Just 18 Summers

Just 18 Summers After The Tragic Death Of Butch Browning S Wife, Jenny, Four Families Begin To Realize How Precious And Fleeting Their Time Together Is Each Is At A Different Stage In Life Butch Is Facing Single Parenthood The O Reillys Are Expecting Their First Child The Andersons Are Approaching An Empty Nest, And The Buckleys Are So Focused On Providing Their Children With Everything That They Ve Forgotten What They Truly Need With Just Eighteen Summers Before Their Children Are Grown, How Do They Make The Most Of That Time When Life So Often Gets In The Way As Summer Flies By, Each Of These Parents Must Learn About Guilt And Grace And When To Hold On To Their Kids And When To Let Go. What first grabbed my attention was the cover of this book Then I looked to see who wrote the book Rene Gutteridge That sealed the deal for me I had to buy this book Rene Gutteridge is one of my top favorite authors I was glad to be introduced to Michelle Cox whose screen play will soon be made into a movie.I got than I expected inside this amazing novel It reminded me of an old movie Steve Martin was in called Parenthood That movie showed a few families at different seasons of parenting from expecting their first to the teenage years and how they were handling it.This book is similar in that respect The major difference is the spiritual thread that is naturally woven into this story It gives this novel a powerful punch not in a preachy way but in a way that is a game changer in the family dynamic.Butch has recently lost his wife, Beth Now he s left to raise their 8 year old daughter by himself He felt as if they were strangers Beth made their relationship work What did he know about girl stuff He was floundering He talks to his friend and co worker Tippy There was no purpose to this movie My Little Pony s Ava keeps wanting to watch other than to sell glitter pony dolls Butch sighed But Ava loves it I think I m going to rent some WWI and WWII DVD s She needs to know about Winston Churchill Is Shindler s List too hard to follow for her age Tippy looks at Butch, Probably to
When Jenny died, she left behind her devoted husband Butch and their 8 year old daughter Butch is a construction manager He is all man He knows nothing about raising a daughter He desperately misses his wife and fears that he will not be the father to Ava that jenny would want him to be He orders in pizza, dresses Ava in reindeer sweaters in May, and doesn t notice the pants she is wearing that are inches above her ankles He is lost.Jenny s death affected their circle of friends as well She was the glue that held everyone together through her deep faith in God and her own inner goodness and wisdom Those left behind find themselves asking What would Jenny do when they find themselves realizing that time together is precious and fleeting.Larry and Beth Jenny s sister have just watched their older son graduate from high school It s not their first to leave, but when their daughter announces that she is marrying the pizza delivery guy that she has only known for a few months, the panic sets in Beth and Larry wonder where the years have gone and decide to make up for lost timeteaching her daughter to cook, having game nights, family projects to bring them all together and to hopefully persuade their daughter that she needs to aspire to than being a pizza delivery guy s wif
It might seem cliche when parents remark that time flies or enjoy your kids while they re young as you start your own family Only too soon do you realize how true it is In Just 18 Summers the characters of each of 4 families go through these life changes as well These characters are the sort to which any parent can relate It was a little hard for me to settle into reading Just 18 Summers The fact that the book included stories from 4 families made it difficult to keep up, especially when the chapters swiveled between the families Each character was somehow tied to the next, so that helped.I really liked the way that the parents turned to God and also depended upon each other for support It would have been easy for the book to take a different turn, but there was a silver lining at the edge of each cloud I realize that all too soon the house will be too quiet, just a little too clea
More reading while I have the flu I ve done a western, a humor book, a book on Christianity, and now this one I d probably classify it as heartwarming, but it s much better than most of the heartwarming fluff.I picked this up to read, as our middle child is approaching the 18th summer, and we have one already in college I was a little wary of reading it, though, because I was afraid it would either be a tear jerker, or would make me think of a thousand little things I d forgotten to teach them I don t know that my kids can make omelettes, either, but they can cook at least a little and they can do eggs I just don t know that we ve ever thought of them doing omelettes I don t think this book fell into either of those two traps, being a tear jerker, or a book of should have dones.Much of it was funny, and I enjoyed the humor in it quite a bit I tried to read some of the little funny bits to my husband, but he didn t get it, either because I didn t give him enough context, or because it truly is of a woman s book If I ever read it again, it would be for the humor.I am rating it as a 4 thoroughly enjoyed it, would recommend it, but not a 5 because I doubt I d read it again But you never know.I didn t expect Ava to be in charge of the It s the second book I ve read recently with parents coming to terms about the wedding of a child The other book was Charles Dicken s Our Mutual Friend Although the writing styles are vastly different, Gutteridge and Cox s Larry and Beth pare
It was kind of a slow read for me, but the message is powerful I really enjoyed it. I loved this book It is a well written story of families who are growing toward some understanding of their children The fathers find the they have spent hours working rather than enjoying their children Both the mothers
A great read especially on the heels of high school graduation season and the beginning of summer. Formulaic, easy read, but it reminds you to value time with your kids Rene Gutteridge thrilled to read a book you ve co written Great job Really enjoyed this book ReneGutteridge Just 18 Summers is particularly relevant for many readers because it is about the brevity of parenthood, the struggles parents experience, and at least in the Western culture, trying to balance busy lives with our children s need for us to be there for them Four families loosely connected to each other become the backdrop for the events embroidered on it Some of the scenes are funny, some are poignant, some are very serious in nature The book touched my heart in a good way, and I hope it does the same for you.Butch Browning was suddenly thrown into single fatherhood when his young wife died in a car crash Butch and Jenny s daughter was 8 going on twenty it seemed Since the day he received news of his wife s death, he could barely function in real life He didn t know anything about rearing a little girl Tippy s wife Daphne was pregnant with their first child Tippy thought she was high strung before the pregnancy, but now she was fanatical about child care, child rearing and safety, and parenthood in general He admitted to Butch that she had bought nearly 50 books on the topic Daphne found some consolation in the scrapbooking group she attended once a week The group had been started by Jenny, Butch s wife.Beth Anderson was also a part of the scrapbooking group her sister Jenny had started It was a bright spot in what looked to be a difficul

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