Transcendence[Reading] ➶ Transcendence By Shay Savage – Librarian's note This is an Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00IFV9AXYIt's said that women and men are from two different planets when it comes to communication but how can they overcome the obstacle Librarian's note This is an Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN BIFVAXYIt's said that women and men are from two different planets when it comes to communication but how can they overcome the obstacles of prehistoric times when one of them simply doesn't have the ability to comprehend languageEhd's a caveman living on his own in a harsh wilderness He's strong and intelligent but completely alone When he finds a beautiful young woman in his pit trap it's obvious to him that she is meant to be his mate He doesn't know where she came from she's wearing some pretty odd clothing and she makes a lot of noises with her mouth that give him a headache Still he's determined to fulfill his purpose in life provide for her protect her and put a baby in herElizabeth doesn't know where she is or exactly how she got there She's confused and distressed by her predicament and there's a caveman hauling her back to his cavehome She's not at all interested in Ehd's primitive advances and she just can't seem to get him to listen No matter what she tries getting her point across to this primitive but beautiful man is a constant and often hilarious struggleWith only each other for company they must rely on one another to fight the dangers of the wild and prepare for the winter months As they struggle to coexist theirs becomes a love story that transcends language and time. ok I've been reading the reviews for this and am getting a little disturbed reviewers are going on and on about how excited they are to read a romance that features a Neanderthal come on ladies Neanderthals aren't even our own species well I suppose they are a subspecies of the homo sapien but still I bet there's not a single Neanderthal in Transcendencenow here is an example of a Neanderthal do you seriously want that Neanderthal all over you? really? or how about this fellow sisters what you are looking for is a CRO MAGNON manhere's a typical Cro Magnon hunk hubba hubba you know you want to get with thateven the professor below recognizes the charisma and sex appeal of the Cro Magnon stud so get it straight please NO to Neanderthals YES to Cro Magnons there is a reason why Cro Magnons survived and Neanderthals went the way of the dinosaur it's 'cause those Cro Magnons were so darned cute obviously❤ I finally got around to reading this below is a review with spoilersview spoilermy experience with romance novels is fairly minimal although I do have a bit of experience it is a genre I find fascinating so I wasn't sure what to make of this one when I was reading it it just felt so unusual to me and refreshing can something be refreshing if you haven't been burnt out on other things like it? I dunno but this was a charming read and had me smiling throughoutI thought when I started trying out romance novels a bit ago that I would be attracted to the darker fucked up romances particularly since my favorite so far is the very morbid The Silver Devil but I loved the lightness and the warmth in this one it could also be that I've been in a cheerful mood these days and the novel didn't take me away from thatI had some issues with Ehd's internal voice mainly the language he used and the way he described things didn't really seem to fit how a prehistoric type would think but that was easy to let go of and after a while it didn't bother me at all the repetitiousness of some of Ehd's commentary annoyed me in the beginning as well until it didn't it began to feel like the way a person like Ehd would actually think it became sorta cute too with his constant focus on Beth's strangeness and his freuent desire to put a baby in herso Ehd was adorable and so was Beh I actually liked her character just as much her excitement at being able to make useful things was a lot of funabout halfway through I began to wonder if there would actually be a sex scene and then BOOM here comes the very graphic sex and there sure was a lot of it but it is hard for me to consider this an erotic novel no matter how explicitly the sex was described I wasn't turned on I was charmed the sex scenes were sweet and even heartwarming which kept me cheerful because these are two virginal kids just discovering sex I wish sex could be as positive an experience for all virginsI loved the whole set up of the story it was interesting reading something that was about living in a prehistoric world on a day to day basis the minutiae in the descriptions how to stay safe how to stay warm how to prepare for winter etc I suppose some could find the repetitiveness of the storyline to be tedious but I found it to be absorbing there is also something fascinating to me about a story that is solely concerned with a man and a woman loving each other in this time period and with no interest in telling any other story but that one basic story being set in a prehistoric time made the love story intriguingly starkI loved where the novel went that sure was unexpected the story follows them until they die in each other's arms at a nicely old age it was so tender so loving for a long time I was wondering where the title would come in and hey there it is at the end and it made perfect sense this is mainly a 3 star book for me and I like my 3 star books it's not a bad rating but I was uite moved by its gentle endingliked the minor science fiction rationale in the epilogue cleveroverall the book was original and highly enjoyable I'd recommend it to Romance readers but I don't really know what Romance readers are generally into I hope they like this sort of romance hide spoiler 5 I Luffed this book Stars Transcendence was unlike any