The Truth about Sex, a Sex Primer for the 21st Century Volume II

The Truth about Sex, a Sex Primer for the 21st Century Volume II Readers Say Dr Gloria Brame Has Changed Their Lives Find Out Why In SEX FOR GROWN UPS The Ultimate Sex Positive Adult Primer, SEX FOR GROWN UPS, Takes A Delightfully Original And Upbeat Approach To Sex Based On Three Simple Rules That Human Sexual Behavior Is Complicated, That Sex And Gender Diversity Are Normal, And That All Adults Can Have Pleasurable Sex In A Radical Departure From Institutionalized Theories About What Sex Should Be, Brame Explains The Facts About What Sex Actually Is, And Shows You How To Use This Information To Improve Your Sex Life And Relationships Drawing On Sex History, Scientific Data, Sex Studies, Medical Studies, And Stories From Her Private Practice, SEX FOR GROWN UPS Gives You Sex Education You Never Knew You Needed And Will Always Be Grateful You Received.About The Author GLORIA G BRAME, Ph.D In Human Sexuality, Is An Author, Blogger, Sex Historian, Board Certified Sexologist, And Sex Therapist In Private Practice Brame Is The World S Leading Authority On Fetishes And BDSM, And Is A Much Quoted Expert On Mainstream Sexual Issues, Including Performance Disorders And Orgasmic Function In Addition To The Truth About Sex, Volume I Sex And The Self And Volume II Sex For Grown Ups, She Is The Author Of Perennial Bestsellers Different Loving The World Of Sexual Dominance And Submission And Come Hither A Commonsense Guide To Kinky Sex A Full Professor Of Human Sexuality At The Institute For Advanced Study Of Human Sexuality, Brame Also Sits On The Board Of The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance Most Recently, Brame Was Named Among The 10 Best Sex And Dating Experts, By Google Gloria Brame Or Follow DrGloriaBrame On Twitter. This is the book I wish I could have written Dr Gloria Brame graduated from the same school as I did Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality She holds a Ph.D in Human Sexuality and has however years experience and accolades than I do.In SEX FOR GROWN UPS, Dr Gloria Brame explained sex in three rules the three rules you really need to know about sex They are 1 Sex is as complicated as the adults having it 2 Diversity is normal 3 Every adult can have good sex The book is, in turn, separated into these three segments, with case studies to bring colours to relevant points she was making These case studies are composites of at least two to four different patients with similar issues, and names are fictitious to further protect their privacy.Brame begun her book when a great introduction about how instead of us understanding that sex is as complicated and magical as sex, and that sexual intimacy enhances our quality of life, it has been portrayed as dirty, obscene and even contamination of human behaviour She goes on to talk about her work, her view of sex and sexuality Indeed, her wit, compassion and most importantly, sex po
This book starts with the idea of simplifying the way you deal with sex personally and within relationships by getting back to basics and offering up 3 simple rules for starting again and moving forward with a fresh new approach to embracing the sex lives and relationships you desire, without fear or shame Dr Brame does this using her wealth of experience in the field, citing case studies, facts and research and while doing so embracing the whole diverse world of sex and relationships Gloria Brame truly does cover it all.Further, this book allows the reader to question what sex lives they really want, beyond sociological and psychological ideologies Dr Brame does this by challenging you to look within yourself and explore whether the relationship and sex lives your having right now makes you happy because this is the important thing whether you are struggling with being asexual wanting sex five times a day polyamorous the essence is not what is normal or what society thinks you should be up to Fetishes will be talked discussed and broken down into how they are formed All Allowing Consenting Adults to choose the sex lives they want ultimately it s about what makes you happy Not only does Sex For Grown Ups ask you how you think about sex and if it marries up with where you are at, it makes you consider where you would like to be Maybe even considering things you d never even heard of before.What I like about this book is that it doesn t fall into
For those curious about anything to do with sex, but still wondering just what those strange desires say about you, Gloria Brame s new book might be found as a welcome elixir In The Truth About Sex Vol 2 Sex for Grown Ups she examines just how far the human mind can explore an imaginative range of sexual experience before it cracks Turns out the human libido is made from that same material the alien race in 2001 used to make the monolith A healthy libido doesn t burn, scratch or puncture The mind most troubled is the one that refuses to explore.I suppose she s singing to the choir with me My libido was born one afternoon as a young teen the moment I saw the cover to Blondie s Plastic Letters I ve had a thing for pink vinyl dresses ever since It s hard to find them in my size though And I recognize that my appreciation of Henry Miller and William Burroughs, hell Henry James and Thomas Hardy come to that, has a direct correlation to staying up until 2am to see tits on cable TV No really good movie of any genre is shown before midnight.So when I read a book like Sex for Grown Ups I wonder who is left out there who won t wear a pink vinyl dress if they feel like it While attitudes toward other people s sexuality has changed, it looks like a great many people keep themselves to narrow definitions Gloria Brame steeps her book in scientific data and observations from thin
I must say that the cover is quite clever the use of lady bugs having sex is very catchy as the red stands out perfect from the white background Now as for the book itself its pure genius I have never read a book that discusses not only the modern day personification of sex but also that of the stigma in the past It discusses the importance of several aspects of sex, for example, with regards to masturbation and orgasm, and also that of the complications that humans put into it It goes into detail on different types of relationshi
A very easy to read and digest sex positive book Essentially Gloria defines all consensual sex as normal and shares several, real life examples of problems that occur when a person believes that their desires are unnatural and represses the

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