The Real Book of the Dead

The Real Book of the Dead[Download] ➽ The Real Book of the Dead Author Collette Sinclaire – WHAT REALLY HAPPENS WHEN WE DIEAcclaimed Psychic Medium Collette Sinclaire spent 5 years interviewing spirits who have crossed over The Real Book of the Dead allows you to be with the dead as they rel WHAT REALLY Book of PDF/EPUB ✓ HAPPENS WHEN WE DIEAcclaimed Psychic Medium Collette Sinclaire spent The Real PDF or years interviewing spirits who have crossed over The Real Book of Real Book of MOBI ô the Dead allows you to be with the dead as they relive their final moments of life through Murder Suicide Drug Overdoses Auto Accidents and Their riveting accounts brings comfort even in the darkest hours that life does indeed go on after death Meet Joe’s Wife a widower visited by her spirit guide who gives her the strength and comfort to fight Breast Cancer and begin a new life Meet Florence caught in bed with another man who was brutally raped and savagely beaten to death by her loverAfter reading their life and death stories you may never be the same The comfort wisdom and the eternal answers to uestions which we all seek are finally stunningly revealedThese are genuine life and death stories of real people As a medium and channel Collette Sinclaire has brought their life stories and information forward for you These are the honest and heartfelt narratives of lives lost loves lost opportunities taken and opportunities missed You will read about great achievement and great heartbreak You will learn some of the reasons why we are here what it feels like to die and what awaits us on the other side Collette has endured the difficult process of being the conduit for these souls to be able to tell their personal and often difficult tales of life and death to be presented here They have been related through her for all of us to better understand why we are here and that we are all the same underneath That what we are all looking for is basically the same but rarely do we recognize our deep inner need for happiness through fulfillment of our soul's true calling; that is those things which we seem to hear from our conscience or that inner voice that spurs you to follow your dreams and your heart This book is the culmination of many years of interviews with the dead These chronicles of lives lived though sometimes sorrowful are not meant to sadden you but to light the way to understanding It is each soul's hope that by learning from their own life lessons both from lessons they had successfully completed as well as those that they had failed that you will find the way to a contented life as well as a powerful and happier self These are not words to entertain or sway you They are simply the words of lives once lived and what happened to these souls and what they experienced when they died Some may strike a chord with you Some may make your heart soar and others may make your heart sink but they are all important in their own way You may even recognize the voice of a departed soul as being similar to your own and in the process find out why you are here yourself If you have lost someone or are going through difficult times yourself perhaps the information in these interviews can bring you understanding and comfort into your own life when you need it most. I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest reviewThis book really stunned me I am a filmmaker and I have to be uite sensitive to the vibes and feelings of others so I can effectively capture it on screen And this book came as a socker punch It did help that I'd already heard and read about the bookOne of my favourite stories is about the young child who dies of Cancer and comes back to keep a watch on his mother I could not stop my tears at this point I also loved the story of the repairman who repaired the feeling behind every damaged appliance that came his way It made me believe that even though we may think a particular appliance is stationary and non living it does absorb our emotions Why then would our house seem brighter when we're happy and have a gloomy glow when we're dejected?I felt touched by reading this book Every story has some learning or the other It impressed on me that change is permanent And that the soul is eternal It comes into one human life to learn lessons and leaves that life feeling cleansed and learning a lot than it did before Through the myriad reasons for death the person's soul emerged victoriousI also was astonished to read that however violent the deaths were the passage into the afterlife was smooth and welcoming And that nobody was rejected only embraced I felt a deep sense of calm resonating when I realised that death was just something which gave my soul its reuired release so it could find a new life to learn and to evolveThis book is a MUST READ This book is a real eye opener and the author did an incredible work here revealing the little known miseries surrounding death and the afterlifeWhile reading this book I felt an emotional attachment to the story as it was both heartbreaking and mind upliftingEach chapter tells genuine stories of life and death which will spark many thoughts buried within your mind Honestly speaking it got me hooked from the beginning to the end as the story still lingers on my mind; and this book will help you understand what will happen when you dieThe book clearly focused on the themes of love hope and trust which went a long way to drive home the point that life continues after deathTalking about the author I feel she is a very talented writer and this story will definitely bring peace of mind to many people who have UN answered puzzles concerning life after death and other related issuesNB the book might be disturbing to some because of the graphic contents like murder and suicide When a friend recommended this book I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about it But as I read the first chapter I was immediately engrossed in it The life stories and the accounts of what happens after actual people have died have not only given me hope but peace as well This is a great book and I am currently downloading the new one I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest reviewAs different as it sounds I never thought I would ever read something like this But experimentation is the name of the game and read this book I didThis book is Collette's collection of stories with people who have crossed over and moved on away from their physical bodiesThere is this one uote which endeared me to the book which I even uoted on facebookThere is darkness that dwells inside each of us There is light but there is also the dark Man woman or child we each have our own darkness and our own demons They are all of our own making Our demons can be within us and they can also come from outside of us These demons challenge us It's as though they exist to ask us to make the wrong choices Most often we have a sense of exactly what's right or wrong for us but these demons can somehow make the wrong choices seem right because they're so good at rationalizing the poor choices Even though the wrong choice can sometimes seem like the right thing to do but you'll know deep down inside when it's a wrong choice anywayReading through this book even whether I did believe in pyschics or mediums or clairvoyant people it did not matter The Book can stand alone on it's own feet There were stories of people who died after long bouts of illness and came back to check on their loved ones Some stories were about people who saw their life plan after they died and realised that fear had made them live a shriveled life Some stories were about people who had a troubled life and found peace in the AfterlifeThe essence of all the stories was that regardless of what we did in our lifetime our soul was everlasting It learned lessons from our failures on earth and chose to return Our soul also grew and matured