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This Man❰Reading❯ ➼ This Man Author Jodi Ellen Malpas – Ava è stata chiamata ad arredare alcune stanze di una lussuosissima dimora londinese il Maniero Il proprietario Jesse Ward ha chiesto di lei personalmente Ava si presenta all’appuntamento aspettand Ava è stata chiamata ad arredare alcune stanze di una lussuosissima dimora londinese il Maniero Il proprietario Jesse Ward ha chiesto di lei personalmente Ava si presenta all’appuntamento aspettandosi un vecchio aristocratico e invece si ritrova davanti un uomo giovane pericolosamente bello e molto sicuro di sé Fin da subito è chiaro che Jesse sa come ottenere uello che vuole e adesso vuole lei Ava sa che da un uomo così sensuale ma prepotente dominante e irragionevole sarebbe sicuramente meglio scappare ma lui è determinato a farla sua e Jesse non è un uomo al uale è facile sfuggire. I set the book down when the female lead's racism started to show If you need a story to relate to the book this isn't your cup of tea because the book doesn't have one It has only 3 things controlling guy not in a hot way Crazy girl in the literal way and sex without any chemistryShe’s mentally undressing me I should take my shirt off and confirm what she’s thinkingA little something in Jesse's pov Here HereWhat the fuck did I just read and waste my time on???? Watch Your Fucking Mouth I can totally imagine Jesse barking this as he reads all my reviews and my cuss words heheheTotally disliked the book It was frustrating SO FUCKING DRAGGED and had no story and it was a waste of my time I dont know why I went with the flow and got into the obviously exaggerated hype about this book It has nothing other than a lot of sex It didn't even ooze chemistry It lacked everything story and plot included He wasn't even bloody romantic pissedThe author's way of writing was pretty good I enjoyed her writing but not her story The book had NOTHINGIt was likeEnters pretty girl hot and loaded guyThey meetSparks flyThey fuckShe falls in love talks shit in her head but never tells himGuy is has a mysterious streak and is a weird controlling freakGuy hides shit from girlGirl finds outBoth are left heard brokenThe EndBoy can Jesse bark shout and fume like non other He is supa crazy So needs to take some pills to keep himself in control He was over the top controlling and for no reason what so ever at least I felt that way because I could barely see a story lineWe know absolutely nothing about Jesse Not even his age All we know is he is good in bed needs power is controlling and is over the top cray crayview spoilerI have such a strong feeling that he is the one stealing her pills to get her preggers hide spoiler No No and just No This book was sort of like watching a car crash about to happen You can see it happening right in front of you and it’s not something pleasant you want to experience but for the hell of it you can’t bring yourself to look away There are just so many problems with this book I even wrote a damn list so I am apologising in advance if this review gets a bit ranty 5 reasons why I hated this book 1 Jesse’s possessiveness I have experienced my fair share of super alpha males Despite some negative reviews I enjoyed Christian Grey Gideon Cross James Cavendish and even Travis Maddox oh the horror I know However I could not deal with Jesse Ward Whilst Christian may be possessive of Ana in Fifty Shades he still lets her go to work and most of his possessiveness stems from the fact that she is actually in real danger If Jesse had his way Ava would never leave his sight he doesn’t like her to work even going as far as coming into her work and trying to buy all her time and mark time in for every day in her daily planner He gets bouncers to watch her when she goes out with friends and makes her promise not to drink He leaves 8 missed calls while she is in the damn shower and when they are fighting she wakes up to find 42 missed calls from him Hello Ava that’s called a stalker not a lover Secondly he seems to have a huge hypocritical problem with Ava’s swearing while swearing like a trooper himself This just pissed me the FUCK off 2 Ava’s stupidity What’s worse about this book is that Ava acknowledges that Jesse is crazy controlling and stubborn; she understands it is not healthy behaviour that he is crazy but she accepts it anyways “What I’ve just sustained should repulse me but it doesn’t I’d do anything for him” Why doesn’t she just leave? Probably because he won’t let her Oh and the fact that she thinks he is perfect The way she describes his perfection made me want to gag Lines like these “This man is so perfect I’m almost in pain” “Good god he is way past perfect” GET A GRIP ON YOURSELF WOMAN 3 The plot or lack thereof This book basically goes along the lines of something like thisAva and Jesse fuck then she runs away and ignores her phone while he leaves a bazillion messages and calls a bazillion