The Boat of a Million Years

The Boat of a Million YearsOthers Have Written SF On The Theme Of Immortality, But In The Boat Of A Million Years, Poul Anderson Made It His Own Early In Human History, Certain Individuals Were Born Who Live On, Unaging, Undying, Through The Centuries And Millenia We Follow Them Through Over 2000 Years, Up To Our Time And Beyond To The Promise Of Utopia, And To The Challenge Of The Stars.A Milestone In Modern Science Fiction, A New York Times Notable Book On Its First Publication In 1989, This Is One Of A Great Writer S Finest Works. Oh my great googamunga, what the hell have I been reading all these years, slogging through shit only to finally come upon THIS MAGNUM OPUS OF SF I m frankly about as embarrassed as I can possibly be.I am STUNNED by how smoothly this enormous work slid down my gullet, amazing me with so much delightfully interesting history told so damn well that I had to check a few times to be sure I was reading an actual SF novel, and not a brilliant historical told through an old motif of immortals making their way through time I kept picking up nuances that were thrilling and I absolutely loved the tension when it came to the possibilities of having these radically different people finally get together, or when they did, things went to hell, like ships running with false colors in the night.But understand this neither the interesting characters nor the locations and situations make this book the bit of brilliance that it is It s the undercurrents of mythology, the retellings of old, old, old tales, and the underlying questioning of life that turns this huge novel into an unforgettable tale.Sure, MANY authors have gone and turned their hands at immortality, and I ve even been convinced on occasion that the best long term space farers limited by light speed would inevitably be vampires and wandering jews, but let s face it A lot of what s out there is dreck.This novel isn t.In fact, it s one of the most scrupulously researched and deftly imagined SF tit
The Boat of a Million Years by Poul Anderson is a vehicle by which the author can explore anthropological, historical, sociological, theological and philosophical questions through the immortal eyes of a group of ageless but not impervious characters This is a brilliantly broad in scope adventure through time and culture, well researched and fascinating I cannot help but compare this to Heinlein s Methuselah s Children and especially Time Enough for Love, with its theme of immortality and ability to enter and exit various levels and stages of existence Also, Norman Mailer s Ancient Evenings And this makes me wonder further The Boat of a Million Years was published in 1989 when Poul Anderson was 63 years old Time Enough for Love was first published in 1973 when Heinlein was 66 Norman Mailer was 60 when he first released Ancient Evenings As these great writers entered their seventh decade on Earth, did the tendrils of
Long time ago I turned these pages.There s been very little written by Poul Anderson that i did not like I m going on memory here, but this story was about the people involved rather than classic, hard Science Fiction As an omnibookworm, I don t particularly mind if an author draws on non genre specific influences to make a tale work better Anderson was always all over the map his books spanned SF, fantasy, history, and non fiction I can t recall ever been disappointed by him The Boat of A Million Years is mostly concerned with the lives of the natural immortals So, we have interludes in various chronological and geopolitical situations that introduce the characters and how they must live amongst normals Later, the author applies modern science to the question of how immortals exist Eventually, we enter the future, where the problem is solved, our merry band of founding immo
An interesting book on what it would be like if you were immortal Would it be a boon or a curse I like how the author approached the subject and the characters were interesting However, like another reviewer pointed out, onc
rewiew 01 22 14 The Boat of A Million Yearsfinally finished 1 21 14 2 stars might be accurate as a 0 1 star rating.Strengths The author has an appreciation for the viewpoint of historical turning points where one culture is overtaking and replacing another as a result usually of war or overt control In some cases this results from Environmental or economical factors such as drought, new trade routes, disruptive products that create new markets etc.The author set characters as ordinary people, or marginally upper class people, who live through these critical path events and must either adjust a lifestyle or relocate and possibly lose a lifetime accumulation of wealth or material and relationships His perspective is fairly unique in historical writings Hist historical turning points also occurred factually historically, and can be referenced in a number of actual historical writings The Weaknesses There is no character development There is practically no plot This book is a collection of short stories whose only ties from one to the next is that the characters happen to be immortal, provided they don t get killed This is very much like a collection of individual runs from the TV series Highlander , without the head chopping None of the sto
Multitud de temas tratados con Sci Fi al fondo G nero Ciencia Ficci n.Lo que nos cuenta Relato de las vidas y sucesos de varios personajes inmortales, y de las complejas relaciones entre ellos, que nos llevar desde la prehistoria al futur
The first 75% of this book was an excellent, sprawling fantasy tale, reminiscent of the generation spanning tales of Ken Follett It was interesting to read how ageless men and women weaved new identities into new ages and times, restarting their lives as necessary Unfortunately, at the book s shift to a science
Poul Anderson wrote this story so well that I felt that the individual characters were real They seemed to be true individuals who s thoughts were recorded in the book The poetic style of Anderson struck a chord with me, and also reminded me strongly of Virginia Woolf s Orlando The promise of alien in the truest sense of the word peoples and cultures was made quite alluring in this book The section toward the very end where the wonders of space are talked about and n
This is the first time I read a work of Poul Anderson and I m amazed After I watched the movie The Man from Earth I wanted to read what kind of adventures an immortal might have lived throughout the centuries he lived And The Boat of a Millon Ye
This title caught my eye when my husband was reading it, so I ventured to try it for myself So glad I did I would hesitate to pigeonhole the novel into a genre Much of it is historical, though Anderson seems to trust the reader s knowledge to provide the broad framework of history Much of it is futuristic, but it s soft sci fi, easily accessible to the casual reader Really, it s a character driven story, and a very effective one Through the prism of the Immortals, the reader sees the myriad mysteries of the human condition love, fear, death, faith, the longing for home and a place to belong, the desire for exploration and discoveryall these things and are touched on view spoiler I found Anderson s take on the spread of immortality, and the decline of humankind into a technologically facilitated lethargy to be prescient Self obsessed creatures with no attention span Constantly connected

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