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There's a reason Bishop is a modern classic Her writing is so obscure and precise and full of wonderful images that resonate and linger To me this is what I want from poetryGranted yes some of her rhyme schemes feel a bit dated if not outright forced so those can make for some awkward reads Overall though I love Bishop's language and will most definitely be reading of her work down the road I don't know enough about reading poetry to weigh in with an educated opinion I can say that I found a number of the pieces in this collection captivating and others less so I'll be interested to see how North South her debut collection from 1946 compares with her final collection Geography III which won the 1977 National Book Critics Circle Award and which I plan to read in a few weeks I did find reading Bishop before sitting down to my own projects to be a useful practice Forces the brain to sloooow down and return to the word by word level Her style very deliberately non confessional unlike that of her friend and celebrated contemporary Robert Lowell works from a position of measured observational remove Very few humans make their way into the pages of this collection Bishop is content to simply watch and occasionally touch the physical and natural world Only then will she tilt her subject into an unexpected and illuminating new perspective Precise observations Concrete settings eg chilly northern coasts tropical southern mangroves Top tips Paris Fish The Map The Imaginary Iceberg Large Bad Picture From the Country to the City The Man Moth The Weed The Monument The Fish LullabyAdult and childsink to their restAt sea the big ship sinks and dieslead in its breastLullabyLet nations ragelet nations fallThe shadow of the crib makes an enormous cageupon the wallLullabySleep on and onwar’s over soonDrop the silly harmless toypick up the moonLullabyIf they should sayyou have no sensedon’t you mind them; it won’t makemuch differenceLullabyAdult and childsink to their restAt sea the big ship sinks and dieslead in its breast This is a nice set of poems A number of them deal with geographic features maps weeds an iceberg a seascape Some discuss places such as Paris and Florida I do not have a wide knowledge of poetry but while Ginsberg is often in your face with graphic sex and Merrill goes deep into for example emotional pain Elizabeth Bishop in this collection feels simply light and rather pleasant This is comfort poetry for bedtime reading I liked this collection hence my three star rating and will read of this author's poetry Personal favorites The Weed Sleeping on the Ceiling we must go under the wallpaper to meet the insect gladiator Roosters the many wives who lead hens' lives of being courted and despised Little Exercise storm as badly lit battle scenes The Fish all of it My favorite poem in this collection is The Man Moth which combines Bishop's characteristic exactness of perception with a floridly imaginative surrealism that is rather unusual for her I love her work I love form and well done rhyme She's insightful playful and witty Wordsmith page and ink as metal and fire i love Elizabeth bishop and I thought it'd be fun to read her collections at my own pace I have the collected poems and I just finished reading and reviewing all of North and South her first published volume it's so excellent; I love her work fuck yeah