The Disappointment Dragon

The Disappointment Dragon When Things Don T Go Our Way, The Disappointment Dragon Can Come To Visit And Take Us Down To His Home In The Valley Of Despair The Disappointment Dragon Sometimes Comes To See Us All And, If We Let Him, He Can Make Us Feel Sad Or Angry He Visits Bobby When He Is Not Picked For The School Football Team, He Also Finds Lucinda When She Has To Miss An Exciting School Trip Because She Has The Chicken Pox He Even Tries To Take The Whole Of Class Three Down To The Valley Of Despair When Their Favourite Teacher Moves Away Will The Dragon Of Hope Be Able To Chase Away The Disappointment Dragon And Help Them See Things Positively The Fun Characters In This Charming, Fully Illustrated Storybook Will Help Children To Cope With, And Discuss Openly, Their Feelings Of Disappointment There Are Many Creative Suggestions On How To Banish The Disappointment Dragon And An Introduction For Adults Explaining Disappointment In Children And How They Can Help. This book is all about disappointment and kinda teaching children how to deal with it There are several different stories to pick from While I was reading the book I was constantly thinking this is just common sense and they re things I already do to a degree when working with children But then I was reminded that common sense really ISN T common at all so I can see this book giving people ideas but for me not much.While this book talks about dragons you could use any creature especially if you know the child you re working with dislikes dragons Hahaha.One thing I feel is now everyone has to be a winner so when there is room for disappointment and learning to deal with it, the child children don t get that chanceSo, in a way this book is a nice gentle reminder that things don t always go according to plan.The really striking thing about this book wasn t the message for me it was the illustrations They re done in a kid like manner or maybe a child did draw them..I don t know which j
I am someone with ASD Autism and on the so called Asperger s end of the scale, for whom this book was mainly intended I found this book extremely helpful and explained things to me in a way I could understand and grasp The illustrations were lovely, the stories simple and easy to follow, and for the first time in my life, I actually understood this Emotion , what it was about, and how it should be dealt with It changed my life, and I am not being frivolous or tongue in cheek when I say that.ASD people s brains aren t designed with a lot well, mainly None, actually of Emotional Common Sense , and emotions are very confusing and difficult to deal with To us, they don t make sense, and therefore, they can be frightening, so we have to learn from scratch how it s done I m an adult, who wasn t diagnosed with ASD Autism until well into my 30s, so I never was helped as a child with important things in life I m playing catch up, and it s books like these that really have made all the difference It was made complicated with Alexithymia, too, which is also a condition that prevents you from understanding and r
Horrible Not well written, horrendous illustrations I had higher hopes for this it should be much shorter, better illustrated and approached differently Did not like this at all unfortunately. Oh my goodness these stories by KI Al Ghani just keep getting better and better This is a really beautiful inspired story to help young people cope with disappointment and discover the dragon of hope instead of letting the disappointment carry them off to his cave of despair Bought the book one d
Great read on how to help children with disappointments in their lives Great ideas to help adults help children.

[Reading] ➶ The Disappointment Dragon  ➽ K.I. Al-ghani –
  • Hardcover
  • 64 pages
  • The Disappointment Dragon
  • K.I. Al-ghani
  • 23 November 2019
  • 9781849054324