Know Your Place

Know Your Place Brick Is An Antisocial Bully Who Wears His Chains Like A Security Blanket Jace Is A Too Social Jock Who Can T Go A Day Without His Mouth Getting Him In Trouble When An Irresistible Force Meets An Immovable Objectsomething S Gotta Give SLASH M M 28 Chapters. Man.Just.finished this story and..Amazing.Happy go lucky Jace is the new guy just arriving in the new school and city where he s pretty much out his comfort zone, in his previous school he was a super popular jock, now he s just the new guy Then he meets Brick Rule number one, get rid of the map It s like wearing a fanny pack on the southside of Chicago at midnight Looking lost is asking for trouble She kicked the map away with a tennis shoe Who was that guy Jace asked Brick Huh Brick B R I C K Rule number two Stay out of his away She continued, nodding in the direction the giant had gone.As the blurb pretty much says, Brick is an antisocial guy who intimidates everybody in school, everybody except maybe Jace Well, if it isn t the pretty boy, he growled, trying to sound menacing.Jace moaned I told you before, no matter how much you compliment me, you re just not my type Little by little banter goes here and there, until eventual
DNF 50%