book I have ever read To be honest after reading the blurb I wasn’t too sure if it sounded like something I would like After hearing a few friends rave about it I decided to give it a go I’m so happy I did A beautiful moving and original story told in the pov of Edh our cavemanEdh has been living alone for a long time After his tribe was destroyed many seasons ago he was the only survivor Going at it alone isn’t easy He longs for companionship One day out of no where Edh finds a girl in a trap he set She is dressed in clothing he’s never seen and she’s making strange noises but it’s okay He’s just happy not to be alone any The girl gets out that her name is Beh Edh decides Beh will be his mate Beh doesn’t seem like any of the women of his tribe and he doesn’t understand He wants to get her to like him to show her that she will be safe and provided for with him but he feels like he is failing “I had thought getting her to like me would be fairly simple but now that I have shown her everything I have she seems bored and I do not feel like a very good mate” It takes some time but slowly Beh starts to warm up to him After spending time with her he realizes how happy he is not to be alone any He isn’t so focused on ‘mating’ He doesn’t care that she’s different or that she doesn’t seem to be able to communicate with him just yet He only wants her to be there with him “She may be strange; she may not know how to make baskets and she may be very noisy but she is my mate and I’m thrilled she is here” She’s my mate she’s unusual and she’s mine It takes Beh some time to come around I’m sure she is not used to Edh’s ways and she doesn’t know whats going on at first Once she gets to see the real Edh and see what kind of heart he has she can’t help but start to fall for him Edh was the sweetest most kind and caring man I had the biggest smile on my face for a majority of the book Every time I heard him ask for a ‘khzz’ or tell Beh he ‘luffed’ her I melted The chemistry between these two was smoking hot But it wasn’t just sexual This book was filled with so many beautiful and tender moments between these two Some brought me to tears one straight up had me cryingview spoiler I wonder what I will do if she doesn't wake up and I don't have an answer As I lie back down next to her and pull her into my arms my stomach growls and suddenly I know exactly what I will do If she doesn't wake up then I will just lie with her until I don't wake up either hide spoiler ★★★★★ Transcendence stand alone Ehd Beh’s epic love story set in pre historic times “Love” she whispers“Luffs” I respond and her smile brightens even ” Be still my beating heart Transcendence stand alone is an epic love saga in pre historic timesStory opens up to caveman Ehd separated from his tribe finding a peculiar woman in his trap Elizabeth Beh His instinct is to protect her his baser needs to put a baby in her but his heart shows him how to love her and be a familyWe get to follow Ehd and Beh through their out of times meeting awkward courtship brewing love and on through life’s ups and downs Faced with the dangers of their era they fight to survive learn to persevere and strive to progress set against the backdrop of Ehd’s love for BehFour words to describe Ehd Protective charming noble and sweetFour words to describe Elizabeth Beh Brave moody nurturing and complacentTranscendence told from Ehd’s POV depicts a love so great it transcends time Their story ends full circle bringing tears to my eyesSpectacular Unforgettable Epic Thought provoking “Beh loves Ehd” Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 4 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 4 starsSex scenes freuency 45 starsPlot rating 45 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating 5 starsOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this book YesWould I re read this book YesWould I read future books by this author YesThank you to Liz for Buddy reading Signed paperback provided to me by author Shay Savage in exchange for an honest review but I purchased my own Kindle copy Update 09 01 2017 A famous author whose name I won't mention because her fans are scary ; borrowed heavily from this SELF PUBLISHED book Anyone who loves the words my mate repeated endlessly should read this bookUpdate October 11th I wish people knew about this book because I found no cheating and no slut shaming Books that don't promote violence on women like Transcendence and are still steamy and compelling deserve loveJared Padalecki as shaved EhdORIGINAL REVIEWBefore I write my review of Surviving Raine it's fair that I review one of my 2015 favorites I re read Trascendence because I wanted to have a feel of the author's style before I dived into Survaiving Raine My conclusion? I'm a huge fan Of Mrs Savage Update Oct 10th Not any after I tried her scifi books and read the spoilers for Surviving Raine seuels but this book is fantasticWe meet Ehd a caveman who lives in the Ice Age He's also the loneliest man on the planet He lost his tribe to a fire all his family He has struggled to survive these rough times He doesn't have much of a life He's SURVIVING He hadn't seen another human being for a long time and Ehd's starting to think that he'll be alone foreverA modern day girl named Elizabeth appears magically It's never clear how that happens but you can imagine the 20000 years age of cultural differences that separte these soon to be couple Ehd is determined to mate with her and surely you understand all the sexy implications of that decision Or should I say instict? Because Ehd is a very primitive man whose actions are driven by instict and eventually by LOVE He'll provide for her he'll protect her from harm and he'll put a baby on her A baby That's cute and sexy at the same timeWhat I love about this book is that we are all the time on Ehd's mind and his train of thought is amazing