PricelessMy Name Is Rylee, And I Am A Tracker When Children Go Missing, And The Humans Have No Leads, I M The One They Call I Am Their Last Hope In Bringing Home The Lost Ones I Salvage What They Cannot.I M On The FBI S Wanted List I Have A Werewolf For A Pet, A Witch Of A Best Friend, And I Have No Need For Anyone Else In My Life.But When A Salvage Starts To Spin Out Of Control, Help Comes From A Most Unexpected Direction.One That Is Dangerously Dark, Brooding, And Doesn T Know A Thing About The Supernatural.One Whose Kisses Set Me On Fire. BR with my MacHalo Freaks starting August 1, 2015 DNF at 22% This book is so crappy it doesn t even deserve a crappy review The female lead is an unlikable bitch The male lead is an unlikable idiot The relationship between the female and male leads is ridiculous I didn t give a damn about the story. Reviewed by Rabid Reads Chick with a sword on the cover A werewolf sidekick A 0.99 price tag By a Canadian author SOLD One of my favourite Urban Fantasy series was discovered the same way, so I decided to go for it PRICELESS did not disappoint with its colourful secondary characters, unique slant on the typical P.I spiel, and a heroine with boatloads of untapped gifts I enjoyed my first trip down Shannon Mayer s rabbit hole mine shaft, and I will for sure be one clicking IMMUNE in the near future YAY It s on sale too.This novel had several paranormal elements that I ve seen before such as the Tracker talent, and an Arcane division within the FBI angle, along with a few new to me spins including creative shifter limitations, and Rylee s Immune ability The author straight away sets to work weaving together an attractive tale of supes, magical rules, and plot threads This was definitely a lively book, but the heavy influx of information, and extensive cast debuts were a good fit for the pacing, and added to this story s curve appeal.Rylee was my kind of heroine, in that she already has a knack for blades, hockey player fight moves, and has been developing her powers for several years I love a burgeoning protagonist, but sometimes it s a relief to walk into a series with a lead that s already got their shit together No doubt, Adamson still has much to learn, however she has a sturdy foundation to build upon, so it will be
3.5It s been awhile since I ve actually been able to get into an urban fantasy novel I keep on buying the continuing volumes on the series I still find of interest but yet can t get around to reading them It was kind of normal for me that when I got this in my rec queue in at a great price of.99 I went ahead and bought it can t seem to rid myself of the habit even if I just KNOW that it ll stay unread on my ever growing list of books Color me surprised when I gave it a try and actually managed to stay interested enough in the story and the characters my favorite is Alex the werewolf w the personality of a golden retriever no Alpha here folks, yet I loved him for that same reason And then there s Doran the daywalker, definitely want to know about him Because of her sister s strange disappearance and subsequent death, Rylee, a Tracker and an Immu
There are hints of a good story within Priceless , but the book is badly in need of editing As it stands, I found it painful to read Good job, you did it, you finally snuck up on me But what are you doing all the way out here, so far away from home I lay my blade on the bed and folded my arms across my chest, doing my best imitation of a scolding mother and repeated my question Alex, what are you doing so far from home It clunks along Apart from the grammatical errors lay should be laid , the text needs to be tighter Wo
3.5 the GR rating is too low though so, 4 stars P.Wow, this was a really surprising read I didn t even want to start it, I ve been pretty disappointed by the last few books I ve read and I thought I wanted something else I m so glad I didn t listen to my own advice It was fast paced, I didn t have time to get bored or even try to skim, everything that happened was important, one way or another And I real
Great start to an Urban Fanasy They say Paranormal Romance on the cover and it does have hints of that, and might detour into that in the future, but this one seemed Urban Fantasy to me Which I liked Rylee is are kick ass heroine She tracks down kidnapped kids and brings them home, alive or dead She has a submissive pet werewolf, who is caught in a half man half wolf form He has the mind of a child and you can t help but love him He is the comic relief and the innocence in Rylee s life She is being harassed by an agent from the FBI who thinks she killed her sister 10 years ago and is obsessed with the case Her mom figure is losing her mind and her sister figure has cut all ties from them to join a coven, which has been her dream Her life is a mess, but Rylee has work to do Kids come first.So far this a great series The characters all seem very flushed out with their own voices It i
I debated giving this novel a single star something I typically reserve for DNF books because it was such a hot mess of inconsistencies However, the author has a very, very good imagination and some unique and intriguing worldbuilding, which I enjoyed, so I bumped it up to a 2 star rating.First, the good The worldbuilding and imagination are GREAT The author s conception of werewolves, for one, is fantastic the idea of non alpha werewolves being stuck in a monstrous shape and also of being stuck mentally somewhere between human and canid lupine is something I haven t seen explored elsewhere, and it made for an interesting twist Some of the other creatures the ogres and trolls and the like were also vividly described and interestingly portrayed, albeit a little overly grotesquely in one case The harpies were badass, and Eve holds promise as a sidekick The concept underlying Rylee herself that she can sense the location and emotional state of just about any human is also an intriguing one.And then there s the fact that Rylee is also an Immune, someone for whom werewolf bites and magical sp
A story with a lot of potential but fell completely flat for me A Sexy Urban Fantasy Mystery had so much potential but the story fell completely flat for me I have so many complaints about the book I don t know where to start How about I start with what I did like I will give the author credit for a great imagination and taking the urban legend of a werewolf into a whole new direction I will admit to constantly imagining the voice of Alex, the werewolf to sound like Scooby Doo Alex seemed like a lovable character and a sweet sidekick but that is not to say I didn t have issues with his backstory I don t think I ever got a grasp on why the werewolf pack was after him or why the alphas of his pack would bother with such a minor submissive male Why did they set an entire pack to kill a meek and mild werewolf and why did they come and go only when the story needed a diversion I think Alex was also placed in the story as comic relief but I never giggled and the humour was forced Here is an example You going to go all Ice Queen on me now Alex barked from the back Icy Queenie Good grief Alex s excitement and apparent happiness was infectious, and it took all I had not to laugh out loud I don t get what was so funny That s because it really wasn t I got tired of reading that it was time to laugh out loud or smile It was like reading along with s
. Buddy Read with the MacHalo LadiesNot horrible, not great It was a simple book, so easy to read, there s that to its advantage It felt YA and like a video game As if the heroine was progressing through levels like Mario, jumping over those little mushroom people, getting the coins to grow in strength, or getting knocked down smaller I

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  • Priceless
  • Shannon Mayer
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  • 10 April 2017
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