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The Gate ThiefPDF Epub The Gate Thief Orson Scott Card In This Sequel To The Lost Gate, Bestselling Author Orson Scott Card Continues His Fantastic Mither Mages Series About The Mages Of Westil, Who Live In Exile On Earth, In The Gate Thief.Here On Earth, Danny North Is Still In High School, Yet He Holds In His Heart And Mind All The Stolen Outselves Of Thirteen Centuries Of Gatemages The Families Still Want To Kill Him If They Can T Control Him And They Can T Control Him He Is Far Too Powerful.And On Westil, Wad Is Now Nearly Powerless He Lost Everything To Danny In Their Struggle Even If He Can Survive The Revenge Of His Enemies, He Still Must Somehow Make Peace With The Gatemage Daniel North.For When Danny Took That Power From Loki, He Also Took The Responsibility For The Great Gates And When He Comes Face To Face With The Mages Who Call Themselves Bel And Ishtoreth, He Will Come To Understand Just Why Loki Closed The Gates All Those Centuries Ago. I think Orson Scott Card is doing a fantastic job writing good kid YA It s really hard Most of the YA out there is full of stupid kids doing stupid things and while Danny fits the bill, he s still a sight better than most He s dependable and loyal and he does the right thing even when it would be so easy to just fall into the traps that everyone lays out for him.I m talking about sex.I mean, truly, Danny s now the definition of a god, with super uber gate magic powers that not only let him use his imagination and trickery, but they also heal the people that go through them That s pretty beast, especially since he can make a million of the gates He s a god among gods God Punk at its best But sex is the downfall of all the gods, is it not Just look at Zeus And yet, Danny is trying not to be that Admirable, don t you think Alas, this isn t the entire book, but it s an important part The rest is all about the coming war with Seth, the Dragon, with Satan, with Bel, while all the while having to deal or not deal with the rest of the underpowered mortal gods as they go through the Great Gate that amps up all their powers, while all the while trying to protect his normal friends Danny s pretty heroic, but he s still just a kid, and a lot of the dialog is very HS.In the end, I m really happy with the shape of this story I love most of the writing and I think it
And another series crashes and burns I really liked the first book in the series of books The Lost Gate and was greatly looking forward to the next book, this one It opened well and I was drawn back into the story of the young Gate mage and his friendsfor a while.This book gets bogged down in teenage angst, emotional baggage and also an attempt to include a philosophical theological view while burying it in the story.Didn t work.I ve read books by Mr Card that I like very much and I ve read books that I couldn t get through I finished this one though I did skip a bit during some of the attempts at heart rending conversation On a couple of occasions the problem with the books was is that Mr.Card s LDS beliefs tend to come heavily to the fore and swamp the story that s sort of what happens here The story which started out as an interesting take though not totally original it was still a good take on the old gods were powerful beings with magic it was shaping up well on mythology It was a YA type novel of a young man from a family descended from the Norse deities who d lost most of their power The protagonist was the persecuted member of the family wh
Card weaves a fantastic world with a great overarching plot as only he can do , but then he fills in the rest of the novel with garbage The majority of this novel was about a teenage boy trying view spoiler and failing hide spoiler Well, this is a difficult one I liked the story and thought it was a good continuation of book 1, but there are also a few things that stuck in my throat about The gate thief Let me tell you that I m generally not very interested in an author s personal views, as long as his books are good So far, I ve enjoyed most of OSC s works, despite the fact that all his heroes are male, all his books experience a dearth of women or girls, and the ones that are there tend to be inferior to the men I ve managed to step over all that, because Ender s game Because Pathfinder And yes, because The lost gate But then I m reading The gate thief First, all the drowther read muggle girls want to sleep with Danny North, the main character Eye roll worthy, but ok, whatever Then, Danny compares the girls to man mages in his mind Man mages are considered the most evil of mages, because they manipulate and control people Riiiight Not having fun here And then, the most brilliant thing of all, Danny s almost girlfriend, the one girl who is genuinely interested in him and not just in having his babies says to him It s an instinct, Danny We want to be pregnant when our man goes off to war Ugh, ugh, ugh That line just made me sick In his afterword, OSC claims he put all of this in, because there are so many examples in myths of gods sleeping with women, and that even in the real world, there are women who fall for guys with power Fine Then put ONE woman like that in, or two
I d love to give this book a higher rating It has a great premise, and cool moments, but so much of the book was mind numbingly boring I wanted to give up It seemed like every other page was And then Dan learned that his gate magic X could let him do Y but only when he first did A and Wad let him see B But then he figured out if Z1 was doing Z2 he could lift the gate so that A1 could see B1 but not A1 But this was only the beginning because OH MY FRAKING GOD HOW CAN YOU MAK
This is the second installment in the Mither Mages series and actually quite an improvement I thought the first book Don t get too overwhelmed with that over inclusive review was good and even great in places, but fell short in a number of ways The Gate Thief takes the interesting ideas of the first book, The Lost Gate, and puts them to good use The only problem with this has a little to do with Brandon Sanderson s first law of magic systems Sanderson s First Law of Magics An author s ability to solve conflict with magic is DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to how well the reader understands said magic.I have to admit, I was extremely impressed with how much the magic system played a part in the plot of this book In order to do this, Card has to explain in quite a bit of detail how that magic system works and why it matters.In the afterward, Card explains how he started writing this book and then when it was getting close to his due date for the manuscript, he was just realizing what he had done needed to be completely reworked I have to say it paid off What could have been a phone in was actually a really interesting read that depended heavily on the magic, which if you think about too much is really quite amazing.One thing I did notice is this book, much than the first, relies heavily on Mormon doctrine and any, as I just realized as I tried to expla
I thought it had a great great plot line, it was actually quite brilliant, but like some of the other books he s written it had a lot of sexual references There was one sex scene in the book that I thought was pretty bad Now granted ther
Started off well, then slumped terribly RTC to come. One star is lost for OSC not being able to resist putting his negative feelings about gay people into the book One star is lost for bashing on YA literature about 10 15 times and suggesting that every YA book ever made is crap compared to
To me, a 2 star book is one that I managed to read all the way thru despite being tempted to throw in the towel, then in the end it proved not worth the effort This is one of those boox.Don t get me wrong I love much of what Card writes, and I ve read everyth

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