Anything for a Mate (Journey #2)

Anything for a Mate (Journey #2) U.S Were Panthers Live Different Than The British Ones Andrew King Knew This And Knew Moving Would Change His Life He Just Didn T Know How Much, Till The Day He Met His Mother Earth Mate, Keith Singer Would Finding This Man Destroy His Life His Mate Thinks Not And Swears He Will Do Anything For His Mate That Statement Is Put To The Test When A Secret Hidden For Four Generations Comes To Life.The King And Singer Family Are Back Again Making Waves, Unintentional Of Course, Among The Supernatural World Only This Time, Tally S Father, Andrew King Finds His Mother Earth Mate Andrew Had Hidden From Him True Self For So Long Will He Continue To Do So Or Find The Independence That Is Needed To Stand Up For What He Wants And Deserves If Only That Was The Only Issue That He Faced Of Course, Things Aren T Made Easy On Him While He Struggles Fights Break Out As If That Isn T Enough A Secret Comes To Life Will The Chaos Around Him Affect His Decision Or Will He Face It Head On And Help Than Just Himself