Oh Theodore

Oh Theodore[Reading] ➽ Oh Theodore By Susan Katz – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Come meet Theodore a plump fuzzy guinea pig with a big appetite a lot to say and a personality all his own As you and his new owner get to know him you'll find out what he eats and how he speaks You'l Come meet Theodore a plump fuzzy guinea pig with a big appetite a lot to say and a personality all his own As you and his new owner get to know him you'll find out what he eats and how he speaks You'll also discover the work involved in caring for a pet feeding cleaning and taking him out for exercise But it hardly seems like work once your pet becomes your best friend With the popularity of guinea pigs as family and classroom pets Theodore's antics are sure to ring true to many readers And for those who haven't had a guinea pig of their own these short funny and accessible poems will create a vivid first impression. Reading Level Preschool 3rd gradeThis is a collection of poems about life with a guinea pig Having had guinea pigs as pets I really felt the author captured all the experiences of caring for and enjoying this type of pet from the noises it makes to the love it brings The pictures are very cute and capture the essence of each poem This is a Monarch book choice for 2011This would be a great mentor text for students to write their own poems about a pet they have or wish they had This story depicts a growing friendship between a boy and the only pet he's allowed to have a guinea pig When Mom vetoes the loud dog scary snake and big horse the boy brings home a creature soft plump fuzzy brown—like a teddy bear and names him Theodore At first Theodore is wary but the boy's uiet gentleness soon wins his trust and he begins making all those sounds—wheet chrrrr peep sueep chut and woootz—uniue to guinea pigs Theodore's temporary disappearance adds suspense to the story until he's found hiding in the spaghetti potThe illustrations of the story are very warm and inviting The verses are written in kid friendly language with the mood running from goofy to happy to sad A variety of topics are covered within the story; from feeding and playing to washing and cleaning bowls and water bottles This would be a good story to emphasize the responsibility of owning a pet This story would be appropriate for students in kindergarten through second grades If you have ever cared for your own pet or just love animals this is a book for you Oh Theodore is a book of poems all about a little boys pet guinea pig and can be enjoyed by all readers The book begins with the young narrator a boy telling his mom he wants a pet When his mother turns down all his pet selections he ends up with a guinea pig A soft plump fuzzy brown teddy bear like pet that he names Theodore Theodore has a big appetite a uniue personality and a lot to say Readers will get to know this animal well and the work that comes along with taking care of a pet The narrator and pet uickly become best friends in this humorous yet loving story The illustrations are vivid paintings done using a palette of browns blues and greens and plenty of white space to add appeal to the short text that it accompanies The book highlights patients responsibility humor and love that is sure to grab readers 35 A very sweet book of poems chonicling the relationship between a young boy and his pet guinea pig Whether or not you've ever had a guinea pig you'll come to keenly appreciate the anxieties and allure of these small nibbling creatures Katz does a lovely job of evoking Theodore as a presence and personality in his caretaker's life This was a great find for us because we have our own lovable guinea pig The poems are cute and generally lead us through a bit of a story arc for Theodore Beautiful The first young reader in verse form I've ever encountered an I totally loved it This is a sweet collection of short poems that follow the story of a growing friendship between a boy and a guinea pig Each poem has its own title but they are meant to be read in order as a narrative Katz does a very good job of working info about guinea pigs into the story what they eat the noises they make common behaviours what's involved for caring as one as a pet but my favourite poem was SIZE which combined with Schuett's illustration does a great job of showing Theodore's perspective and demonstrating the empathy the boy has for Theodore helping the reader build the sameMy only problem with this book is that it shows Theodore as an only pet and guinea pigs are social animals who are generally happier living in pairs I was really hoping the end was going to include Theodore getting a guinea pig friend as well but that doesn't happenThis book has a lot of potential uses for parents and educators alike for example along with the animal behaviour and care lessons and the empathy building one illustration features a dotted line showing Theodore's route which could be tied into map making activities while another has the boy finding evidence of Theodore's presence through chew marks which could be tied to an outdoor activity of looking for signs of animals in a nature I found out about this book through the Red Rover Readers program in the US which I highly recommend googling if you're an educator Poems about a guinea pig with a story arc of getting a new pet the joys and sorrows and the fear of a lost and found pet He’s soft plump fuzzy brown–like a teddy bearSo I name himTheodoreMeet Theodore and his new owner a boy who really wanted a dog but got a guinea pig instead Theodore is cute and fuzzy loes to make lettuce disappear and scurries around his new house At first it’s hard to be Theodore’s master because he seems so scared and won’t let anyone pet him But slowly after time Theodore learns to trust him and the two become best friendsEach page of this book is written as a poem and together all the poems tell the story of Theodore and his new home The illustrations perfectly show you Theodore’s expressions and sometimes silly personality I fell in love with this little guinea pig Through a series of short poems a boy describes his budding friendship with his new pet a fluffy guinea pig he names Theodore For his part Theodore sueaks scurries purrs and whistles his way from nervous newcomer to fuzzy friend The poetry carries the tale superbly creating vivid images in very few words Large acrylics echo the poetry's simplicity; the up close perspectives pull the reader right into the relationship between boy and guinea pig Share this book to inspire students' own pet poetry

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