Only Human (Only Human #1)

Only Human (Only Human #1)➾ [Download] ➾ Only Human (Only Human #1) By Maria Bradley ➳ – Have you ever felt so different and alienated from those around you that you would do anything to appear the same even if you hated the way that they lived Would you go so far as to drink human blood Have you ever felt so different and alienated from those around you that you would do anything to appear the same even if you hated the way that they lived Would you go so far as to drink human blood wear grotesue fangs and goldblack contacts just to conceal the life and brightness shining within your own blue eyes Teenager Aecia is so isolated and desperate that she talks to her diary as though it was a real human friend She wears neutraliser to conceal her human smell; whitener to deaden her pink and healthy human skin and drinks the warm thick life's blood of another of her own species just to go unnoticed and escape death at the hands of members of her own clan family Aecia has not experienced the joy and freedom of a breezy summer day; has never had a picnic on the park and watched the sun filter through the leaves of the trees onto her face No; Aecia must live her life through the deep darkness of night; she must pretend to fear the glorious rays of the sun and cower at the sound of the birds celebrating the dawn Her traumatic and time consuming theatrical performance every night of her life is simply because she is human and must live in a sadistic vampire world She is a throwback; a deformity and a curious case of two members of the same species producing a different one She is a cuckoo amongst her peopleWalk with Aecia as she meets her first love Feel her confusion as she dares to wonder if he is human too Experience her terror when she finally uncovers the truth about her own origin and finds that it is enough to shake the foundations of the cruel vampire regime forever. I received a copy of this book for free through Goodreads’ First Reads giveawaysAfter reading the back cover I was really excited about reading this book Definitely a new twist on the vampire and human interaction thing Maria did a great job with this piece and I think the diary imaginary friend thing workedI have to admit there was a lot going on in the book and it was easy to get lost at times I found myself having to read a page over again to understand and this can be frustrating for readers Still the story was great and I found myself loosing sleep to finish the next page and that page seemed to never endI definitely recommend this read not only to YA but to those who love paranormal and looking for new twist to the vampire world I don't usually read YA but this book grabbed my attention and refused to let it go I found myself sneaking off to read just a few pages when I should have been working on my own third crime fiction novel I liked Aecia and also the fact that we don't know who the voice is until the very end I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next with this interesting diverse group of people Once I started this book I could not put it down While this genre is right up my alley it was a refreshing twist Maria Bradley perfectly executed her descriptions to make you feel you are right in the midst of this world I enjoyed her format of this young girl writing in a diary as well as the possibility that the young girl's imaginary friend she writes to could be real Highly recommend this book to any who enjoy either YA or a good vampire plot I received this book for free as a Good Reads first Brilliant book A bit slow at times but overall a very interesting book Ms Bradley has uite an imagination and her book was entertaining I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK BY THE AUTHOR IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW This book and I didn't get alongThe 'disembodied voice' was really strange for me Not only was it vague and came out of nowhere We had no notification of who or what this voice was until this point because what the first chapter doesn't tell us is that the rest of the book until perhaps the last second or third chapter is a flashback You get the first chapter then chapter two goes back a month and then we don't find out who the 'disembodied voice' is until near the very endI also think that even a fourteen year old would come up with a better nickname for the voice in her head than 'disembodied voice'There's a lot of fancy description that feels unnecessary especially in the beginning A lot of the book hints at things we don't understand and don't find out about much later It feels like the author is trying to inject some mystery but it comes off a little prosaicIt feels wrong to have this be in the first person It reads as if it would work better in third personI really didn't get on with the MC either Aecia was the biggest problem for me The story idea is fine it's got potential but using a 14 year old Aecia was the wrong move She's shallow insipid selfish and inconsiderate especially when it comes to how other people have suffered or sacrificed She has a superiority complex and one minute is in love with Garok after one kiss and the next she's blaming him for all the wrongs of the world She's very childish even for a fourteen year old I think this story would have worked better with an older character possibly 16 or 17 I understand that the writer probably felt they couldn't do this because a human living in a vampire world would be caught eventually I believe Aecia was made 14 so that she could be young enough to start her period which would be the starting point of her being in the most danger of discovery but surely she could have just taken a few days off school every month to make it work for an older character?Aecia is also single minded insufferable and does a lot of teen ranting She's a big stupid mistaking death for 'getting better' even with prior experience of making the same mistake She's also annoying rude entitled She's not likable or relatable as a female MC And in 3013 how does she know human slang like 'How's your father' and such? From what she tells us herself she shouldn't know these thingsThere are a few issues like with continuity as her mother calls her Amica which is the name of Aecia's imaginary friend which is her diary There's also the wrong use of 'died' which should be 'dyed' and 'incestuous' which I'm not even sure what should be in its place but it's definitely the wrong word I'm thinking it should be 'nosy'For me the story really didn't go anywhere until around 70% of the book There was a lot of wonder about what 'might' happen and what 'could' happen but even when the story moved on it wasn't as good as it could have been mostly because of Aecia The big mysteries of the story who the disembodied voice is whether Anne is good or bad etc are all really obvious I guessed right within a few pages of the 'mystery' being offered up There was nothing that really came as a surpriseThe blood human farm sounds very much like Blake 3 It mentions Aecia's Uncle's brother well before we even know he's got one So when we find out who it is it's not a surprise There's really only one person of the right age that's possible for the role Unfortunately I've seen this story done better in books like Vampire World I also have a real problem with my copy when it comes to the Italics It seems like the italics can't produce an M or a 'we' combinationOverall this book wasn't one that I would probably have finished if I hadn't been given a copy by the author I was also given Book 2 but unfortunately I won't be reading it Sorry Only Human is book 1 in Only Human series by Maria Bradley I have reviewed her debut novel Four's A Crowd and you can read its review here I really liked Four's A Crowd so I couldn't wait to get my eyes on this book I am very excited to share the review with youOnly Human starts off with suspense Aecia is a human living in a place where only vampires reside Aecia is a fake vampire meaning that she wears contact lenses fake fangs and whitener on her body when she's outside because if any vampire found out that she's not a vampire her blood will be drained off But Aecia doesn't know that the danger is just 1 inch away from herOnly Human described the story of Aecia in a very detailed way We also get to know about different humans who have hidden themselves from the vampire society Aecia runs off to a place where some clones humans live Aecia's uncle helped Aecia and the clones so much although he was a vampire I was a fan of Garok and Aecia's relationship until Garok does a great mistake The beginning of the book showed how Aecia and Garok were an amazing couple which was swoon worthy But this duo breaks up when Garok tells a vampire that Aecia's a human Their break up was just so you know tears and stuff Garok is himself a human like Aecia and it was amazing to see two humans falling in love Can you imagine that you're a human living with a vampire family and studying in a vampire school where you have to drink blood UghAecia becomes courageous as days pass and then that disembodied voice The disembodied voice was a total mystery until the end Again I enjoyed another Vampire book and this one was totalllaayyy uniue I have read many vampire books and they are mostly romance but I've never read anything like this before My only complain with the book was that the pacing was very slow Overall Only Human was just incredible Maria Bradley has written an interesting plot We are left with a cliffhanger at the end so I'm totally excited to read book 2 I think vampire lovers will love it Don't forget to share your opinions