times Then he chases her down and gives what he dubs yes he does a ‘sense fuck’ and she forgots the reason why she ran away in the first place This happens again and again without them ever communicating about what was the issue in the first place They don’t talk about it they just start having sex again Jesse doesn’t ask what made Ava run Ava doesn’t try and discuss her insecurities with Jesse It’s a bloody train wreck Oh and did I mention that this same scenario happens three or four times throughout the book? Its repetitive annoying and predictable There is this big secret that we all guessed in the first 10% that finally comes to fruition at the end of the book and that’s about it 4 The great unsexiness and just plain stupid There are just parts of this book that made me laugh at their stupidity made no logistical sense and didn’t seem realistic or sexy The first time that Jesse and Ava have sex Ava lets him do something view spoiler anal sex hide spoiler I'm torn on how to rate this book I liked some of it I disliked some of it some of it was thrilling some of it was frustrating so 35 stars This book has been 'going around' a lot and I was very intrigued by the controlling possessive billionaire premise “Just tell me one thing before you leave Ava” His voice prickles at my senses His face is serious but still stunning “How loud do you think you’ll scream when I fuck you?” I’m not a fan of comparing books I prefer to let each one stand on its own But in the case of this book after the huge impact of the last 2 mega successful controlling billionaire series its inevitable that some comparisons will be made But personally if I were to do so I honestly feel like Jesse was maybe a bit like a non kinky Knight than Christian or GideonLet’s start out from the beginning Because I felt differently about this book in the beginning than I did at the endTo say that the beginning melted my panties and set my heart a flutter is a mega understatement I swear after their first meeting I was ready to just throw a 6 star rating at the book I was hooked and utterly captivated by their chemistryWhen Ava an up and coming interior designer lands a job at The Manor in the country side the last thing she expects is for the proprietor or Lord of the Manor to be drop dead gorgeous He is beyond intense and she is so strongly affected by him that he just takes over her mind every time she sees him She jumps to several conclusions about him and decided though that its all too much for her and walks away But Jesse is not one to be deterred from getting what he wants He relentlessly peruses her until finally the combination of his determination and her intense desire for him make her give in “I’m sorry” he whispers softly “I lied I’m sorry I told you I can’t stay away I need to have all of you Ava Say I can have all of you” Jesse gave me shivers He was a gorgeous controlling domineering self assured British billionaire with a husky accent I mean holy hell can you just picture that?? fans self But he was also an unreasonable control freak and pretty much a stalker I do love me a controlling possessive hero but I felt he went too far Even I was feeling stifled and I wasn’t the object of his attentionHe was just too much sometimes like too stalker ish too rude too demanding too extreme too unreasonable too neurotic borderline immature especially at the end And Ava just gave in every time I wish she stood up a bit And honestly if he told her to “Watch your mouth” one time mimes throttling I mean its not like he was a saint or anything He swore all the time but every time she’d swear at all he’d yell at her Every Time It got old real fastLet’s just say that in real life I’d personally actually put up with a Christian or a Gideon but a Jesse would have been kicked to the fucking curb if he saiddid the things he did in this book to me That being said this is fiction And in the spirit of appreciating him for the fictional character that he is I tried to be lenient in my judgementBut I guess I just found Jesse too extreme overall At the same time I really did like him and felt like I wanted to know where his story went but I couldn’t really look past a few of his demandsAva hmmm I don’t know what to say about her I didn’t like a lot of what she did but at the same time I didn’t dislike her She didn’t make me mad or anything but her actionsreactions just didn’t make me admire her First of all I’m really surprised she didn’t see the “twist” at the end I had my suspicions from the beginning and after that there was a lot that hinted at it and she never had a clue Second I didn’t like how on her own she was an intelligent relatively strong independent woman but the second she shared the same air as Jesse she pretty much turned into a doormat So many moments when he’d say things to her like “Who has the power?” I really just wanted her at some point to stand up to him but she completely gave in every time