1 to 20, Animals Aplenty

1 to 20, Animals Aplenty PDF Epub 1 To 20, Animals Aplenty Author Katie Viggers Wgf2011.eu The New Book From Katie Viggers, Author Of Almost An Animal Alphabet, Teaches Kids To Count From 1 To 20 As They Meet A Menagerie Of Amusing Creatures At Once Fun To Read And Educational,1 To 20, Animals Aplentyshows Each Number Both Numerically And As A Quantity, Which Is The Key To Teaching Children Not Only To Count But Also The Building Blocks Of Mathematical Skills Each Number Is Depicted In Animals, So Kids Learn The Number And Also Instantly See How Many All This Education Is Disguised By Katie S Adorable, Detailed Creatures, Who Romp Through The Numbers With Unexpected And Frequently Silly Props And It All Rhymes For Example 5 Goats Wearing Coats 7 Pigs, 7 Wigs 15 Bats Who Are Acrobats Very simple but so charming It s a counting book It s 20 different animals doing something 16 chickens reading Dickens is my favorite I got out my magnifying glass in order to check the covers of the books that the chickens are reading and they ARE all different titles by Dickens. Couldn t ask for from a counting book Delightful. Beautiful, soft watercolors The book itself seemed a tad inconsistent though Some pages had labels for the animals and other pages didn t. I appreciated the added detail of the different species names. I m still looking for books with beautiful illustrations to read with my baby The illustrations of this one are fabulous, but the rhyming left me wanting I mean badgers and badges just doesn t do it for me. Viggers, K 2014 1 to 20 Animals Aplenty New York POW CountingUsing rhyme and animals in specific quantities, Viggers introduces the reader to counting numbers 1 to 20 using beautiful and realistic depictions of diverse species in unexpected circumstances and settings Illustrations all cross the midline of the book, making this a lovely lap book with a full spread of art at every page turn Viggers includes little gems of learning extension opportunities for older readers by noting multiple types of a species under the illustrations of several of the animals The final few pages summarize the entire book with numeric and illustrated counting of all characters from within the text The fro
I liked this a lot 2 minor problems make this 4 stars instead of 5.1st 2 gorillas looking in mirrors, yet there is only 1 mirror that I could see 2nd Especially loved the page 12 raccoons with the 6 baboons balloons but since this is a Pear Press book published in Brooklyn, why the racoon with one c I found an online explanation that although this is a North American raccoon , northern raccoon
I really like this beautiful book, but the rhythm of it children s books are all about the rhythm, right is so odd You have 1 fox wearing socks , 5 sharks on their marks getting ready to race in a lap pool, one with swim goggles on and other catchy rhymes, but then other pages simply say, eight bears, eight squares It s weird And, try as I might, I couldn t make a way to make, capy
This takes the counting book up several levels Six baboons and six balloons is unique in itself, and is further defined by having the names of the six different type of baboons illustrated on the pages printed below their pictures hamadryas, yellow, Guinea, baby Guinea, olive, chacma The names and varieties of animals are seen on many pages who knew there were so many varieties of pigs , which make it appealing to readers
I loved some of this book.Counting and rhyming, great Except not all of the rhymes work Approximate rhyme really bothers me If a book is going to rhyme, it s really important to me that all the rhymes work, not just most of them I found the illustrations to be charming, and it was very cool that many of the kinds of animals got

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  • Hardcover
  • 48 pages
  • 1 to 20, Animals Aplenty
  • Katie Viggers
  • English
  • 04 October 2017
  • 9781576876800