Never Let Go (Take My Hand, #4)

Never Let Go (Take My Hand, #4) In The Final Book Of The Take My Hand Series, Emily And Dexter Are Finally On Course To A Happy Future Arriving Back In The UK With Aunt Sarah In Tow, Everything Seems To Be Slotting Into Place For The First Time In His Life, Dexter Has Found His Purpose Surrounded By Family, Friends And The Woman He Adores, He Has At Long Last Made Peace With His Demons And Is Determined To Fight For The Life He Now Knows He Deserves With Best Friend Rachel Back By Her Side And A Resolve To Work Things Out With Her Parents Once And For All, Emily S Life Is Also On The Right Track Or So She Thinks When A Tragic Revelation Threatens To Destroy Emily S World, It Sends Her Spiraling Down A Path Leading To Secrets, Lies And Heartache Leaving Her Questioning Her Whole Life And Everyone In It To Top It Off, Emily Almost Lost One Of The Most Important Men In Her Life Once Before, Is It About To Happen Again This Is It, Doll Our Future I Need You To Hold On To It And Never Let Go Not Suitable For Under 18 S Due To Adult Language And Sexual Content RATING 5 STARS Never Let Go is the best est ending a reader could ve ever wished for a great series that is Take My Hand Dear Nicola Haken, I am seriously professing my love to you right now My heart is exploding with all the great feelings that it has brought into me Never Let Go is perfect You may say I m overreacting but it just IS This continuation to what was left behind in Hold On Tight is what I very much anticipated Emily and Dex story is so beautiful now with a full combination of the crazy people named Rachel and Jared plus the character that became very close to my heart, Chris.More than couple love that is always present in the series, Never Let Go reiterated the love of friends and family It wasn t easy to go through what Chris, Em, ad Dex had but it feels like you ve learned of life from them of forgiveness and letting go and of death This is how the book turned out great It never left the reader, it will always stay with me.That freaking ending of Rachel and Jared was beyond ridiculous Rach and Jared plus two babies, what would you expect Never wished for anything other than those great scenes for them.The book will give you all the emotions you want in a book but in the end the only thing that it will leave you is pure happiness Pure that it will make you want to start over the series again because you wouldn t want to see Emily and Dexter s story to end You want to journey with them over and over again So please, for the love of all that is holy, Nicola
4.5 stars full review to follow Never Let Go , the conclusion to the Take My Hand series is by far the most emotionally intense book in the series I started reading it in the morning and had it finished by evening crying all the way through There were happy tears and sad ones, there were wrecked sobs and tears of pain and despair, but there were many joyful tears too There were also many laughs and that fuzzy feeling as if my heart was wrapped in a nice warm blanket.Throughout the story, there is always an underlying element of sadness and yet Nicola Haken manages to write it in a way you don t feel destroyed There is a balance between the heartache and the nice and light moments.Emily and Dexter have already gone to hell and back so one might hope their future way is filled with happiness But unfortunately, life delivers yet another blow One that might be hard to recover from.As Emily finds out that she ll lose one of the few people she loves to cancer, she has a hard time coping And this is where Dex has to be strong for her despite him just recently overcoming addiction It is his time now to be the rock in the stormy sea And damn, does he step up to the plate He is supportive not just for Emily but also for Chris, who has to come to terms with his terminal illness.Suddenly it is Dexter that helps the people around him to hold it together and to get through the hardships and challenges While before he barely managed to get through his own life, he is now a reformed man It is beautiful to see hi
From the very first book I was hooked with the life of Dex and Emily In this final book you will be amazed, sad, bawling, speechless and undeniably happy with how Nicola ends this series This book is told in 3 POV S You will see Dexter, Emily and also some of Chris s POV.Emily is now doing well She s back with her brother, Dexter is clean and sober and never been better She is attending her therapy and working on trying to let go of the past and accept the thing that have happened in her life But then a major shock occurs and hurts her deep to the bone and she doesn t know how she can cope But no matter what she will always have Dex, he will always be there for her. that s if she doesn t push him away due to all her pain.Dexter is in pain He hates lies, but he agrees to keep something a secret from Emily for one day as a promise to Chris He is working every day to be the man Emily deserves He will not ever do drugs again despite having the urge to use, but does attend meetings and that works wonderfully for him Yet, with all the pain the urge is always there in the bac
Yes there is usually sadness in my heart when I am getting ready to finish a series and while I will admit this series didn t grip me mind body and soul like others have, this final book sealed the deal for me I could have never dreamed that this author would have been able to take what I thought was a really good story and create a final book that would have me in tears and regretting that I didn t see all of the value in these characters from book one The only defense I have is the first books were so full of push and pull with everyone s emotions, addiction, lies, betrayals and a ton of unanswered questions left behind, I found myself so exhausted that I don t think I had the energy to fall in love.Never Let Go is appropriately named because by the last 20% of the book I did not want to let go of this story Emily has finally found the courage to confront her parents and the past that shattered her heart That lingering question that had shaped who she became was finally going to be asked, why do you hate me mom I know I wasn t ready for the answer, it blew me away and I gasped loudly when I read it What follows after the truth