He's naive but strong and he falls in love hard for his mate He's extremely repetitive My mate I have to provide for my mate she is my mate my mate is weird I want my mate with me I have to protect my mate It's really primitive cute and charming at the same time I love how this couple falls for each other slowly how they solve their cultural differences and how what started as a very instictive desire I have to put a baby on her ended up in a love that TRASCENDS THE TIME Love trascends everything I think just the title was so full of promise and the book deliveredThe steamy scenes are full of that longing cuteness and awkwardness of two virgin people who are learning to love That's the reason I read New Adult and Classic romance This kind of storyline is always so romantic because it's like inexperience is another burden for a couple to overcome and when they do it correctly is always so romantic Beh and Ehd journey to survive the harsh times they live in and at the same time discover love is one of the best I've read It's beautifulMy only minor complain about the book is that perhaps just a little less sex would have worked better for me and a I wish there had beem a little bit of Beh's perspective That would have made a huge difference in an already awesome book but at the end I don't care I just started to try to put bookmarks on my favorite lines and without meaning it I ended up re reading the whole book FOR THE THIRD TIME I have a lot of homework and tons of books to read but couldn't stop That's how much I love this book and why is one of 2015 favoritesI have to appreciate how cute this story was and I can't describe it in words properly I just love how original this is No billionaires no tattoed boys no clones of Anastasia steele or aby abernathy OR bELLA Swan The two characters feel real and refreshing You have to suspend disbelief a lot because some times Ehd is just too perfect and the traveling from one age to the other is not explained but who cares? The book is an incredibly fast paced journeyIf you haven't read this book what are you waiting for? Even if you don't like fantasy book and prefer a contemporary setting perhaps you will enjoy Shay Savage's contemporary romances I know I did When I started reading Transcendence by Shay Savage I thought I knew what to expect I read the synopsis and knew the basics of the book ButI was wrong I was not prepared at all for this book How it would make me both laugh and cry At the intensity of the feelings it would evoke Ehd is a caveman and he is alone and so very lonely He has been alone for a very long time This last winter has been hard but he wonders if maybe it was so hard because he is losing the will to survive But that all changes as one day he finds a beautiful woman in his pit trap This woman looks nothing like any female he has ever seen The coverings on her body and on her feet are completely unfamiliar And the sounds coming out of her mouth are giving him a headache But she is beautiful and she is his “I will provide for her I will protect her I will give her anything she wants” Elizabeth finds herself trapped in a deep pit And her rescuer is a beautiful man wearing nothing but some pieces of animal hide He hauls her out of the pit and to his cave He doesn’t seem to understand anything she says But very uickly he does learn the meaning of the word “no” She very uickly realizes though that she must depend on this man for survival to protect her in this unknown wilderness Their tenuous relationship does turn to a somewhat comfortable partnership as long as Ehd respects Beh’s use of the word “no” And soon their relationship begins to slowly grow into love “My mate My Beh” Ehd and Beh are faced with the task of understanding each other without being able to verbally communicate Men seem to have a hard enough time understanding the complexities of the female mind So I can understand Ehd’s frustration with trying to figure out Beh The book is told from his point of view and it is hilarious at times watching him struggle “I don’t understand but when it comes to my mate I rarely do” But the power of love overcomes all obstacles With all the differences Beh and Ehd are faced with they learn to depend on one another they respect one another and they support one another So buckle your seat belt Don’t plan on getting much accomplished get yourself a comfortable reading spot and read this book I will not be forgetting Beh and Ehd anytime soon I hope you feel the same way too Thank you Shay Savage for a beautiful book Note This book does contain adult content so is for the appropriate reader only If I could give this than 5 stars I wouldThis was such a beautiful story Ehd was such a pure character in the sense that he lived honestly and simply according to his instincts and emotions He never had ulterior motives He just wanted Beh to be his mate and to provide for her and make a family with herJust the fact that Shay Savage was able to conceive and write this amazing story a story in which there are only really two characters and virtually NO dialogue is a testament to what a great author she is The fact that she writes the story through Ehd's eyes and stays true to the premise that Ehd cannot understand ANYTHING Beh is saying is true talentI loved how she was able to make us really feel how frustrated Ehd would become at not understanding what Beh wanted or why she was mad at him Also the way in which Savage was able to convey what Beh was saying to the reader without actually using words merely Ehd's observations and inferences and not actual dialogue really made the story and the setting authenticAnd the ending oh the ending So beautiful This book is definitely on my all time favorite list I think I'm gonna go read it again ★★★★★ 45 stars What an amazing story I absolutely LOVED everything about it Once again Shay Savage has delivered