Poemegranates In Poemegranates Dorian Haarhoff Cracks Open Red Leather To Reveal Translucent Poems Lying In White Pulp, The Bitter Sweet Aril Of The Page Each Poem Can Be Tasted On The Tongue He Brings His Attention, Imaging Skill, Spirit, Word Play, Wit And Rhythmic Stitching To Ancestors, Zen Moments, Myths, Intimacies, A Lighthouse And The Poet S Craft. When I came across this book last year, I thought that a lot of the poems were ones I d already seen Now that I ve actually read it, I ve discovered a whole lot of new poems there were about three that I d seen before Some of the new, experimental ones don t really work for me in the sense that I didn t understand them Some, such as the poem on pages 88 89, than caught me by surprise I blush It s so private and yet the metaphor used is that of paper, pen and poem I won t repeat it here, but record another of my favourites instead page 85 The Poet s Pocket The thief left it behindthe moon at my window Ryokan if a pick pocket slippedhis wallet handinto a poet s pocketzig zagged through the marketto tumble his looton a Fagan s table apart from pad and pen,sweet papers, love let