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Zumdahl – Authors Steven and Susan Zumdahl offer all the elements instructors need for their general chemistry course They bring a conceptual approach to chemistry and integrate problem solving skills throughou Authors Steven and Susan Zumdahl offer all the elements instructors need for their general Chemistry course They bring a conceptual approach to Chemistry and integrate problem solving skills throughout helping students transition from theory to practice A strong emphasis on models real world applications and visual learning prevails throughout the text The Seventh Edition seamlessly integrates the strengths of the Zumdahl approach through a comprehensive and interwoven print and technology program Enhanced Sample Exercises online homework problems and Classroom Response System content help instructors assess conceptual understanding and problem solving skills while new animations and images support visual learning In addition Houghton Mifflin offers implementation services through our TeamUP program to help instructors and students get the most out of the text and its supplements. This book assumes too much previous knowledge It seems like it was written for teachers than for the students I'd much rather have every detail explained One of the worst textbooks I've ever had Often times it did a poor job of explaining thing and was loaded with grammatical errors but hey it's a chemistry textbook and no one wants to edit a chemistry text book not even me Especially not me Also it tries too hard to be funny especially with all of the uestions that start with Your friend tells you and ends with What do you say to them? Because what it wants is for you to figure out and correct what your friend has said but phrases the uestion such that you could answer two stars dickbutt and still be right without actually doing any work This is not to mention the one uestion that asked you to explain how the magic of pH indicators worked eO or the remarks in the margins such as Don't taste chemicals in Chapter 14So many pet peeves in this book including the fact that NONE of the tables have lines separating each row so attempting to look up any sort of value in the appendixes which was often especially in Chapters 16 and 17 was a pain in the ass It's all about the passion and intrigue that occur when molocules collide Oh baby hot uantum sexIt's a crappy text book I hate it Great text Used it to study for the MCAT to good effect as well I dislike this textbook because of the memories they inspire but at the same time it’s the thing that helped me get through chemistry of solutions TERRIBLE Don’t read too much into a 3 star rating this is a darn good text As a teacher of students taking chemistry I liked it but I doubt my students would have found it easy reading It is dense However it has all of the necessary mathematics for an introductory text It hits all of the right topics and it has fairly good support materials – not great but fairly good The authors have worked to update real world applications to the chemistry being discussed Any drawbacks are not ascribed to the work of the phenomenally talented authors Rather it is with the publishing houses that have forced most but not all first year text books to take the same old tired approaches Cengage is a trying thoughbut could push those issue Secondly despite what the press on the issue may say serious conversations as to what must be included what should be included and what should not be included in a first year chemistry text curriculum are not really happening A truly conceptual approach is missing as we are tied to the same paradigms of tests and “if I learned it and in such a fashion” then everyone else can The critical thinking approach in the text is not bad but hardly new The text would do better to give worked out problems using it Support materials suffer from the fact that the authors don’t actually write them and you see discreet differences between the text and the support materials Publishing houses for first year textbooks believe these days I suspect that if they just throw a computerized piece into the text it’ll work very well for the student To be interactive much greater thought must be given to what today’s student is bringing to the table and to what they are notThis is a good solid intro text I just don’t know if it moves us very much forward This textbook was thoroughly explains many many different aspects of chemistry From the simplest topics such as atoms and molecules to complex ones such as thermodynamics and organic chemistry each topic is given a chapter including lots of text that is accompanied by pictures diagrams and charts This is one thing I really enjoyed about this book; the pictures and diagrams When trying to understand chemistry it is often necessary to have pictures and diagrams to be able to visualize the concepts being explained Another aspect of this book that I enjoyed was the uestion bank at the end of each chapter; it provided a good opportunity to solidify any knowledge that wasn't fully understood from the reading One thing I did not enjoy was that the writing style became very drab and boring at points While this is okay and somewhat expected due to it being a textbook it still provides a major problem; any portions of the book that the reader glazed over because of the writing style is a portion of knowledge missing Another potential problem for many is that this book does assume a good amount of previous knowledge Personally I did not encounter this problem and therefore I really really enjoyed reading and learning chemistry from this textbook I feel like this book had its flaws but had strong points also Pros Plenty of practice problems ranging from simple to challenging Nice worked out examples to guide you Some chapters are just really goodCons Tries too hard to be funnyrelatable Seems to have lots of extra unnecessary informationformulas Some parts of the appendixes were lacking IMODecent book I'm sure there are better ones NOTE I used this book in AP chemistry so I'm speaking from experience with that It might be different for non AP levels like a college chemistry course A classic text even if the subject is presented in a wacky order For example chapter 7’s periodicity trends should probably be in chapter 1 or 2 Also stoichiometry and gas and solution calculations are discussed before introducing types of bonds? I think this is why other reviewers complain that “too much advance knowledge is reuired” The info is there just rearrange the chapters as u see fit and it’s a great choice for general chemistry

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