an outstanding male point of view that managed to keep me hooked from the moment I started reading it And most of all she has created another uniue swoon worthy hero that managed to sweep me off my feet with just a few of his many achingly sweet and adoringly funny gesturesIn essence Transcendence is a love story but it is also a story about survival communication hope and the courage to fight for what you want and about finding love in the most unexpected placesCaveman Ehd has been on his own for uite some time Ever since his family and the rest of his clan died he's been living in solitude while trying to survive the ever changing seasons in the barren land where he lives I have no idea how long it has been since I felt the comfort of another person's presence only that many cold seasons have passed since then Then on one of his hunts he suddenly stumbles upon a young beautiful girl who has fallen into his pit trap Ehd is immediately taken away with her beauty and he couldn't be happier with his discovery since it seems he's finally found his long awaited mateElizabeth Beh on the other hand has no idea where is she or how she's gotten there She went from the twenty first century she grew up in to suddenly landing in this prehistoric age populated by cavemen who have no knowledge of the English language It's extremely hard for her to adjust to her new conditions and at first she tries to keep her distance from Ehd as much as possible even though he's the only other person around who's able to help her surviveAs the story progresses both Ehd and Beh have many struggles to overcome; the most important one being their lack of communication Ehd doesn't speak English so every single one of their conversations has to go through a bit of sign language and facial expressions Then there's also the fact that Ehd first and only thought is that Beh is his new mate and he wants to put a baby inside her so they can form a family Of course that's not how it works in our century and when Beh keeps turning him down he has to find new ways to make her like and care for him Along the way his feelings for her grow stronger and he begins to realize all he really wants is for her to just be there with him not just as his mate but as his partner as well There is nothing important than Beh and if making her happy means my own sorrow I will have to accept that Even though there is practically no dialogue and the entire story is told from Ehd's POV Beh and Ehd still managed to communicate their love for each other beautifully and that is exactly what made their love so epic Ehd never failed to show her with his actions that he was willing to do anything to protect her and make her happy and Beh on the other hand tried to show him with the few words she was able to teach him how much he meant to her as well They were both such strong characters and I can't even begin to imagine what life must have been like for Beh to adjust to her new life conditions Together though they tried to be there for each other whenever the other one was going through a difficult time and they managed to make to most of the life conditions they were given All in all this uniue captivating heartfelt and at times hilarious love story is an absolute must read And let's face it you do not want to miss meeting caveman Ehd I assure you ;Release date February 14 2014 ARC kindly provided by LJ Anderson on behalf of the author in exchange for an honest review 5 Stars “Transcendence” by Shay Savage was unlike anything I have read It was such a uniue beautiful unforgettable tough provoking story This book moved me to my core and it will stay with me for a long time I love this author’s writing style I really do But I have to admit I was reluctant to start this book simply because it’s labeled as a historical romance I have read a few historical romances but honestly it’s not one of my favorite genre So if you are like me and you don’t have necessarily a thing for this genre think again and pick this book up You won’t regret itThis book left me speechless The story the characters the writing were done to perfection IMO The story is a story about love That kind of love that is pure simple beautiful “Transcendence” is the story of Ehd a caveman in prehistoric times He lives alone since all the men and women in his tribe died He feels alone and he longs for companionship One day he finds a strange woman in one of his pit traps The woman wears strange clothes and makes weird noises but Ehd is sure that she’s the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen He decides to keep this strange woman to provide for her to protect her and to put a baby in her belly so he decides to make her his mate “I will provide for her I will protect her I will give her anything she wants” Elizabeth Beh doesn’t know where she is or how she got there She is scared a little injured and frustrated because she can’t communicate with this strange yet good looking man She is terrified when this man takes her to his cave But he doesn’t want to hurt her If at the beginning she is frightened by Ehd as time passes she starts to warm up to him Ehd wants to make Beh his mate but first he must make her like him “I want her; I know I do It is far beyond not wanting to be alone any I want her – only her I will do anything to make Beh mine” Ehd and Beh get to know each other and they start to communicate in their own way It’s hard for both of them but they learn how to be patient with the other they learn things from each other and they eventually become mates starting a new family “My Beh my mate” Written entirely from Ehd’s POV “Transcending” was very different from what I usually read First because the story is written from a caveman’s perspective and secondly because there’s no real dialogue I can’t remember the last book I have read without any real dialogue so obviously I was