Twin Ambitions

Twin Ambitions➺ Twin Ambitions Download ➽ Author Mo Farah – 4 August 2012 Super Saturday On the most electric night in the history of British sport Mo Farah braved the pain and punishment to seize Olympic gold in the 10000m and in the process went from being a August Super Saturday On the most electric night in the history of British sport Mo Farah braved the pain and punishment to seize Olympic gold in the m and in the process went from being a talented athlete to a national treasure Seven days later Mo seized his second gold at the m to go where no British distance runner has gone before Records have tumbled before him European track records at m m indoors and m; British track records at m m indoors and k on the road have all fallen to Mohamed 'Mo' Farah the boy from Somalia who came to Britain at the age of eight leaving behind his twin brother and with just a few words of English and a natural talent for runningHis secondary school PE teacher Alan Watkinson spotted his potential and began easing this human gazelle towards the racetrack In Mo showed his promise by winning the m at the European Junior Championships Soon he was smashing a string of British and European records He began living with a group of elite Kenyan runners following their strict regime of run sleep eat and rest Mo was determined to leave no stone uncovered in his bid for distance running glory After a disappointing Olympics in Beijing Mo took the bold decision to relocate to Portland Oregon to work under legendary coach Alberto Salazar The results were emphatic as Mo took silver at the m and then raced to gold in the m at the World Championships in Daegu Even better would soon follow at London Twin Ambitions is much than an autobiography by a great Olympic champion It's a moving human story of a man who grew up in difficult circumstances separated from his family at an early age who struggled to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and realise his dream. There is absolutely no doubt in the world that this book is worth any less than 5 stars I don't believe there are even enough stars in the entire universe that would justify the greatness of this autobiography I am an absolutely huge fan of Mo Farah and when my sister bought this book for me for my birthday I was over the moon with excitement I began reading the book immediately The book begins with Mo Farah's childhood and family life I couldn't believe that Mo Farah used to obsess over football I thought that all athletes had to start with the sport they loved from a very young age to be able to succeed in their chosen eventclearly I was wrong He proved to me that with dedication and passion towards your hobby you can achieve whatever you aim forEven though I was already a fan of Mo Farah before I read the book and knew how successful he was and the records and titles he possessed Mo Farah described the races so well and the race day tension he was experiencing I completely forgot what races he had or hadn't won I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation waiting to find out what time he had clocked or what position he had ran through the line at Which may sound stupid considering I already knew many of the results mentioned in the bookI loved hearing about Mo's mischief and how he was torn away from his twin Hassan as a young boy and how the two brothers were reunited in later lifeThis book has inspired me to run longer distances at higher speeds this book has inspired me to put 110% effort into all of my training to attend the gym and eat a healthier diet but most importantly this book has inspired me to follow my dreamsThis books genre is autobiography and sport but I strongly believe the true genre of this book is self help because this book helped me thanks Mo This book has really really inspired me Many people will argue with this but I am Mo Farah's legit No1 fan Just to know of what he had when he was young to then adapt to his new surrounding when he moved to London and become Britains best athlete ever Wow? My favourite part was about 30 pages in when Mo had moved to London and saw what it was like 'C'mon then' It was my least favourite part when the twins were separated I would recommend this to all of those runners out there like me who need some inspiration but I would mainly recommend this to anyone who likes reading life changing stories This book would also be great to give to anyone who takes what they have for granted A must read for any athletics fan I found out a lot I didn't know about Mo which isn't always the case with autobiographies Also the beginning kept me interested as his early life is fascinating Am a big athletics fan and have read many athletics biographies and this was definitely one of the better ones I’ve actually seen Mo in person at the Sainsbury’s Grand Prix in Birmingham when I ran in a pre show race It was amazing and so I loved learning about his life Shoutout to all the Alans in his life haha I am a huge fan of Mo Farah; this is the autobiography I have been waiting for with great anticipation since London 2012 With the number of athletes autobiographies and great performances coming from post London 2012 my expectations were high This book delivers This is one of the best books I have read all year If you are just a casual fan his or just want to know about the training achievements dedication sacrifices and rewards of one of the greatest distance runner of our generation this book will push you the rest of the converting anyone to a full fledged fan As a British Muslim as well I respect and applaud Mo's for keeping to his beliefs but not forcing them on anyone else at the same time respecting other people's beliefs and opinionsEvery time I had seen Mo on TV racing or being interviewed he has always been smiling polite and dignified Even in the infamous post marathon interview where the presenter had no idea who he was When I watched I though he showed his class by trying not to embarrass the lady He does talk about the incident in the book and once again show what a classy person he is Having said that it was nice to see the private side of Mo's personality the mischievous daredevil mick taker as well I don't know if it is from being a twin but doubles and the number 2 seem to follow Mo around a lot in his championships Being one of the few men to be double double champion is evident of thisThe book starts off from young days in Somalia and his introduction to running with his hilarious adventures trying to watch the The Mysterious Cities Of Gold The Complete Series BBC slim line version DVD great show I had a much easier time watching it but I can understand why he was so obsessed with it Mo's writing style mirrors his personality He is happy with what he has He never saw himself or his family as disadvantages They had what they had and they made do He talks about the big change to moving to England Again seeing the way Mo is it is hard to imagine Mo being a disrupting or aggressive but he was young and in an unfamiliar environment it is understandableMo gives full credit to the people who have helped him from his PE teacher who noticed his talent early on and went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure Mo could fulfil his potential to all his friends and competitors who helped or pushed him to be the best he could be Mo goes out of his way to say his success is not all down to him He talks about the work he had to put in and slowly raising up the ranks The Sacrifices he and those around him had to make He talks about the dangers and distractions of the life he has chosen The incredible rewards of winning and the heart break of losing All of this has contributed to keeping him humble and groundedHe is open and honest about his personal feelings The races he loses he is honest with what he thinks when wrong and give respect to his competitors saying they were better on the day He shows he is not a Robot or Mobot he can have bad days like the rest of us and unfortunately his bad days tend to be public then the average persons The talk about race tactics and the importance of proper preparation The balancing act between getting your training just right under training will lead to disaster but over training can be just as disastrous The mental toughness you need to develop during training dealing with the media and set back The Championship mentality to keep going no matter whatHe talk about the Mo Farah Foundation the great work he is doing with that to give back to the country of his birth and the work and scholarships he has set up in England to help aspiring young athletes get what they need in the way of coaching and financial help Which Mo calls giving back to the sport not many people would do this as uickly on their career Considering this foundation was only started in 2011 which was Mo's breakout year on the world stage it is amazing the work they have done alreadyThis is a great inspirational book which can be enjoyed by all fans and has insights and wisdom for aspiring athletes as well of not only training but how to deal with fans the media the negatives and positives of success A great I would recommend it to anyone This is definitely a good read a humble but brilliant athlete I enjoyed the book thoroughly A lovely shy guy who is humble and tells of his hard work sacrifice dedication to get where he is A motivating story for runners and non runners alike Interesting reading especially if u r a runner which I am I picked this book up on a whim from my local library was skeptical that it would be of much interest as I already knew about his twin brother I was skeptical about his relationship with Alberto Salazar and well I thought distance training was boring How can he make running 100 miles a week interesting I thought? Well he did This is a book about dedication and sacrifice and what goes into being a champion It's about a young boy who just wanted to make friends on the football field that just so happened to allow himself to be talked into an athletic career just so happened to have the drive the desire to learn the hunger to win the ability to make sacrifices that very few ever would the persistence to train for 17 years towards the ultimate goal to become olympic championIt couldn't have happened to a nicer man

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