after learning the mistakes we committed during our lifetime as against what we planned when we were going to come back to the earthEach story was a small reminder that our time here is limited There was one story which was particularly impactfulBob an Accountant was so scared of death that he never did anything or ventured out or even spoke to people After a while he became so paranoid that he feared hospitals for germs and didn't go there when he needed to get an ulcer removed When he died he realised that because of his debilitating fear of everything going wrong and death he had crippled his life He had forgotten how to live His thinking had turned his body against itself and ultimately caused his deathEach story ended with the soul being forgiven for the mistakes and an overwhelming feeling of love which gave deep rest to the person who just diedThis isn't one of the usual books which you would pick up and read But it made me think about the finality of life itself and made me wonder of the happiness we kept postponing just because we thought we had time For this message even if it is from people who have passed away I am gratefulThe 25 stories here will leave you contemplating and will make you think IT IS A GOOD READ FOR SURE That's was really a good experience reading this kind of books but I like reading a new theory about those things And this theory was interestingI enjoy it Collette Sinclaire has been just like everyone else Almost Having spent 5 years interviewing those who have died and crossed over she has managed to write a profound book on life after death and what awaits everyone Starting with the book I dint have much expectations thinking of it as ‘an ordinary book with a fancy cover’ But within the first few pages I was engrossed with the content and the rich detailed description of each incidentThe ‘afterlife’ has always has always been a mystery but with the help of this book one can get an inside peek at what comes next The excitement that stirs you in the beginning grips you till the very last page of it The author undergoes uite a tedious and difficult process to obtain this knowledge One must applaud the way every chapter makes you feel like a part of the book proving commitment to deliver the facts as they are to the readers The words portrayed are meant to make you understand rather than amuse you You may find yourself relating to some of the incidents If you are going through some trying times or have lost someone dear this book might be your comfort Humans beings are curious by nature And there had to be at least a few times one has wondered what really happens after we take our last breath here on Earth Well thankfully acclaimed psychic medium Collette Sinclaire has penned this book in hopes of helping to answer our uestion She has spent five years interviewing spirits who have crossed over Readers are granted permission to listen in and witness Sinclaire's discussions with the deceased Each chapter withholds genuine stories of real people who have shared their life and death stories with Sinclaire A few are uite disturbing but others are comforting and inspiring Please be forewarned that this book may be unsettling for some But for the rest of us who dare to read The Real Book of the Dead it will portray Sinclaire's wonderful gift and will spark many thoughts that may have been buried deep within your mind The author is a talented writer and these stories she have shared with us is bound to bring peace of mind to many people This is an incredibly profound book that really makes you think about the wonders of life and death The situations described are riveting and Collette Sinclaire did a wonderful job putting them into words There is no denying that we often wonder what life after death is like or if there is any This book provides the answer in such a way that truly engages the reader You feel close and connected to the spirits that Sinclaire herself painstakingly communicated withThe emotions this book will bring out in you may be intense I found it to both be heartbreaking and incredibly uplifting The stories you encounter will teach you invaluable lessons about loving and letting go It is fascinating to know that psychic mediums like Collette Sinclaire are out there communicating with the spirits This book gives you special insight into this experience as Sinclaire shares her most captivating discoveriesA must read Humans have a natural curiosity when it comes to the afterlife and what happens when our time here on Earth ends Regardless of personal belief there are uestions to be answered and thoughts to be entertained Author Collette Sinclaire's “The Real Book of the Dead” approaches this topic from her stance as a medium who has the gift of being able to connect to those who have passed onWhether you believe in psychics or not this one is an interesting read I have genuinely enjoyed books that approach a view of life that is composed of many stories Each person's story varies and this book allows the reader to experience nearly every kind of life experience War love tragedy youth successall are covered within the words of Collette's conversational partners who are supposedly on the 'other side'The stories are truly captivating but be advised the book discusses violence sex and other graphic issues It also needs to be approached with an open mind If you pick up this book and have already discredited everything it has to say you will likely gain nothing This is true of most literature Even if you take out the psychic element the story reads well and is entertainingMany of the words from those who have crossed over involve telling the living to embrace each moment and live their lives to the fullest This is often a feeling we experience when the death of a loved one hits us It is too easy to forget in our busy lives We must embrace today for we are mortal and tomorrow may never come These words are echoed through many individuals in the book and cannot be repeated too many times There is much to be learned from reading about these experiencesThe speakers also discuss what death is like and their arrival in the afterlife Many express relief from the many troubles of mortal life as well as the sadness from leaving the world behind Some of these individuals struggled with drug abuse abusive relationships and the realities of historical events that brought about hard circumstances Others simply lived life and their time came including one very young boy and several 'ordinary people' One can easily enjoy these stories whether you think they are the result of 'creative writing' or actual psychic experiencesIt may also aid the reader to learn about Collette the author She is an interesting character herself and describes of her methods and experiences in her other works I am a fan of her writing style and look forward to of her books When reading this book it feels like you're listening to an old friend or wise elder tell you what they've learned from their experiences That is what to read the book for in my opinion It truly holds value for everyone Colette Sinclaire has done a great job of elouently and sympathetically putting together these stories that document the life and death of the characters They are billed as true and genuine and there's an honest feel to the circumstances and dialogue that made me feel comfortable reading themI was really curious with this collection I enjoy reading about the spiritual world and yet I am a person whose feet are firmly planted on ground with gravity and science Metaphysics is an area I would love to explore and before I get to that stage I like to expand my knowledge baseGrief is always hard and there are cycles we go through If Collette can help those left behind heal well that can only be a good thing Nothing is simple there are plenty of grey areas and a flurry of emotions that we as readers experience Really enjoyed this collection