Even when she did “rebel” it was always relatively short lived I felt that Jesse took things to an extreme and what would have been needed to balance him out was someone that wouldn’t like outright defy him per say but that would have stood on her own enough to not give him complete and utter powerAlso with many other such controlling possessive heroes I guess what makes me accept them so readily is that no matter what extremes they’ll go to to control their women they are still always thinking of the woman first But there were several times here where I felt that Jesse put his need to control her above her comfortThere are a few examples but the one I’ll reference is the scene at 25% I found it very unrealistic and unbelievable I don’t have any problem with butt sex – if its done well But the fact that it was her first time doing it that it was only their second time having sex at all that she wasn’t even like ‘looking forward’ to it and then he just rammed her so suddenly like that and that was after it was made very clear how well endowed he was I didn’t like how he handled it I mean sure the scene was hot and she did enjoy it in the end but I guess it was about as un realistic as their always perfectly timed mutual orgasms lol I felt sometime like they were taking a photo or something “threetwooneCOME” oOThis book takes place in England and has a LOT of “Bristishisms” – Sodding Knickers Jumper uiff Plum Posh Tart Tube Lush Dribble Bloody Tosser Bin bags Knackered Bird Shag Cheeky fag there’s a lot It didn’t bother me or anything this isn’t a complaint but it definitely jumps out at youThe plot wasn’t overly gripping The whole story was about them figuring each other out Again it wasn’t bad I just didn’t feel like there was too much change in the characters by the end of the book and wasn’t really sure if the story had gone anywhere except at the very endThere was only one thing in the books that really made me mad Now I understand that this book came out after Fifty Shades and that it’s got to fight to be appreciated on its own terms and not be labeled a copy or a wanna be But regardless there IS the blatant fact that it is in a similar genre and although it did stand on its own it is without a doubt along the same lines and as such given the context I did NOT appreciate the blatant dig at putting down Dominants I thought it was petty and disrespectful because there is NO doubt what was being referred to there I hope that if this book ever gets published officially currently it is self published that that line gets taken outThat being said you should know that this is not a BDSM book In fact Jesse is relatively anti kink Its all straight up albeit intense vanilla sexParts of this book thrilled me and excited me Parts of this book annoyed me and frustrated me I’m torn here because I know a lot of people rated it with 5 stars But I’m just trying to really be honest and something about the book didn’t fully sit right with me At the same time I did like it I really did I didn’t hate it Please don’t think I hated it Its not a bad book I just had some issues with itIt really helped that Jesse was totally hot And when he wasn’t being overly control y and stalker y I could really see myself falling for him He had him moments of tender and sweet to be sure and I really did get the feeling like he was just out of his league with this relationship “I want to look after you forever” he whispers pressing his lips against my temple” I am intrigued by him I do want to know about his past Where did he get that scar?? How old is he???? What happened in his past to make him so utterly terrified of loosing her? There are a lot of uestions still to be answered and I’ll definitely be going on to the next book I hope he gets over some things though in it I didn’t feel like he ‘grew’ at all as a person in this story In fact you could almost say it ended on a major low point for him So I’m really really hoping that in the second book that is supposed to be out in December so thankfully not too long a wait he makes some progress at learning to be reasonable and finding a balanced way of being controlling and possessiveCASTING This man is so perfect I'm almost in pain His dirty blond hair looks like he's half attempted to get it into a semblance of a style but given up His eyes are sludgy green but bright and way too intense and the stubble covering his suare jaw does nothing to conceal the handsome features beneath it He's lightly tanned and just Oh God he's devastating For of my reviews visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page This will most likely contain spoilers so if that isn't your thing feel free to ignore this review entirelyI don't even know where to start To be honest I’m baffled by the amount of reviews that rave about how good this book isI mean I just—I can’tBut to each their own as they say The editing—well this book could use a good editor And that's to