Sedition❰Reading❯ ➿ Sedition Author Katharine Grant – Motherless Alathea Sawneyford her charms grown disturbing as she rebels against her father has made the city's streets her own while Annie Cantabile is constrained by her own disfigurement and her fat Motherless Alathea Sawneyford her charms grown disturbing as she rebels against her father has made the city's streets her own while Annie Cantabile is constrained by her own disfigurement and her father to his pianoforte workshop under the shadow of Tyburn gibbet One afternoon the dusty workshop receives a visitor A man representing an unscrupulous band of City speculators Alathea's father among them reuire a pianoforte and its charming teacher to find titled husbands for all their daughters sisters Evelina and Marianne; stolid Harriet and pale pining Georgiana It seems an innocent enough plan but these are subversive times and perhaps even a drawing room piano lesson isn't exactly what it seems All of which will suit Alathea perfectly Fierce and bawdy uproarious and exuisite Sedition takes its plot at a racing gallop bold beautiful and captivating. This is a wonderfully sly and mischievous book which takes the bare bones of a nineteenth century novel and gives them an audacious makeover A group of mercantile families in 1794 London are keen to marry off their five daughters and so decide to have them give a musical concert to put them on public display and catch husbands But with various plots afoot the plan goes outrageously wrongGrant writes wonderfully but this is a darker in places read than some of the reviews indicate At the same time she takes the central conceit of nineteenth century fiction the marriage of girls and boldly overturns it The social and literary commentary is subtle but unmistakably there and the book is imbued with a spirit of transgression from the background of the French Revolution to the ultimate fate of the girlsSo this book takes its cue from Les Liaisons Dangeureuses than Jane Austen but with a postmodern consciousness and a deliciously wayward ending it starts off as a romp but soon develops into something far boldly and gloriously seditious Well this is a weird bookI can't really think of anything else I've read that I would compare it to It's internally consistent but the tone is a strange mix of humor tragedy and prurienceFive young women all the daughters of social climbers Their parents concoct a scheme to have the girls present a musical concert playing the newfangled pianoforte in order to lure titled husbands To this end a piano is acuired and a music master hired However due to the piano seller's offense at how the sale went down he concocts a scheme to have the piano teacher seduce and deflower all five girls and thus ruin the families' grand plans As it turns out however not all five of the girls actually need deflowering and this scheme is not the only one that comes into play the tables may be turned And they may turn at unexpected anglesThis summary makes the story sound lighthearted than it is however There's a lot of darkness here rape incest abuse violence mutilation and Some of it is presented uite disturbingly But then there's still that weird humor to it And it's not uite pornographic there's also an odd restraint to the bookHowever it is undeniably uite perverseCopy won through the Goodreads First Reads giveaway Thanks to Goodreads Cleverly written but darkish satire on English social manners in which a French music master is bribed into attempting to seduce five young pupils before the concert at which they are to be presented to their future husbands Wicked humor alternates with pathos and a gothic intensity of emotion Very hard to categorize but intriguing and original Delightfully amoral a wicked tale of seduction that channels both Les Liaisons Dangereuses and The PianoSeveral 'new money' families decide to showcase their daughters in the marriage market by purchasing a top notch pianoforte and training up their girls to perform for nobility Instrument maker Cantabile is affronted by the idea of untrained and clumsy girls touching his handmade piece of art He sends Monsiuer Belladroit to the families ostensibly as their instructor But really to seduce them all and foil the marriage schemesUnexpected turns come from his own daughter talented musician Annie born with a disfiguring hare lip and one of the girls Alathea cunning and scheming plans of her own Like Dangerous Liasions the period and theme of seduction fill the story It's light in places dark in others The girls are well enough differentiated to be identifiable Alathea is admirable and yet pitiable at times as is Annie who I wanted to see of Alathea drives the plot and takes it in turns unforeseen There are some sex scenes but beautifully written to be completely implied not explicit whatsoeverThe concert scene itself So long anticipated It is a delight I soooooooo wanted to hear that music To see those dresses Thoroughly enjoyed this great period feel and hope it gets made into a film some wonderful parts here for actors And great humour with Belladroit eventually having to service several curious teenagers consecutively will transfer brilliantly to the screen Indulge A rather silly but enjoyable enough bit of historic erotica here this book is trying to channel all the bawdy goodness of great classics like Fanny Hill Dangerous Liasions and Vanity Fair with a dash of The Crimson Petal thrown in for good measure I don't think it manages the brilliance of any of these works but it does create a story that is worth a few hours reading The story follows a group of girls out to catch themselves titled husbands; money is not an issue but breeding will be so a plot is hatched to train the girls up on the newly fashionable pianoforte and get them all to perform for prospective husbands This concert will demonstrate their desirability and culture as well as their other attractive ualities Unfortunatey a resentful piano maker has a plot of his own to ruin the chances of each one of these girls in comes a dashing music teacher and the story unfolds from there For a modern piece the sex scenes which are freuent are oddly coy; this is despite there being instances of rape incest and a brutal sexual mutilation I;m