Letters to Sam A Grandfather's Lessons on Love Loss and the Gifts of Life

Letters to Sam A Grandfather's Lessons on Love Loss and the Gifts of Life❮Download❯ ✤ Letters to Sam A Grandfather's Lessons on Love Loss and the Gifts of Life Author Daniel Gottlieb – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Dear Sam As your only living grandfather I want to welcome you into this world Always remember that life is a gift and a blessing In the tradition of such bestsellers as Tuesdays with Morrie and Ridin Dear Sam As your only Sam A PDF/EPUB è living grandfather I want to welcome you into this world Always remember that life is a gift and a blessing In the tradition of such bestsellers as Tuesdays with Morrie and Riding the Bus with My Sister this emotionally powerful collection of letters from grandfather to grandson will touch readers right down to their core Award winning radio host newspaper columnist and psychologist Daniel Gottlieb has created a truly inspirational work When his grandson was born Daniel Gottlieb began to write a series of heartfelt letters that he hoped Sam Letters to ePUB ✓ would read later in life He planned to cover all the important topics dealing with your parents handling bullies falling in love coping with death and what motivated him was the fear that he might not live long enough to see Sam reach adulthood You see Daniel Gottlieb is a uadriplegic the result of a near fatal automobile accident that occurred two decades ago and he knows enough not to take anything for granted Then when Sam was only fourteen months old he was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disability a form of autism and suddenly everything to Sam A eBook ´ changed Now the grandfather and grandson were bound by something a disability and Daniel Gottlieb's to Sam A Grandfather's Lessons PDF/EPUB ² special understanding of what that means became invaluable A lovingly written emotionally gripping book that offers uniue and universal insights into what it means to be human In addition to his thriving psychotherapy practice Daniel Gottlieb serves as the host of Voices in the Family an award winning mental health call in show on Philadelphia's much respected public radio station WHYY He also writes a bimonthly column for the Philadelphia Inuirer entitled On Healing and is the author of two books to Sam A Grandfather's Lessons PDF/EPUB ² He lectures locally and nationally on a variety of topics affecting the well being of people families and the larger community. A wonderful legacy of a Grandpa to his Grandson A love letter between generationsA Declaration of LIFEA book of deep Psychological perception and profound Humane statureInspiring touching and yet informative and deeply interesting from a human clinical point of viewDefinitely a Good read I recommend it to all Parents Childrenwith some maturity and even Health ProfessionalsLoved itMaria CarmoLisbon 2nd August 2013 This is one of those books that I have bought over and over again to gift to friends and I have read it at least once a year It touched my heart and moves me with every reading What a gift this grandfather passed on Sometimesactually most of the time we are scared of being judged for what we are feeling and thinking We have many uestions and we don't know whom to turn to This book will not only answer your uestions but it will make you realize that it's okay to be different it's okay to be comfortable in your own skin it opened my eyes to a whole new world Sam is uite lucky to have someone like his Pop to guide him not everyone is so encouraging and supportive In the intimacy that exposure brings there's an amazing opportunity a chance of being loved for who you really areWhat changed was what I did with my mind Sometimes what we do with our minds turns those facts into pain and sometimes we can just treat them as facts acknowledging them but not feel them But the you feel your different ness the lonely you will feelSometimes situations call for us to act strong and brave even when we don't feel that way But those are few and far between More often the payoff is better if you don't pretend you feel strong when you feel week or pretend that you are brave when you're scared I really believe the world might be a safer place if everyone who felt vulnerable wore flashers that said I have a problem and I am doing the best I canMaybe it isn't so bad to hit the wall Maybe the wall is there to teach us a lessonInevitable all pain is about longing for yesterday whatever we had before whatever used to be But when pain doesn't go away fast enough we criticize ourselves for not getting over it for not being strong enough or even for being vulnerable in the first placeAll of this mind talk just interferes with the natural healing process When you feel deeply hurt you have everything you need in yourself to repair the damage You want compassion understanding and nurturing in order to heal But most of all you need time When I am in a dark tunnel I want to be with people who love me enough to sit in the darkness with me and not stand outside telling me how to get outEvery time we have a thought we act like a dog when the doorbell rings We jump up as though it's some important visitor But it almost never isTake with you the wisdom you have acuired from your parents your grandparents and your teachers But remember their wisdom is not necessarily your truthI have always said that when parent'y don't do their own work when they don't fix their own problems fulfill their own desires live out their own lives they're really mortgaging their souls And when they mortgage their souls their children wind up paying the interest I felt different from my family Yet I was never confident in my own perceptions because my family always told me that my views were wrongToday I have faith that I can tolerate my painful emotions I have faith that if and when my depression comes back it will be temporary And I'll be able to live with it when I lived in the present moment with you noticing what was happening in that moment I felt great joy When my mind went to the past and what I had lost I felt pain When my mind went to the future and what I longed for I felt pain then too So many grown ups suffer because we are trying to live the life we once had or the life we wish for You reminded me that day that life is much sweeter when we live the life we have This little book you can read in one sitting yet the value it contains is bigger than life Written by a grandpa to his autistic grandchild as a memento of his life's journey and its lessons rekindles by own remembrance of my own maternal grandpa Little memories I retain of my grandpa since he died when I was still very young what I remember