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David Beckham: My Side[PDF / Epub] ☃ David Beckham: My Side By David Beckham – Oaklandjobs.co.uk In England where he spent ten seasons leading his storied club Manchester United and his nation to soccer glory he is so wildly popular that his countrymen voted him the face they'd most want to see i In England where he spent ten seasons leading his storied club Manchester United and his nation to soccer glory he is so wildly popular that his countrymen voted him the face they'd most want to see imprinted on their money Winston Churchill finished second In Japan where he is worshiped as much for his headline making fashion trends as for his ability to bend a ball around a wall of defenders women styled their bikini waxes after the blond mohawk he sported during the World Cup David Beckham: PDF/EPUB or And in Spain within days of his million trade to Real Madrid his new team received two million reuests to buy his number jersey The legend of David Beckham soccer god global sex symbol style icon has been celebrated around the world arguably than Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan combined Now with the publication of his long awaited autobiography the man who inspired the surprise hit movie Bend It Like Beckham is set to conuer the last remaining outpost where soccer is not a national religion the United StatesBeckham is a classic rags to riches saga a boy David is born to a poor East End London family He develops prodigious soccer skills and his parents nurture him until he becomes one of the most gifted athletes of his generation He grows up to marry Victoria a Spice Girl Posh and enters a celebrity whirlwind of Princess Diana esue proportions Together the Beckhams are Britain's new royal couple their acre estate outside of London is known as Beckingham Palace and their presence at parties or charity events guarantees endless tabloid stories and photos as well as adoring mobs that must be restrained by police barricades Their life is as much a study in managing fame as it is in sports and pop phenomenaIn Beckham he talks candidly about the pressures of celebrity his wife and sons were the targets of a kidnapping plot; how he balances his roles as a devoted husband and besotted father with his globetrotting existence as an international soccer player; the behind the scenes stories of his most memorable career moments such as the penalty kick against archrival Argentina in the World Cup that redeemed him to a nation who blamed him for their failure in the previous World Cup; the controversy surrounding his move to Real Madrid and the falling out with the man who shaped his career Manchester United's famously combative manager Sir Alex Ferguson; and finally his love of America his first son was conceived in and named Brooklyn where like the great Pelé David can imagine playing out his final seasonsSo much has been written about David Beckham that it's easy to think we know everything about the world's most famous athlete but only Beckham himself can set the record straight on his beliefs his dreams his loves his fears and above all his sense of who he is Beckham is an intimate account of an extraordinary life a life in which against all odds he has managed to keep both feet on the ground. It's not just your story buddy It has given us so many memories to keep wherever you played I just follewed you Your passion for football is really marvellous The book is pretty good and illustrates the life of the legendary football player David Beckham We know David on the field but we don't know David outside the field It will help you to understand the life of David Beckham Yeah I might be a bit biased here I'm a fan of Manchester United and like the way David Beckham plays the beautiful game Although I read this a while back I do remember devouring the pages with great interest not finding a dull moment in it From his 1998 World Cup disgrace to the fighting with Fergie this was a very interesting read and to hear it from David Beckham's point of view even so I must admit I was annoyed with Fergie uite a bit the nerve of him telling Becks to put soccer before his family as well as basically causing Becks to leave the team Also I felt sorry for Beckham in regards to what happened in 1998 when he got sent off from the World Cup after he reacted to what that Argentinian player did I suppose others may still blame him and that I may be forgiving as I'm not English but I understood why he reacted and the only annoyance I felt was to the Argentinian soccer player's unsportsmanship It just shows how dirty the game can get which also reminded me of the incident between Zinedine Zidane and the Italian player years later Anyway if you're a fan of David Beckham or Manchester United read this you should like it Great autobiography by David Beckham I'm so happy that I randomly decided to pick this book up It was great David is good writer The book was picked up for me at a car boot sale almost six months ago I put off reading this one all that time Not sure I really wanted to read it at all After finally completing this book I am surprised how good it is 'My Side' I'm sure are all DB's own words probably spoken into a tape machine for collaborator Tom Watt to bring together Published in 2003 this autobiography tells Beckham's 'side' of the story