Jewish Wisdom for Daily Life

Jewish Wisdom for Daily Life Rabbi Menahem Mendl Was A Hassidic Master Renowned For His Wisdom Throughout Europe The Spiritual Leader Of The Jews In A Small Stetl Called Kotzk In A Corner Of Poland, He Was Nevertheless So Famous That He Was He Was Referred To Far And Wide As The Kotzker His Wise Sayings About Human Nature, How To Live, And The World Of The Spirit Were Repeated And Passed Around, And, Though He Kept No Records, They Have Been Savored And Preserved Through The Years This Beautifully Produced Collection Gathers Than 130 Of His Sayings And Joins Them With Elegant Cut Paper Illustrations By The Rabbi S Great Great Great Grandson, The Illustrator Gabriel Lisowki, Who Has Also Provided An Introduction About His Ancestor Jewish Wisdom For Daily Life Is A Treasure For Spiritual Seekers Or Anyone Who Enjoys Life S Lessons Distilled Into Trenchant And Memorable Aphoristic Gems Here Are A Few Everyone Has Something To Teach, Even A Thief If He Fails He Tries Again If He Finds Nothing Of Value, He Takes What He Finds.There Is Nothing Whole Than A Broken Heart.Angels Are God S Favorite Creatures It S Easy To See Why They Are Not Jealous And They Like To Sing.Whoever Believes In Miracles Is An Imbecile Whoever Does Not Is An Atheist. I shrug my shoulders ambivalently to the entire book. He comes pretty close Great collection of wisdom Would have liked to know primary sources for the quotations in cases where they re available. A collection of thoughts attributed to The Koztker Rebbe While a quick read, certainly a book I will return to frequently for inspiring words of wisdom.

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  • Jewish Wisdom for Daily Life
  • Miriam Chaikin
  • 03 August 2017
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