Small Business Survival 101

Small Business Survival 101 How Valuable Would It Be To You To Have A Book That May Prevent You From Going Out Of Business You Don T Have To Wonder Because You Have It In Small Business Survival 101 Small Business Ownership Excels At Bringing Out Both The Best And Worst Of Business People It Is The Fight Of A Lifetime And One You May Win Or Eventually Lose Small Business Survival 101 Will Increase The Odds Of Putting Up That W.Real Entrepreneurship Is Frequently Misunderstood It Is Not So Much About An Idea Or Taking Risks It Is About Building A Lasting Business Out Of Your Passion There Really Is No Shortage Of Good Ideas But There Is A Shortage Of Those Who Can Make A Lasting Business From Their Passion Or Abilities Small Business Survival 101 Charts The Two Main Avenues To Entrepreneurial Success The I Have An Idea Approach And The Serve An Apprenticeship Method Learn The Critical Differences Between Them.By Reading Small Business Survival 101 Be Confident You Will Glean The Critical Components Needed To Build A Lasting Business And Be Able To Spot Advice That Really Isn T You Will Learn How To Build In Repeat Business And Give It The Necessary Appeal To Customers For Gallows Humor Enjoy That Owner Frame Of Mind And Entrepreneurship By Santa Claus Find Out Which Chapter Is The Longest And Why

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  • Paperback
  • 250 pages
  • Small Business Survival 101
  • Tom Pease
  • 14 October 2019
  • 9781614487906