a little scared about this aspect of the story At least in the beginning I’m glad to say the story was pure and simple perfection even without any real dialogue Needless to say I couldn’t put it down The story doesn’t have any action and overall you can say is very slow but I liked it very muchEhd was a character that won me over from the beginning He’s innocent and naïve maybe a little frustrating at times but he was so adorable and kind His need to protect and provide for Beh was so sweet His need to comfort her at times and the way he cared for her and later loved her melt me in a puddle of goo His tenderness was simply wonderful It goes without saying that I liked this strange caveman than other possessivecaveman heroes I read about Being in Ehd’s head was a strange yet very uniue experience Every time this author knows how to write effortlessly a male POV and this time she did it again Our caveman’s POV felt so honest and genuine and I truly enjoyed it He made me smile and swoon so many times However I would have liked at least one chapter from Beh’s poin of view I wanted to know what she thinks and what she feels for EhdI don’t know if I can say that was a chemistry between these two characters Since there’s no real dialogue it's hard to say But there’s was a connection there They not only learned how to survive together they also learned how to understand accept and love each other Overall a wonderful touching read that I highly recommend ”My life with Beh was beautiful trascending everything that set us apart from each other 4 I just fell for a caveman stars I will provide for her I will give her anything she wants Have you ever wondered if it is possible to read a book that only has about 4 words of dialogue yet still love it?Have you also ever wondered of what would happen if a prehistoric book mated with a Nicholas Sparks book? If I was a fan of Shay Savage before reading this I am now full onThis was an amazing beautiful one of a kind love story It was unlike anything I have ever read and I doubt I'd read again It was uniue It was unforgettableI struggled with my rating at first since it did take me a bit to get into the story I did skim through some parts and found it to be slow in others But considering it's been 2 days since I've finished and I still can't stop thinking about it? It deserves nothing less of the 4 glorious stars If you read the blurb and are expecting a domineering caveman caveman type alpha You know the type The me man you woman we bang type of caveman well you'll be sadly disappointed Ehd was nothing like thatHe was vulnerable sweet constantly doubting himself with Beh and at the same time so incredibly endearing that you can't help but completely fall for him His inner thoughts never failed to put a smile on my face What if I don't fit inside her?After all this time of waiting for her to want me what will I do if I am unable to mate with Beh?I take a calming breath and assure myself I will fit inside of her Women are supposed to stretch there so babies can be put inside and come back out when they're ready If something the size of a baby can come out surely my penis can go inIt's big but it't not that big The story is told entirely in Ehd's POV The fact that Shay Savage was able to write an entire book from a caveman's POV that has about 3 words in his whole vocabulary just shows her incredible talent as an author It's no small feat let me tell youYou don't get much insight into Elizabeth that what Ehd is able to gather from his perspective It wasn't a uick paced book There wasn't a lot of action no dirty talk or filthy dirty caveman loving Don't get me wrong it was still steamy in a very sweet first time discovery way Both Elizabeth or Beh as he calls her and Ehd are innocently naive But that just added to the appeal for meIt is told over the span of many years and unfolds the story of love at it's most innocent and pure It was beautiful albeit not my usual type of bookThen there was that ending Oh my poor cold little heart that endingThe only other time I cried like that was at the end of view spoilerThe Notebook hide spoiler 5 Stars A book that will be forever in my heartWhat can I say about this mind reeling book?I promised myself to only read the first chapter to get a feel for itYeah rightFour and a half hours later I had murdered this book and myself in the meantimeNever have I had emotions pulled from me like I had with TranscendenceI am still speechlessIt took me a little while to get used to the style of narration but once I was in I was IN As in completely invested and wanting to learn turning pages as uickly as I could14% in I had shed my first tears Tears which would be the first of many Don't misunderstand me This is a LOVE STORY About a committed couple who would do anything for one another The love they share is special in a way that is a so beautiful it will bring you to tearsAnnnnd i'm crying again Damn you Shay Savage You brilliant woman youWe get inside the mind of caveman Ehd who is a smart guy although he has no way to express himself with words he does a fine job with grunts growls and actions We begin the story at the very depths of his depression for he is lonely He has been alone for a long time He only wants a mate Companionship Someone to share his life withEnter Elizabeth AKA Beh I'm almost afraid to tell you about this book It is honestly not something I can tell you about It is something you need to experienceI normally need a lot of dialogue between characters to enjoy a book This book doesn't have much dialogue and I'll be honestit didn't need it Not at allUnlike any book I've ever readThis book is now on my Top Five Favourite books EVERGet this book right now You will laugh cry and melt You will fall in love with these characters and when they are in pain you will feel it in your very soulA love story to top all love stories