Africa United

Africa United❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Africa United Author Steve Bloomfield – A superb portrait of the divided continent of Africa told through one of the few things that unites it Football inspires competition and inflames passions nowhere as strongly as in Africa Take the pla A superb portrait of the divided continent of Africa told through one of the few things that unites it Football inspires competition and inflames passions nowhere as strongly as in Africa Take the player born and raised in Congo who scored the winning goal for Rwanda against the country of his birth and promptly had his house burnt down for his trouble Or the Kenyan football chant ‘Oliech Odinga Obama’ which celebrates the country’s star striker its popular prime minister and its most famous adopted son Meanwhile the influence of African football continues to spread rapidly through Europe Today no Premiership team is complete without a major African star – Drogba Essien Touré Adebayor and Kanu Countless African players are now enriching English football and becoming household names Steve Bloomfield’s wide ranging and incisive book investigates Africa’s love of football its increasing global influence the build up to the WORLD Cup and the social and political backdrop to the greatest show on earth. The book begins with the author in a dangerous encounter that ends well thanks to David Beckham Friend of mineThe first story The Pharaohs talks about soccer in Egypt with the two rival teams of Zmalek and Al Ahly African soccer goes back to the refusal of FIFA to guarantee an African represenative at the 1966 World Cup to now having 6 African representatives at the 2010 World Cup Soccer and politics have mixed in Egypt for decades from being compeletly banned following the disastrous war with Israel in 1967 to cancelling the Egyptian leauge to focus on the World Cup Italia 1990 The author makes observations regarding soccer and Egyptian societyEgyptians see themselves as Arabs rather than Africans p34Soccer represents a malfunction in our society Ahmad Hassan has told me People are so interested in soccer it diverts attention from their reality from the social and economic problems p37The Egyptian national team is the only thing that all Egyptians are unanimous about said al Hosseiny There are always two sides to everything else politics religion Soccer is the only thing that unifies us p44 I found this book to be a fun and uick read The author Steve Bloomfield uses football to explain the complexities of Africa’s socio political problems He visits 13 different countries and conducts interviews with footballers politicians and ordinary people Although I enjoyed reading the book I did not find it to be particularly informative or insightful Its ten chapters have a simplified journalistic style that did not add much to my understanding of Africa’s history or its people Overall this is an entertaining yet forgettable book 10 chapters on the subject of 13 African nations; not so much a book about football but a book which tells the story of recent African histories through e lens of football and those who play and follow it Simply but not simplistically written it's a highly enjoyable moving and insightful book We totem ahead of the 2010 South African World Cup it's a little out of date in 2014 but not enough so to reduce the book's significance Hard to put down and uick to read Sometimes the writing gets bogged down with explaining current affairs too deeply in material that is not always immediately relevant to the storyIt also eually represents East West Southern Central and North Africa and covers 13 nations across the continent It leaves on a cliffhanger just before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa a seminal moment in African football most probably on purpose in my mindFor people interested in Africa and football alike Such a stunning book telling the stories of African football The continent may well win a World Cup this century but if not they'll give it a good go Needs to be updated but Steve's busy being a features writer I don't have a whole lot to say about this book besides that it was underwhelming While it covers some interesting aspects of how soccer intersects with the culture and politics of many African nations it reads like a travelogue of another generic white dude Very interesting informative Once I got into it it was hard to put down A nice and a light read gives you a shallow idea about African politics while linking it to Africans’ love for football and how it resembles Africa’s struggles and corruption Reading in 2019 it is a bit dated in both the politics and the football but it is a nice uick tour of continent I've just finished this book during the first week of the World Cup and it has given me a deeper understanding of the state of politics and football in Africa Steve Bloomfield has traveled through 25 African countries studying their politics social structures and the state of their soccer programs professional leagues and ultimately their national soccer teams He followed the teams as they played through the ualifiers for the 2010 World Cup Final in South Africa He explained their history their feuds and their politics Politics? You say how can this tie in with soccer? In Africa the political structures are so corrupted that they will use the soccer teams to distract the population from their problems One politician that he talks about even bought a soccer team with government funds and built it up with public tax money to distract the populace from the fact that they don't have running water electricity decent schools roads and hospitals and ultimately from the fact that these politicians are socking away millions of dollars in foreign banks Steve also talks about blood diamonds blood oil and how the rebels are using the money they get to buy weapons and to train child soldiers to fight for them He traveled through war zones all over Africa and he talked with the child soldiers and he talks about the social ramifications of the rebel wars Some of the stories are very depressing but others are very uplifting Especially his story about the Amputees World Cup In order to play on the team you have to be missing a limb and most of these players were victims of the rebel fighting that goes on But these players found a second chance on life through the Amputees World Cup because they're no longer shunned by society but are now admired and supported by a large number of fans Steve also talks about how Western Corporations have moved into Africa promising to build schools and hospitals for the mineral rights of these nations but most of their promises are rarely realized One corporation did build a brand new school but they didn't provide any money for teachers euipment or books and now that same school still stands empty today and yet the corporation has made off with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of oil This book isn't a masterpiece but it was very educational and well written I finished it in about three days I recommend it to any one wanting to learn about Africa