Epic Calling

Epic Calling[Reading] ➮ Epic Calling ➶ Andrew Dobell – Oaklandjobs.co.uk An Epic Urban Fantasy Adventure Nothing ruins your day uite like a werewolf attack Then you discover Magic is real lethal and you can use it What would you do Amanda Jane Page is an ordinary girl stru An Epic Urban Fantasy Adventure Nothing ruins your day uite like a werewolf attack Then you discover Magic is real lethal and you can use it What would you do Amanda Jane Page is an ordinary girl struggling to make a living on the streets of Manhattan But when she’s thrown down an alleyway by a werewolf her magic manifests in a blast of raw power Drawn deeper into her new life of magic she meets other Magi and joins a hunt for a powerful artifact Working with her new friends she fights the murderous dark Magi led from the shadows by the mysterious witch Yasmin Amanda must learn the ways of magic to stand a chance against the forces arrayed against her Failure means losing the war and victory for the forces of darkness Grab the first book in this epic urban fantasy adventure today This book is a re release of Magi Dawn and has been extensively edited and changed with additional new content REVIEWS Some of the reviews below refer to the old version of the book This new version has been extensively re edited and cleaned up There should be hardly any typos Maybe none and the intimate scenes fade to black earlier. 🎁 Books 1 2 in the Series are FREE on today 492020 🎁 🎁 Books 1 2 in the Series are FREE on today 492020 🎁Book 3 is part of the KU program A hidden world revealed The beginning is a little confusing which reflects Amanda’s state of mind about the weird events happening in her life This gives insight into how Amanda began her journey and is a good start to this universe I enjoyed the story and am looking forward to continuing the series What a story Amanda is uite the girl Ordinary person but things will definitely change Loved it Interesting twist on the paranormalI decided to read this book after the Bob’s Bar short story collection It is interesting fast paced at times and does a good job of bringing emotions and realism into playWhile I do not agree with the Magi’s non belief in God I completely agree that those of the Inuisition did not act as Christ’s followers should with love So I am totally fine that they take out the bad guys of varying factions when they act with evil intent The priest in the story acted as a man of God should and helped protect kids against unwarranted violence What an AWESOME story if you exclude the grammar and spelling errors I liked that Amanda Page got her dream of going to New York but I didn't like what a seventeen year old orphan had to do in the Big Apple to survive I loved her loyalty to her friend and I was proud that once she knew WHAT she was that she embraced it with both feet never thinking that she was losing her mind Book one is filled with twists murder and new beginnings as evil forces will fight tooth and nail to get a centuries old artifact Another feisty femaleExcellent new author to meAndrews name was familiar to me through his fantastic book covers Thought I'd give his book a try I'm glad I did Amanda is a real joy she is a very 'normal' type of girl making flawed choices for her life however it doesn't stay normal The book is really enjoyable and keeps your attention and eager to continue Looking forward to the next one Magi Dawn is an EXCELLENT story with an interesting and different take on magic and the people gifted in its use in an urban fantasy setting The pace of the book is very good with enough detail to make understanding what is happening easy to follow without slowing down the narrative The characters are intriguing with the usual assortment of protagonists you take to and villains you love to hate This is definitely one of the better Urban Fantasy series to come out in recent yearsMagi Dawn is the first book in the Magi series by Andrew Dobell and is actually a complete re write of Epic Calling Epic Calling is a lot longer with a very large amount of infinite detail extensive character development and intricate back story detail The author felt the need to revisit his first book and the result is a very streamlined compelling and hard to put down story with a cracking pace and loads of interest I loved Epic Calling and thought it was an excellent book but Andrew Dobell has certainly improved it with the release of Magi Dawn Some where between a 3 and a 4 for me here I really like Amanda she is an interesting character with strengths and flaws and a generally fun attitude that I first read about in the Bob's Bar anthologies The story started a bit slow for me but after about a uarter of the way through it picked up nicely and kept me engaged A number of protagonists and antagonists in the support cast but don't see enough of them their motives for my liking but I suspect future books would explore these The content explicit than I generally like which coupled with the slow start pulled down the score down for me Exciting Blend of Magic and Kick AssAs with any first book its hard to draw the reader in but Andrew does this very well this is his first big work now that i have read as normally it's from an anthology and i know of his great covers for other big authors After reading this i can say he has many talents and his Amanda character is one i will definitely follow of with an interesting universe