There is Eternal Life for Animals

There is Eternal Life for Animals❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ There is Eternal Life for Animals Author Niki Behrikis Shanahan – All animals go to Heaven How do we know We look in the book that God left us the Bible This book takes you through the Bible and proves through the scriptures that there is life after death for all th All animals go to Heaven Eternal Life Epub à How do we know We look in the book that God left us the Bible This book takes There is eBook ¶ you through the Bible and proves through the scriptures that there is life after death for all the animals It covers God s relationship is Eternal Life PDF/EPUB ê with the animals The current life of the animal kingdom The future life of the animals and its restoration What animals are currently in Heaven The topic of whether animals have souls and spirits Includes numerous Bible scriptures opinions and commentaries from Bible Theologians visions stories near death experiences of children and personal experiences Reviews many of the original Greek and Hebrew words and their translations Praying for animals. I'm not sure what I was expecting when I bought this book I bought it because I had just put a dog to sleep that I had loved for 14 years and I was very depressed I am no stranger to pet loss in my life I have had to put three dogs and a cat to sleep and each time it was devastating I sought comfort in this book and I am so glad that I did I was extremely impressed with Ms Shanahan's research She included Biblical excerpts from both the Old and New Testaments translations of the original Hebrew and Greek words and information from authors who have previously written on the subject of animals in Heaven few though they may be She provides charts to help explain what complex verses mean and after all of the research she includes personal accounts from children who have had near death experiences as well as her personal experience She truly researched the subject inside and out before the publication of this excellent book It has brought me much comfort My only complaint is that at times it tends to read much like a reference book and it's difficult to get into the flow but the depth of information tremendously outweighs this mild inconvenience This was not a book that I could read straight thru It reuired a lot of thought as I was reading It was very well researched and scripturally based I do not have any background in the languages so I could not determine if the Hebrew etc translations were correct However her belief effort and energy for this topic were very well in evidence I have never had a pastor who was able to tell me what happened to the animals when they died This book convinced me that God made our beautiful creatures and he would not make anything he didn't love In my minds eye I see my 4 cats that have gone before in my prepared room in Jesus mansion Its what i have always known in my heart I agree with the basic premise of this book I regularly explain that I have no doubt that there are animals in Heaven and have no Biblical basis for believing that God cannot or will not allow pet owners to have their pets in their mansions that Jesus has gone to prepare John 141 6However I would not recommend this particular work hand out copies or even add this to our church library Not for any single flaw but for the sum total1 uoting some of the worst bible versions on the market for support2 uoting rank hereticks like Jesse Duplantis and their visions for support3 uotingnear death experiences which I believe ARE possible that are clearly bogus for support4 Various others unbiblical commentsThis book was one of those that I WANTED to love but just found myself shaking my head in frustration throughout Overall I was disappointed This book was comforting to me after dealing with the loss of a pet It takes a look at the Bible and cites proof that animals live on after death Helped me with my lossMy cat Smokey passed and now I know he's in heaven I'll be with him when I die Thank you Totally amazing read Loved this book

There is Eternal Life for Animals ePUB ↠ There is
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • There is Eternal Life for Animals
  • Niki Behrikis Shanahan
  • English
  • 14 May 2016
  • 9780972030106