the most was his stale room where he stayed almost the whole day in confinement by choice I used to go there alone when all of my cousins were too tired to play and I remember my grandpa perched on his chair slouching on the desk writing something I never knew what he was writing until much later but I remember vividly that he used to collect empty cigarette packs which he kept in a huge box and used this as his paper for writing I remember I used to ask him to give me some for plaything as I used the silvery paper as decoration to my carton made crown I would stay on sometimes and watched him write and I remember that often when I was there he would stop just for a moment to look at me and smile his brightened face turned to me he would pick me up and placed me on his lap and tell me stories of my mom and the pastI consider this my uality time with my grandpa before he succumbed to cancer a few years after Eventually in my adulthood I would often think what would be like to if he were alive and it will bring me back to those endearing moments with him from my childhood past A personal book like this one is so inspiring for it brings you back to what is truly essential in life LOVE Excerpts from Daniel Gottlieb’s “Letters to Sam”Altruistic love means giving to another simply out of compassion Not because you think you should Not because you feel responsible for the other person or you wonder what someone else can do for you in the future or because your charity will help reduce your taxable income Altruistic love is simply for the sake of the otherGiving to others is most precious when it is done uietly and selflesslyRighteous indignation is like candy when you’re starving It feels good but it doesn’t sustain you very longMissing feels like a sad spot in my heart It feels so much better than when I was angry with her or worse when I didn’t let myself feel anything about her Missing means I love herAnd I have discovered that when people are kind and helpful it makes them happyBut only when you stop pretending you’re brave or strong do you allow people to show the kindness that’s in themContinue reading here I had many connections with this bookmy son is autistic PDD NOS and also has had learning disabilities since birth I can also relate a lot of Daniel's personal experiences within my ownAn excerpt from his book sums it upEvery chapter in this book is a letter to Sam Daniel's grandson Some are stories about my life Most are stories about what I've learned All are stories about what it means to be humanA fantastic read for anyone having a child grandchild neice nephew etc fun for all to share in the lesson on love loss and the gifts of life I loved Letters to Sam for several reasons It has an emotional drive that psychologists commonly fail to develop in their books that makes it a great read Letters to Sam is so deeply felt and courageously personal It teaches us all how to find appreciation and meaning in life no matter what the situation A touching book of letters from a grandfather who knows his time on Earth may be short to a grandson whose autism may prevent him from ever being able to comprehend the advice within them Daniel Gottlieb was left a uadriplegic after an accident when his two daughters were young and has learned to live with his new limitations and the health scares many serious that come with them for the past 25 years When his daughter gives birth to Sam he is Gottleib's first grandchild and fearing that one of these health issues will take Dan from the world before he has a chance to impart his wisdom to the boy Gottleib begins composing letters of this advice Somewhere along the line it was realized that than Sam could benefit from these letters and thus the book was bornGottleib references the past and present events in the family's history as he looks towards Sam's future Sam's diagnosis with autism puts Gottleib in the uniue position of being able to tell what it's like to be 'a little different' from the rest of the world to a child who will someday realize he too is 'a little different' even though their differences are themselves different from each other He speaks of family members Sam will never get a chance to meet from Gottleib's own father and grandfather to his ex wife from whom he was long estranged but still wonders how excited she would be to play with Sam and see the lovely women her daughters have become Through these letters there are many life lessons such as the uselessness in harboring unproductive feelings such as personal anger at the wheel manufacturer whose product crashed into his car and caused his injury and instead converting them into useful emotions channeling the personal outrage into activism and suing said company to unearth that they knowingly sent a faulty product to market resulting in the wheels being recalled and preventing others from being injured He also sees hope in Sam's future that the world for differently abled people is better now than it was at the time of his injury and that the progress Sam has made in less than a decade means his autism may not limit him in the ways the world believes it will although he also turns wistful wondering if he will be present to see this growth in his grandsonOverall an enjoyable read and I am curious to learn about Gottleib's work as it has been a decade since the book was published and he is still living and imparting his knowledge although in semi retirement to listeners of the local public broadcasting station here in Eastern PA I received this audiobook as a gift from a friend and I want to heartily endorse both the book and giving it as a gift to someone I realized as I listened to Letters to Sam a Grandfather's lessons on love loss and the gifts of life by Daniel Gottlieb that I couldn't remember ever hearing a single story from either of my grandfathers Both had died already when I was a very young person This book makes me realize what I missedIf you are a grandparent this book will inspire you to think about what life lessons you want to pass on to your youngest family members Daniel Gottlieb the author has faced challenges most of us would wince at; he shares with his on the spectrum autistic grandson lessons from him own life that have special application to his grandson's Sam's lifeThis is a wonderful book full of terrific storytelling You can listen to the whole thing in less than four hours

Letters to Sam A Grandfather's Lessons on Love Loss and
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  • Letters to Sam A Grandfather's Lessons on Love Loss and the Gifts of Life
  • Daniel Gottlieb
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  • 18 March 2015
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