Rio: My Story

Rio: My Story[Ebook] ➧ Rio: My Story By Rio Ferdinand – At last the most talked about footballer of his generation does his own talking It's heartfelt it's raw it's one hell of storyEngland's outstanding player in the 2006 World Cup tells it as it is from At last the most talked about footballer of his generation does his own talking It's heartfelt it's raw it's one hell of storyEngland's outstanding player in the World Cup tells it as it is from the heart no holds barredThis is his explosive story of the good the bad and the beautiful Game. I got this recently from Poundland as it is a bit out of date now It covers Rio's career up to the end of the 2012 13 season so misses off his last season at United plus his time at PR Otherwise it provides a whistlestop journey through his career with plenty of glossy photos along the wayIt doesn't focus on controversy Another reviewer remarked that they wanted juicy dressing room gossip but there is none of that plus Rio's drug ban is glossed over I was out of football for eight months from January 2004 I just trained my way through it Maybe his autobiography covers these although I haven't read that so can't commentInstead this book focuses on the rest starting with the early years his time before Manchester United at West Ham and Leeds his England debut and even his youth team Bloomfield Athletic is mentioned Then it takes each season in turn from 2002 03 through to 2012 13 before an off the pitch chapter It includes photos not only of Rio and team on the pitch but also off it with community work he has done with kids or of photos where he has met famous people such as Usher or Michael Schumacher And it has been written by Rio himself as there are some little details in there like his first car being a Ford Fiesta and a little bit about his football shirt collectionI enjoyed it and that was even without trying the free app that comes with the book which allows you to scan certain pages to see videos where you can hear what teammates think of Rio or what his brother Anton thinks of him or see Rio meeting the likes of Pele or his video from an open top bus parade So for a pound not bad at all GarbageComplete and utter garbageRio somehow completely fails to mention his ban for missing a drugs test but still somehow manages to fill around 20 pages with promotions for some long forgotten online thing that he was involved inSet fire to every copy of this you can find to save people from the utter horror of this pile of pish Some decent insight into some of the controversies that Rio has ensured during his career up to 2006 at least but on the whole an average book at best He'd go into great detail on one subject but others you'd expect to read about got very little The explanation about why Rio didn't go to his drug test I forgot was really hammered home as if you'd forget His feelings on how he was treat was interesting and in my opinion justified But I really didn't need reminding that it was because he forgot And it felt strange that we got a couple of lines about his girlfriend's pregnancy and then a whole page and a half about the birth You'd think he would have to say on such an important moment in his life Footballer's books are never the most in depth but there are still better ones than this out thereIf you're a fan then give it a read but don't expect anything amazing And don't pay than a couple of uid for it This book was incredible As a Manchester United fan he was always one of my biggest idols and it was devastating when the newspapers reported that he took drugs However this book took me to look at what happened from another point of view It has also shown me the life of a football star and that at times it is not the perfect life that we think it is Just read this got it for 50p from a jumble sale to give to my brother Man U fan but I just browsed one pageand got immersed in it He's very likeable his upbringing is interesting and it was also interesting reading it when he is back in the headlines do much right now I read it in a day time well spent The biography of one of the most successful soccer defenders in the world The story shows his school days when he was a little boy playing for a little team Then Frank Lampards dad spots him and then he moves The fact about Rio's life as footballer and personalNothing special except the red devils hehe ok la Shit book All pictures Nothing to read A good read Down to earth player who is still playing