I was provide a copy of the series Take My Hand by the author for an honest review.Holy Smoke I just finish reading all four book of this series Take My Hand, Hold On Tight, Lean On Me, and Never Let Go And I love every single one of them, since I fisnih all four books I decide to write a little about each book in my review.I felt in love with this series from the first page of the first book, to the very last page of the last book, and I love every single minute of it, their si so much going on in this series that is not even funny, this series got me on a roller coaster, it got me mad, crying, and laughing, and I enjoy all of it I love the characters and love how the series turn out to be, even though I finish it I want .Book 1 Take My Hand Emily is ninteen years old, and she left her family to move in with her best friend Rachel to London in order to attend university, but she has being sheltered and protected all her life by her family, she never had expirence the real world, now that she s
Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Have you ever picked up the last book in a series with trepidation because you just weren t ready for it to end That s this book for me it is a series I have come to love and I m not ready to say goodbye.Never Let Go picks up where both books two and three leave off books two and three take place simultaneously, for the most part Spoilers If you have not read this series yet, STOP HERE Immediately go and one click book one, Take My Hand and catch up, trust me, it s worth it view spoiler At the end of book two, Hold On Tight, a bombshell is dropped that Chris has a brain tumour Needless to say, this news sets the tone for the mood of the final book But while chronicling the last days of a person you love can be gut wrenching and destroy you emotionally, Ms Haken has managed to craft moments where the love between these char
This is such a emotionally beautiful and sad story I loved this whole series but this book especially You will need kleenex for this amazingly beautiful sad heart wrenching emotionally magnificent book The story is of acceptance and love A love so beautiful and strong that it supports in times of need, grows in times of adversity and soothes in times of sadness We find out that Chris, Emily s brother, is dying and this book is about his coming to terms and helping Emily and Dex grow and become who they are meant to be Chris is such a strong character One that is beautiful, protective and kind One you don t want to see go His strength and love for his sister is so beautiful it is sad to see him go His and Dexter s relationship grows as well into brotherhood At the end when you see Dexter hold him and say goodbye you will not have a dry eye It s so ethereal in its beauty the two come full circle and the mantle is passed on to Dexter as the one to love and protect Emily with a ferocity only a brother or soul mate can give and now Chris has passed this to Dexter thr
Oh My Goodness..where do I begin I started this series not knowing what to expect, but I ended up falling in love with Emily and Dexter I struggled with them in the first book, I cried for Emily in the second book, then I learned to love Rachel and Jared in the third book I have been counting the days til this last book was released because I was left hanging on the edge of my seat to find out what happened next And as I have learned, Ms Haken certainly did not disappoint I catch myself wanting to be selfish and insist she write installments because I am just not ready to let go of these characters This book picks right up where the story left off with Dexter finding out about what was going on with Chris I was terrified this would drive him off to mess up again, but I was hoping against hope that he would stay strong for both Emily and Chris I was so glad that the girls made up and the fab foursome were reunited and became the fantastic five with Chris joining in the tight knit group of friends.This book had my head reeling with the way things turned out I was pretty sure how it was going to end so I was already upset over that, but then Ms Haken used her amazing writing abilities to slap me upside the head for thinking I had it all figured out There were two twists that absolutely left me with my jaw on the floor.I have never shed so many tears over a book before in my life Each time I read a book I think to myself that it s my favorite This one hands down will be the
Review of Never Let Go by Nicola HakenWARNING shares in Kleenex needed And I ve devoured at least two tubs of Ben and Jerrys whilst reading this amazing finale to the Take My Hand series.What a climax it has been and the perfect ending to a series I have been divested in for a few good long months Nicola has pulled it out of the bag in Never Let Go and all loose ends are tidied, put away and filed neatly leaving you with an full heart and empty eyes The romance between Emily and Dex has blossomed and is finally on the right track only to be blown apart by Chris s announcement Dex finally grows and develops into the man we all knew he could be and steps in to be the pillar that Emily needs Life isn t easy and although their story finally heads in the right direction you still feel every battle Dex has to stay clean and be the man Emily needs It s real and heart wrenching but it really endears him to me for showing his vulnerabilities Rachel and Jared find their way in life and bring to the story the humour we have grown to love from the pair Impending parenthood for the couple brings with it a whole bunch of Jared isms that at times had me in utter stitches I love Jared and Rachel This brings us to Chris, Emily s brother and only close family member Tragically he is ill and it is inevitable from the outset he won t make it This adds a huge dimension to the final installment of thi