regarding his exit from Old Trafford after 12 years at the club It begins at the beginning with his family life and journey through junior football to the professional game Also including his England career under Hoddle Keegan and Eriksson Disclosure of behind the scenes MUFC incidents that are left out of both Scholes and Keane's books will be interesting to United fansA book that gets rid of much of the press hype that surrounds Posh and Becks and one of the better biogs from the modern game An Amazing work David will always be one of my favourite players of all time His book is good for the readers who want to know the story from 'his side' This book was an incredible read I was taken on the adventure that is David Beckham's life His personality and lifestyle is so much personal and respectable than I had expected I loved reading his perspective on all the games he was in and all the events Things were constantly happening with him His love for soccer has truly inspired me My favorite part I suppose was seeing just how loved soccer is outside of the United States People live for it and I just can't find supporters in America like I could find in England or other countries Although the stories themselves were fascinating I would have liked Beckham to work on his descriptiveness and embellishment to add a special flare That would have made his story all the inspiring Overall it was a fascinating read Unshih Ismail TaoubaMarch 15 15English 7 3Beckham Both Feet on the Ground An AutobiographyBefore starting this book one must keep in mind that this is an autobiography This means the information might be adjusted a bit This is the introduction to a book about a great player Here starts the story of one of histories best freekick takers David Bakham Anyways Beckham a world renown football legend first stated at Manchester United but My Manchester United contract had expired on the last day of June Beckham 4 That was when the legend moved to MadridBeckham describes the driving in Madrid as if everybody in Madrid drives like they’re chasing pole position for the Spanish Grand Prix Beckham 5 Not very far from Morocco then Yet he is in the car REal Madrid sent for him and the press is all around himThen the legend signs for Real Madrid This is a great step in history THis is not only for Real Madrid but for the worldWhile is the Real Madrid president's office Beckham met other legends Raul Figo Ronaldo Zidane Roberto Carlos and their team matesBeckham 7 He felt like an opponent to them as it was unusual to see that many different people Still he got to know them and know his manager He had started this great friendship betwwen them This was the start of a long period of history for Real MadridInspiration Beckham is an inspiration to all footballers out there He was inspired himself by great people Michael Jordan He wasn’t just a hero for meBeckham 13 Jordan had shown him persistence and determination This is why Beckham chose the number 23 for his shirt A legend inspires a legend who inspires a legend legend ception This was an amazing fact to knowIsmail TaoubaMarch 17 2015English 7 3Where it all started Beckham as a boy was taught to play soccerIn fact As soon as I could walk my dad made sure I could kick a ball Backham 17 This was passed down to his children especially Brooklyn By the age of three he could balance himself of a ball He also knew basic techniues of football This is an amazing feture to have at threeHis first expieriences with football was playing in Chase Lane Park Everyday the neighbors would ask ‘Mrs Beckham? Can David come and have a game in the park?’ Most times she agreed Beckham 19He also practiced there with his dad since he kept destroying flower in there backyard They started by control then striking sometimes it drove Beckham nuts This proves that hard work pays offHis dad had decided to stop playing soccer to coach him Even though i was seven then i knew what the sacrifice meant Beckham 21 His dad loved football as did he Sometimes they would go to his dads old club and practice there There was a small field with a lounge near it It was an ideal place It was where Beckham startedHe came upon his best friend His name was John Brown not the guy from the Civil War John though not interested in football encouraged David He would always hang out with him He would support the team he played for Yet as they say all good things have an end David went to become a soccer player and John abaker Ihad to go to a new school I was heartbroken Beckham 22Ismail TaoubaMarch 26 2015English 7 3David's parents knew how much he loved football They would put him in football schools and bought him football jerseys If it was soccer – or anything to do with soccer – I was there Beckham 23 His grandfather was awesome as well He would watch all the games and play a lot Once David had hit him so hard in the face that he broke his glasses He did not care it was soccerHis first team was the Ridgeway Rovers The owner or CEO or leader of this was Stuart Underwood About 76 inches with a bigbooming voice and this fantastic presence about himI was a little scared of him at first Beckham 25 In this team they got the chance to play with professional teams They also had the chance to play in Germany and Holland This gave them a big boost in football They also learned about team spiritThey had three main coaches Stuart Steve and Beckham's dadEach of them focused on a certain skill Steve was the tactics coach Stuart the defender coach and Mr Beckham dribbling They were honest people wanting to make theteam as good as they could Beckham 25 I had apperantly worked They had a great team of players in professional football today In the little leagues the won most matches until one day something happened This changed Beckham foreverAt the end of a game Beckham went to his mom's car There he noticed she was disturbed He wondered and asked why she was troubled ‘Lucky you had a good game today’‘Why?’