Messages From Heaven

Messages From Heaven❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Messages From Heaven Author Collette Sinclaire – Collette Sinclaire has spent the last 7 years speaking with the souls of those who have passed on into the afterlife These are real accounts of everyday people just like you and me as well as those wh Collette Sinclaire has spent the last years speaking with the souls of those who have passed on into the afterlife These are real accounts of everyday people just like you and me as well as those who had led lives which seem unimaginable and unbearableThe accounts of the lives they lived may shock or surprise you They may make you laugh or cry Each of these souls has something to offer you to help you in your own life or to understand the lives of those around youEach chapter Messages From Kindle - is the story of one soul’s life and death and each account brings to light an understanding of our world and why exactly we are here They are all told in the spirit’s own voices and each brings with it something uniue to share with us here in the world of the living No matter how they had lived and died you will learn from their lessons of living and loving both successes and failures There are heartwarming tales of redemption as well as heartbreaking tales of grief and lessons learned the hard wayCollette has spoken people who have died in many circumstances from those who passed on peacefully to those who were afraid to go into the light or felt that they had unfinished business on earth who then became ghosts and haunted the living She has interviewed souls from all walks of life every class the powerful and the powerless from countries all over the world I have interviewed priests and murderers lovers and lonely hearts captains of industry and thieves and so many in between Chances are she has interviewed someone much like yourself or someone you care deeply aboutThe lessons each of these souls brings forth are all very valuable It is my hope that these interviews will inspire you comfort you and bring you understanding of your own life and the difficult paths we all walk along Under the skin we are all the same here on earth and we walk these paths togetherI hope these interviews will also help bring you peace in times of turmoil and solace in times of great pain May they bring you closer to the light of love and goodness and with it bring to you closer to all the happiness and beauty that follows understandingWe must all learn earthly lessons to grow our souls into full beautiful beings so that we may reach back to the source of all creation in order to return to the God Source itself and bask in all it’s beauty and glory. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewI've become a FAN of Collette She writes so clearly It is not a difficult task to introspect on your life and realise that some immediate changes are reuiredI happened to come across this book uite by chance and this is the second book I am reading from this author When I got the opportunity to review I just jumped for it What I found was that so many people that Collette interviewed said that they complicated their lives and in retrospect regretted itIt really made me reflect on our lives and how we sueezed all the joy out of our lives This competition and our race to beat others had made our lives a pale shadow of what we were supposed to be living Chapter on Chapter life after life the story was the same how the person could see a much better life once they had passed onIt just made me wonder on how lightly we took life Before we knew it life had slipped by and we were left with differencesI was deeply touched by this book I recommend this as a GOOD READ My uncle recently died and I felt sad and confused during his funeral It really made me uestion what happens when we die and I was thankful when my friend recommended this book It helped me a lot and I feel better knowing he is in a better place and as for me – knowing what really happens after we die has brought me a sense of serenity Wow This story touch my heart Its been 9 month since I lost mom how I miss her so much I know she watching over usthe same way his son dieso did my mom her last breathit's a very good book I loved what I read