His Flower Girl

His Flower Girl A Love Worth Waiting For.Haunted By A Mistake Made In Her Past, Ivy Is Determined To Let God Lead Her To The Right Man The One Made For Her But Waiting Isn T Easy, Especially When Her Job As A Florist Puts Her Around Brides And Weddings On A Daily Basis Is Ivy Destined To Always Be The Florist And Never The Bride Axel Left His Christian Beliefs Behind Long Ago Now A Successful Attorney, He Seems To Have Everything He Ever Wanted Everything Except Love He Can T Seem To Find The Woman Who Will Make All The Others Insignificant Is He Searching For Someone Who Doesn T Exist This Is A Tale Of Waiting On God For A Match Made In Heaven. An Awesome Read I loved reading His Flower Girl, all about Ivy Peterson the florist who owned The Flower Girl a flower shop in Charleston, SC Axel Harding an attorney and a man she met while putting the finishing touches on a wedding in a church Ivy was a one woman shop and she was extremely talented with flowers When Axel came upon her in the churc
I liked this story, but it dragged a little on the middle for me I get the picture Good girl who won t forgive herself for her bad choices meets bad boy who doesn t want to change He slowly changes because he is inspired to do so cute, but nothing that sucked me in or makes me want to re read it. I really liked this book It was a sweet, clean romance It wasn t a case of instant love lust for Axel and Ivy Their love grew over time with chance encounters and planned outings Axel is pretty amazing and very kind to Ivy throu
Cute romantic read with an unlikely pair It was slow pace, but I liked Ivy a lot, so kept on reading Though slow, it is a fun romance to read in that the hero goes from thinking Ivy is okay, but sweet, to falling deeply in love with her The journey is slow for him to get there, but ver
This was sweet, mellow story that flowed nicely and held my interest the entire time even though it did not contain any shocking or dramatic elements like were found in her other two books which I loved by the way. Sweet and RefreshingThis is a sweet, lovely story A typo or two, but that s the proofer in me I wish the author had added an epilogue of sorts I would like to see how she handled Axel and Ivy s wedding and marriage vows Otherwise it was nicely done. September 30, 2014 I enjoyed this book very much, though I wish it had been longer Not your typical Christian romance book, but still fits the bill nicely. I couldn t give it five stars I loved it till the end Too quick from one step in their relationship to getting married