say nothing about the writing itself which was bland pedestrian and long winded Jesse I typically enjoy reading books with alpha male characters It's sexy for a man to be a little possessive especially in the bedroom However it is not okay when he tries to control every single aspect of your life thus controlling you There is a very thin line and it was crossed Jesse iswell he's beyond crazy He’s a domineering overly possessive control freak And that's putting it nicely There's nothing sexy about the way he behaves The guy seriously has issues He claims he only acts like a psycho around Ava I find this hard to believe He’s also really secretive about his age He’s supposedly 30 ish He sure as hell doesn’t act like a mature adult He’s manipulative and uses sex as a weapon or a reminder as he calls it He has absolutely no regard for Ava’s feelings about anything He does what he wants when he wants1 He scowls at me good and proper ‘Like I said I don’t have to explain myself to you Let’s go’ 2 ‘Hey Let’s get one thing straight lady You don’t dictate when and where I kiss you or for how long’ He’s deadly serious 3 ‘Listen to me lady You’re not going anywhere I’ve told you repeatedly so get fucking use to it’ Don't even get me started on his stalker tendencies He calls Ava multiple times a day Heaven forbid she not answer his call on the first ring He calls and sends text messages and when that doesn't work he shows up unannounced demanding to know where she's been ‘I’m outside Kate’s kicking the door down’ he snaps ‘Is it too much to ask that you answer your phone the first time I call you?’‘I was in the shower’ ‘Well take your phone next time’ he orders Jesse has little to no redeeming ualities whatsoever especially not after what happened at the end of the book Ava finally grows a pair and he loses his shit blaming her for the sorry state in which he finds himself I fail to see how his choices and deplorable actions are anyone's fault but his own It’s like damn get your act together Ava Avayeah I don’t even know where to begin with her She’s a 26 year old woman but you’d never know that based on how she behaves She's incredibly immature She works as an interior designer but she has got to be the most unprofessional person on the planet She's such a doormat too She repeatedly tells Jesse no but she doesn't really put her foot down Jesse is a bully and she lets him get away with it I mean Jesse is one big unknown She's curious has uestions but does she ask them? No of course notAs for the supporting characters the only one I'm going to mention is Kate That woman I swear She's just as bad as Jesse She and Ava are roommates by the way Ava tells her that she no longer wants to see Jesse and what does Kate do? She goes behind Ava's back making deals with Jesse allowing him into their apartment Ava needs to seriously reevaluate their friendship because Kate is a terrible friendThe book itself was really drawn out All the petty conflicts through miscommunication and misunderstandings was overdone and got on my nerves It became redundant after a while He’d make some unreasonable demand she’d fight him on it then he would proceed to “fuck some sense into her Rinse and repeat Unfortunately if you remove all the unnecessary contrived drama you're not left with much of a story With Jesse hiding Ava's birth control pills I can only assume where book two is headed Seriously how dense can she be? Oh I can't find my pills Yeah that's because your psycho boyfriend stole them not once but twice ★★★★★ This Man book 1 of 3 The in control yet so out of control Jesse Ward’s intense imperious seduction pursuit of Ava O’Shea A whirlwind tale filled with secrets lies villains suspense plus a captivating love “He shakes his head ‘You’re different I told you Ava I’ll trample anyone who tries to get in my way Even you” This Man Series is the intense epic saga about Jesse Ward Mr Sexy Bossy Compulsive and Secretive Extraordinaire in his relentless pursuit and seduction of interior designer Ava O’Shea Their story is filled with covert pasts and hidden agendas It’s truly a wild bumpy and emotional ride loaded with intrigue and shockers undiluted lust and mind bending sex plus a compulsive and intense love Be prepared to be swept away by their storyBooks in This Man series should be read in orderBook 1 This ManBook 2 Beneath This ManBook 3 This Man ConfessedBook 4 With This ManThis Man book 1 opens up with Jesse Ward needing 10 rooms decorated at a country estate the Manor He has specifically reuested Ava O’Shea though she has to prior knowledge of him Their first meeting is electric and the story goes from there sucking you in for a roller coaster of seduction sex secrets surprises suspense and set backs throughout ending with a series of shocking cliff hangers but no worries book 2 Beneath This Man has been released and book 3 This Man Confessed is about to be released “You added yourself to my contacts list?’ I gasp When did he do that? I mentally sprint through our meeting settling on my visit to the toilet when I left my portfolio and phone on the table I can’t believe he went through my phone ‘I need to be able to get hold of you” Jesse Ward is just what I needed In fact he is everything I needed The first time he started barking orders “Mouth” I felt like Whoa that does not make him an alpha As it turns out Jesse and I just need a little time to connect and once we did I was on “Cloud Nine” sigh He truly is all pure sexy unadulterated alphaSix words to describe Jesse Intense bossy compulsive enigmatic possessive and elusive “I’m having Ava withdrawal’ I melt a little on a sigh He can be so domineering bossy and unreasonable and in the next breath completely soppy and lovely” Ava O’Shea is everything that Jesse needed and everything we needed to keep the story going She stood up to him she succumbed to him she riled him she created drama and she kept the mystery and story going by NOT demanding answers Six words to describe Ava; Talented strong focused ambitious stubborn and meek “I can be uiet’ I whisper ‘Gag me if you must’ He smirks ‘Trust me you’ll be screaming No gag will stifle it” I’d also like to extend my sincere thanks for introducing us to all that is sex with Jesse or fucks depending on the mood Reminder fucks Sleepy sex Make friends sex Shower fucks Hangover sex Catching up sex Sense fucks Seeing stars fucks Apology fucks Possessive fucks Retribution fucks Sleepy celebration sex view spoilerProposal fucks and Truth fucks hide spoiler The Lord Shalt Forever Be MineHoly Mother of Hotness How loud do you think you'll scream when I fuck you Ava? SwwoooooooooooooonThump Jesse wardI'm forever on #CentralJesseCloudNine #321ZeroBaby He's Top Alpha my Top BBF OF ALL TIMEAva meets Jesse on a job and he makes her fall for him I'll make you need me I'll make it my mission Ooooh sexy He can move like Justin make love like a Love God and woo ava like a Love sick fool he isIt ends on a cliff but there's 5 stars for The Lord Of The Manor #BookBistroBlogApproved Follow me onBookBistroBloggmailcomhttpsTwittercomBookBistrowwwinstagramcomBookBistroBloghttpsbookbistrobloggerblogspotcom MOVE OVER 50 SHADES OF GREY TRILOGY AND CROSSFIRE SERIESTHERE'S A NEW STEAMY TRILOGY IN TOWN I'm adding This Man to my list of favorites I still love FSoG and The Crossfire Series though HAAnyway let's get down to the nitty grittyAva a mid twenties Interior designer was sent by her boss to do her job at The Manor owned by the I don't know his age drop dead gorgeous devastatingly handsome suited God Jesse Ward which isn't what she expected though she expected a pompous country bumpkin It was love or LUST at first sight on their first meeting But coming out of an awful relationship Ava does not want to have anything to do with Jesse but boy is this guy persistent and she found herself falling deepin shitMeet Anna and Christian Eva and Gideon Ava and Jesse Ava Ava baby I don't know what I think about her There are times that I just want to strangle her for constantly running away and getting back togetheragain and again and again with Jesseon the other hand I couldn't blame her coz who can resist God like Jesse Ward duh I kinda feel for her though coz she's fallen deep for him but she isn't sure if she is just a constant fvck or than that And she keeps on asking Jesse about his life but HE WON'T OPEN UP She also keeps on asking him about his age which he won't admit First he said 21 and everytime she asks him it will go up a notch The latest is 30 I guess Though according to him the reason he isn't telling his REAL age is view spoiler Because youmight think I’m too old for you and run a mile hide spoiler Buddy Read with LizI love an alpha but Jesse took it to the extreme This book was long and just full of sex and fighting I am not sure if I will be reading on with the series given that there really isn't much of a story WTF? Even if I hadn't been convinced yet that I would never read her books the following mind boggling statements sealed the deal for me My husband was no match for the fantasy hunk in my erotic novelsso I've ditched him Ms Malpas from Northampton says ‘All my fictional men are strong successful sophisticated and enigmatic I guess it’s hard for any living breathing man to live up to such a fantasy ‘After all I created him and I made him the way he is for a reason Every woman needs some fantasy lover to spice up the dull reality of her real life I wanted to create my perfect love story‘But the success of my books and the popularity of my male character led to the breakdown of my marriage Sadly it was not solid enough to withstand the changes success has brought to my life’ I think I'll continue to stick to reality Thank you very muchHere's the link should also check out the comment section It's veryertelling to say the least

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