the scoring How to Watch the Olympics was a great companion for armchair Olympic viewers like me and I'll be sure to have it beside me in 2020 for the Tokyo Olympics Copy courtesy of Allen Unwin Well it's not going to be one of those books that becomes a classic It's pretty much just good for the next six weeksThis book focuses on the history of the summer Olympic games there's no mention of the winter Olympics in here and provides information on all of the sportsjust enough so that the casual viewer has an idea of how each competition works There's also some almanac facts like which country has won the most medals in a given event current record holdersetcThe authors did a nice job of injecting some British humour into it as well and included some of the most bizarre details about the games Stories of roasted doves less than honest judging and various fights fill out the textIt's a good way to prepare for the London 2012 games Is this book out of date already with the 2012 Olympics halfway through? No I don't think so Yes it is focused on the 2012 games but the coverage of each sport is fascinating and worth a read at any time It is also fun to see if the predictions that are made for each sports were accurate I will certainly be referring to this book for some timeI have enjoyed learning some truly weird and wonderful facts about the Olympics mass brawls streakers and attacks on referee's are just some of the milder things that have happened over the years I have started watching sports that I would never have dreamed of before I read this book as well The points to watch for listed in the book have made it very easy to get involved in the action However there is nothing that a book that can say that will make me watch football Well worth a read Hurry and get a copy now and you can enjoy the second half of the 2012 Olympics even than the 1st halfI only hope that they bring out a version for the Winter Olympics I'm in the minority of the male population of the world in that I don't care a jot about sports work with me and I think it's fair to say that it's probably just me the gays and Trappist monks that do not appreciate at least something I LOVE the WWE and while they pretend to be many things including progressive and morally sound at times a sport it is not I suppose a large part of this is that I was really shit at PE I mean REALLY shit For one thing I couldn't wrap my head around why all the activities involving the outdoors were in the Winter and when it was sunny we would be inside I especially hated cross country running because it really was pointless and where I grew up is not a pleasant place to do anything in the snow Least of all being shouted at by a paedophile in the rain Rugby as well I was always the only one who came off the pitch with a clean sports kit Whether it was anything we did cricket football athletics I sucked and dropped Games the first chance I got That being said I enjoyed HOW TO WATCH THE OLYMPICS which is a concise and detailed guide to each discipline and as well as a break breakdown of their rules I skipped each one there are some really interesting historical tales of how each sport became to be clever anecdotes on what happened at some of the different games and profiles some of the extraordinary people who have excelled And amusing some of those characters who failed spectacularly Unfortunately though this book is immediately dated as it was published for the run up to the 2012 Olympics of which I only watched the opening and closing ceremonies Now not being at all sport minded this didn't particularly concern me But I imagine it would to those who are if they picked it up today Informative It can be a stand alone book where you really don’t have to read it straight thru you can read what different sports interest you Has facts and tidbits to it I received this just in time for the London Games and will keep it handy while watching It's not really for the sports you know something about eg there is a fairly involved didactic bit on what a slam dunk is in basketball as well as the advice in the track and field section to keep an eye on those of West African descent in the sprints and East African in the distance races but for getting the rules some tips and some history on the rest Some very useful bits of info eg apparently in 2001 someone slipped past me a rules change in table tennis such that games are now to 11 not 21 history I hadn't realized lacrosse used to be in the Games in 1904 and 1908 should be brought back IMO and what a cynic might call trivia did you know Sarah Michelle Gellar is a black belt in taekwondo? Authors' British background is evident in some of the choices of examples to highlight but they're mostly ecumenicalTone is always upbeat acknowledging what some might find tedious about a particular sport but stressing what you can watch for to make it interesting or admirable My favorite bit of positive spin was in their discussion of the beleaguered rhythmic gymnastics specifically the ball accessorySurprisingly 'street' the ball exercise combines elements of basketball freestyle soccer and seal like joie de vivre p 184Continuing the French phrase meme I'm not sure street is the mot juste here but as that kid who tried to encourage the Miami Heat after a playoff loss would say Good job good effort A great companion to have at your side during the London Olympics I'm glad I read this one mostly prior to the Games since it really has gotten me pumped to watch every single kind of sport at the Olympics this year I think this book's greatest success is that it can get you interested in some of the lesser known sports like archery euestrianism or the wild combination of events that take place in the modern pentathlon It was organized well and I liked the fact that it included not only the basics and history of each game but the finer subtleties of each sport and why one should watch each The Olympics on TV does a great job of showcasing everything but oftentimes they give little background or information about the sports so this is a very useful book to keep around during the games For the first time in my lifetime I'm actually psyched to watch the Olympics so I give this book a great rating A handy guide especially since the summer games include so many sports and variations of those sports I enjoyed the history lesson on every sport along with the uniue tales The recap of previous games at the back could have been a bit detailed but was interesting As a Canadian I did find it odd that the authors repeatedly made mention of Michael Johnson's world record 200m race in 1996 in Atlanta yet no mention of Canada's Donovan Bailey doing the same in the 100m that year yet the authors focused on that race when recapping many other games In fact there's very little in this book about Canadian athletes or performances which isn't surprising as we are hardly a summer powerhouse but there are several mentions of Ben Johnson and a bit on Simon Whitfield who was actually just chosen as our London flag bearer I will call upon this book during the games no doubt So I wanted to be a little informed about all the various sports I’d be seeing this summer This book had nice descriptions of each of them including what to watch for to judge competitors’ skill and histories of the events Best was the extensive chapter on athletics from the ancient games to now; I knew about Leonidas of Rhodes before he was cool Two main problems with the book it was written looking forward to the 2012 Olympics and not updated for this one so all the stuff on individual competitors was obsolete and it doesn’t seem likely to be updated for 2020 With that in mind I can't recommend that anyone else buy it Also NBC only ever decided to show me water polo volleyball and beach volleyball along with athletics and swimming so most of the crap I read about I never experienced Oh well This was a great guide to the 2012 Summer Olympics I referenced it often while watching the different sports that I really was not familiar with handball water polo ect It was fun to be able to jump around in the sections learn about the history of the sport team rivalries and the meaning behind the way in which the games are organized I surprisingly marked up the book I don't think I have ever written in a non textbook before with the metal standings and particular athletes that I was consistently following ex Misty Karri Looking forward to getting the Winter Olympics version I honestly don't know if Goldblatt is writing one but I sure hope he does

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