‘That man over there he’s a Man United scout’ Beckham 35 This was a dream come true for DAvid His name was Malcolm and David owed him a ton This man had started his proffensional soocer player He was recruited for Man United and started his career and his lifeIsmail TaoubaApril 12 2015English 7 3At Ridgeway the players got the right ideas One important rule was that if you didn’t turn up for training in the week then you didn’t play at the weekend Beckham 26 This was a good notion to have so that the players wouldn't ever skip practice Another notion was that showing off was no good If the coaches were watching someone try to show off he would have had to do phisical work ex pushups suicides etc This helped them focus on teamwork and made them betterAfter a long period of time a United scout found him This was one of the best moments of my life Beckham 36 He had played a great game and was amazed to find out that there was a United scout This was one of the best things of his life because he had always been a United fan His father had always been a United fan This meant that this was a dream come true for them I may not have been United born but i was defintely United bred Beckham 37 There was a great ordal to get in though To pass Beckham had to go in a tournament far from home This made him very home sick and he had a toothache The next year things went better his parents were closer and he had won an epic prize He got to play with Barcelona in the Nou CampThey went to Spain and then to the beautiful Nou Camp This was a place where legends had been born Beckham 38 He was very thankful for opportunity Though many problems had eccured then it was all worth it The youth team got to play in the Camp Nou David didn't care that he had lost he was having to much of a good time then he knew one thing he wanted to join the proffessional United teamIsmail TaoubaMay 10 2015English 7 3After a months of joining United David was able to afford his own place That helped him settle and be comfortable There is another thing or person that helped him be comfortabel with his life She was a girl named Deana who I went out with for the best part of three years Beckham 52 Going out with Deana made him understand that thngs were trickier in life This helped him make decision later in his carreerDavid met a lot of new people Some of them thought he was a show off but later they became friends We were all about sixteen on a tour togetherand getting to know each other as players and as people Beckham 54 With this team Beckham won his very first cup The Milk Cup This inspired him and pushed him to do better That's what he did in his careerDavid's father told him that even though he was in United he'd have to work hard David practiced with the seniors and realized that he would have to work hard to stay in Machester Their new coach was Eric Even now a dozenyears on from first meeting him I look to him for guidance and advice Beckham 55 When Eric complimented someone they would remember it the whole day If he criticized someone for making a mistake they would not repeat it This helped his team win many titles and cupsEric was annoying sometimes He would make David suffer by making him do headers Since Beckham was small he wasn't really good at headers The ball was chipped up and you could only score with your head Beckham 58 That was fine until the defenders came crashing in to stop him beckham understood though that Eric was exposing and fighting his weaknesses and that was the only way to become a better player I am surprised at the ratings of this book I devoured this book I put it down and recognized that David Beckham regardless of his success still loves the game as much as he did as a young man It clearly tells the story about how Beckham began to play for Manchester United and was brought into the organization at a young age He tells his story and one every page you recognize how much he loves the game and embraces every experience he has had I really liked Beckham than I did before picking up the book A fun read for any soccer fan I also learned a lot about the European system of soccer This book is about David Beckham's journey from a young kid playing soccer to Manchester United star The book starts of as David as a kid going to camps and trying to get noticed by pro teams' scouts All of the scouts would say David had the skill but he was too small He continues working out and tries out for a Manchester United camp and gets noticed Man U invites David to play for the under 17 team and has to move away from his family to try to become a young man and a soccer star This book is well written and easy to get through because it is told as a good story with true events

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