You Were Always There

You Were Always There[PDF] ❤ You Were Always There ⚣ Lisa J. Crane – A broken engagement a string of bad blind dates and “fix ups” and Alex Barton is beginning to believe she’ll be alone the rest of her life All she wants is a man who’ll take care of her heart A broken engagement a string of bad blind dates and “fix ups” and Alex Barton is beginning to believe she’ll be alone the rest of her life You Were PDF or All she wants is a man who’ll take care of her heart Then one day she walks out of her office and stumbles straight into the path of a mounted police officer and his runaway horse When Alex awakens she finds herself in the arms of a handsome cowboy in Is she dreaming Is she dead Chance McAllister grudgingly agrees to take Alex to his home where his aunt will make the perfect chaperone He has to admit he finds this strange woman fascinating and beautiful In a matter of days Alex begins to feel as if she belongs with Chance McAllister the handsome cowboy But she can’t help wondering what will happen when she wakes up from this crazy dream What will happen to the cowboy with the November blue eyes Don't miss the accompanying song by Chris Perry also titled You Were Always There It's available at wwwreverbnationcomchrisperry. Lisa Crane has outdone herself this time in revealing a talent that has been hidden to us thus far She writes amazing stories which taken place in the past She made it interesting and not dry at all It was so romantic and sweet There was an appropriate level of humour as well The characters were loveable even though it was so short One of her best works and she should be proud of it What a wonderful short read  Lisa Crane has done a wonderful job of turning a person who dislikes short stories and hates time travel books into a true fan  The story is complete I don't feel left hanging like I do with other books  The time travel is interesting and well done with an interesting twist at the end  This is a must read Some things at the beginning made me unsure of this book at first but I'm glad I kept reading because I ended up enjoying it much than I expected to I picked this book expecting to read a time travel story of a woman somehow sent into the past As I went along her journey in 1875 I thought the characters believed things too easilyThen bam Along came the twistAnd it made all the difference The characters gained depth and their emotions made sense Everything made senseThat twist so well placed turned this book into a very sweet love story Alex wonders if any guys out there that would love and protect her against the world Ex boyfriend blind dates or was she to be alone Next thing she knew it was 1875 and one handsome cowboy taking her to his aunt so she could chaperone Knock on her head must of done something when she stumbled in front of Chance and his horse So she is his responsibilityA dream or what cute story I can't help but LOVE this story It's clever in it's telling and how it all comes together It's sweet beautiful and oh so yummy Definitely swoon worthy This was a fun short little novella After she came back to her reality I had no idea how things were gong to play out but it did Fun sweetMoral note Clean Wonderful storyThis is a great story by Lisa Crane It is a story about Alexandra Alex who had her own business decorating She was looking through a catalog and told CoCo that she should have lived back in time Alex left the building and stumbled and right after a house came running down the road and ran her down When she woke up she was in the 1800's and Chance picked her up and took her to doc's He felt responsible since it was his horse that ran her down This is a great story with a great ending what a great book to read short and also got it free on I'm a newbie to Lisa Crane write but I absolutely love this book of hers it take you back in time to when men actually took care of the women and couples stayed together it just kept you inteag throughout the whole book Cute story I loved the emotion behind it The plot made me think twice about whether being transported back to 1875 would be a pleasant experience or not especially if there was no guarantee of coming home This story makes me want to read Lisa Crane books