not sure if this is done to ensure that Sedition isn't lumped into the proper erotica section but to be honest it might well have worked better if the sexual writing had been a bit obvious; as it is I feel this book will be too vanilla for one audience and far too graphic for most other people An odd book In the London of 1794 four fathers and three mothers reuire husbands for their five daughters In a meeting between the fathers it is declared fashionable for young ladies to learn the Pianoforte and therefore their daughters should learn the instrument and perform a concert in the hopes of seducing husbands with their music Unfortunately the piano maker has other ideas His daughter Annie has a cleft lip and so has always been a disappointment to him In retaliation for him being so horrid to her she sells his prized Piano to the girls for their concert which has the intended result Time for the piano maker to get his revenge It turns out that even an innocent plan such as this can turn out to be not uite as expectedThis book at least in my opinion was just meh The plot at least did follow a storyline but for the time that the book is set in it was simply too difficult to believe This book is certainly not for younger readers as there are several references that are made purely for the mature audience but these references don't really seem to add anything to the story other than carry the plot along in the intended direction The book was not all negative however not in any way The girls were interesting characters and their developments throughout the book were positive Despite this clearly for me this is the wrong genre not that it seems to fit into either romance or erotica that I can tell and I shouldn't read any of it The promotional blurbs make this sound like a fabulous book one of them compares Sedition to Sarah Water's Fingersmith When I hear a book being compared to Fingersmith I think that means the writing is excellent and the story is amazing and I get all happy and excited thinking about the potential greatness of what I'm about to read It's always after I read the book that was compared to Fingersmith that I remember what they really mean when they compare something to Fingersmith the story has lesbian loversThis novel is saucy and sexy I will give it that but I didn't find much substance or depth beyond that and perhaps substance was never the intention I found the story somewhat shocking disturbing and weird unfortunately not in a satisfying way The story is about five young girls their fathers are nouveau riche and want them to marry titled men The fathers agree on a plan; they’ll purchase a pianoforte hire a music instructor who will teach the girls to master the pianoforte at the end of the year they will invite potential suitors to a concert that will dazzle and amaze and marriage proposals will be won for all Or maybe not I was looking forward to the complications promised by the lascivious piano teacher the jealous piano maker's daughter and the one daughter who has a plan of her own What I found disappointing was the believability of these character's motivations and certain key events that reuire the reader's suspension of disbeliefI'm not big on the suspension of disbelief and this story reuires a lot of suspension in order to be believed There's one daughter who's sophisticated than the others she does a variety of things that make this novel interesting Unfortunately for me I like my characters to do things that make sense in the context of their lives or at least seem like something they might actually do The other problem I had was the motivation of the characters working against the marriage of the daughters They aren't explored to the point of understanding they're stated almost as a given but the better part of the story completely revolves around them Again I just didn't find them to be very believable There's also an element of cooperation with several characters that doesn't make any sense except to make the story interestingThis story was a titillating bit of fluffy sauciness with an edge of warped and depressing but one that doesn't hold together under scrutiny or leave the reader with any feeling of satisfactionThank you to the Vine program and the publisher Henry Holt and Company for making this copy available to me in exchange for an honest review I would never have read Sedition if it weren't on the Desmond Elliott longlist it just didn't sound my kind of thing And now I've read it I'm not sure what sort of a thing it is It's not a satire or a farce as it's just not funny and it's definitely not sexy I'm the last person who would say that a novel should be instantly classifiable and I usually enjoy something a bit different but this is just decidedly odd There are too many similar characters with five sets of businessmen wives and daughters the main characters aside I found it impossible to keep track of who was who Then there is the plot which is nothing short of ludicrousIn summary I didn't dislike it as much as I expected to but I didn't think it was anything special either At least I am vindicated in that if I think a book isn't for me I'm probably right In London in 1794 four fathers buy a pianoforte for their five daughters who are to give a concert to attract titled husbands Let the mayhem beginThis book was not what I was expecting when I read the blurb in the bookshop It is dark deceptive and uite creepy yet at the same time it is beautifully written humorous in places and exciting It might not suit everyone but this week it suited me perfectly Trigger content warnings view spoilerincest grooming one off the page rape a ff romance occasional strong sexual references hide spoiler This has got to be one of the strangest and most unsettling books I've ever read In the edgy offbeat historical fiction genre that I so love I would compare it most to Fingersmith by Sarah Waters but this one is far disuieting and not near as satisfying This is hard to rate; I loved aspects of it and the writing is sharp and wonderful but at the same time it's left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth I think with a less jarring final section I would have really loved this

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