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Wine for Dummies[PDF / Epub] ✅ Wine for Dummies Author Ed McCarthy – Wine enthusiasts and novices raise your glasses The #1 wine book has been extensively updated If you're a connoisseur Wine For Dummies Fourth Edition will get you up to speed on what's in and show you Wine enthusiasts and novices raise your glasses The wine book has been extensively updated If you're a connoisseur Wine for Dummies Fourth Edition Wine for PDF/EPUB ² will get you up to speed on what's in and show you how to take your hobby to the next level If you're new to the world of wine it will clue you in on what you've been missing and show you how to get started It begins with the basic types of wine how wines are made and Then it gets down to specificsHow to handle snooty wine clerks navigate restaurant wine lists decipher cryptic wine labels and dislodge stubborn corks How to sniff and taste wine How to store and pour wine and pair it with food Four white wine styles fresh unoaked; earthy; aromatic; rich oaky Four red wine styles soft fruity and relatively light bodied; mild mannered medium bodied; spicy; powerful full bodied and tannic What's happening in the Old World of wine including France Italy Spain Portugal Germany Switzerland Austria Hungary and Greece What's how and what's not in the New World of Wine including Australia New Zealand Chile Argentina and South Africa US wines from California Oregon Washington and New York Bubbling beauties and medieval sweets champagne sparkling wines sherry port and other exotic dessert wines Authors Ed McCarthy CWE who is a regular contributor to Wine Enthusiast and The Wine Journal and Mary Ewing Mulligan MW who owns the International Wine Center in New York have co authored six wine books in the For Dummies series In an easy to understand unpretentious style that's as refreshing as a glass of Chardonnay on a summer day they provide practical information to help you enjoy wine includingReal Deal symbols that alert you to good wines that are low in price compared to other wines of similar type style or uality A Vintage Wine Chart with specifics on numerous wines Info on ordering wine from out of state collecting wine and Wine for Dummies Fourth Edition is not just a great resource and reference it's a good read It's full bodied yet lightrich yet crisprobust yet refreshing. A good comprehensive guide liked the humor and the narrator was easy to listen to Learned that there actually is a reason to sniff swirl and let wines breathe If not for this guide I would've dumped out a whole bottle Precipice Pinot Noir after the first sip It tasted so much better after an hour of letting it breathe Also learned a lot about champagne that I didn't know like how sparkling wine IS champagne that's not produced in Champagne France I thought they were different Mind blown I probably would've absorbed if I'd read the book since I learn better by sight than sound but it was a great use of my time while I cleaned house in the morning and got ready for my day Now 'm excited to drag my husband out for wine tastings Woohoo Overall this is a good book worthy of a four star review The reason for my two star review is because of Chapter 7 Confronting a Restaurant Wine List This is the one chapter that obviously is written by people who don't have experience in the area they are talking about and didn't bother to consult with people who do before making some bold assumptions This chapter is full of misinformation negative assumptions and directions on how to conduct yourself in a restaurant that if followed make for a less enjoyable dining experience In short this chapter tells you to be infuriated by a lot of things that are just standard restaurant protocolI have worked in fine dining restaurants as a server and captain for many years Ordering wine at a restaurant and talking shop with the server or sommelier once you have some wine knowledge is a fun part of the experience for all who are involved It is a shame that this book has the potential to ruin that for its readers by putting a negative spin on a lot of things that are just normal happenings with restaurant wine lists and dinner service So I'm going to uickly address some of the points1 It starts by saying that it is infuriating that wine lists sometimes only tell you the name and price and that sometimes they won't have the wine you ordered in stock that night Well if a wine list with 500 bottles had an extra two lines describing each bottle the list would be so overwhelming and take forever to get through You could have 50 Cabernets in a row that all say Notes of chocolate leather cassis and tannins You're going to judge the wine by the familiarity with the producer vintage region and uestions you ask your serverThe wine you ordered could be a bottle that customers rarely order but randomly the previous night a large party ordered all the bottles in house and the restaurant had to place an order and wait 3 business days to get It happens no matter how nice and on top of things a restaurant is It's not because they don't care forgot to place an order or just didn't bother to update the wine list as the book suggests2 They also tell you to ask your server how long the bottle of wine has been opened if you decide to do wine by the glass They say that no wine is fresh enough to serve the next day Well in reality all decent restaurants keep track of when their bottles were opened and gas their wines at night or have them hooked up to machines that air seal the wine If it tastes old you can ask your server about it But don't automatically ask every single time you order a glass of wine That's just tacky and a good way to kill rapport early on in the dining experience If you do ask ask them to check with the bartender on when the bottle was opened Don't just expect them to know the exact time that all 22 wines by the glass were opened3 This chapter also tells you to be upset if only one wine list is presented to the table and demand because that is an outmoded convention Wine lists are big books that restaurants don't have as many of as they do menus Usually even though a discussion happens one person decides on the bottle The server isn't trying to be sexist or old fashioned You can ask for another list but don't waste energy being negative over something that isn't insulting You'll be annoyed every time you go out to eat before you even get water service if you expect your server to automatically assume everyone needs a copy of the wine list4 Be aware of low to high pricing This part tells you to be insulted by a wine list that presents the wines in ascending order from lowest to highest price They say this is done to make you feel guilty and buy expensive wine further down the list That is a ridiculous assumption that has 0% base in reality It's simply not true People have a price range and a varietal in mind when they walk in It makes it so much easier for them to look at different wines in their range right next to each other than to be flipping back and forth between pages trying to remember the wines in the same price range5 Wine prices versus retail When you're going out to a nice restaurant if you sit there and price out how much potatoes cost at Safeway versus your baked potato a bottle of Absolut versus your two martinis etc you'll drive yourself crazy and not enjoy your meal Yes restaurants have higher price margins on their wine and liuor but that is how the business model works period Keeping a restaurant profitable is very difficult and they're not doing it to gouge customers6 Wine service There is a section that actually is called Wine List Power Struggles It tells you that servers often don't give you enough time before they come back to the table You need to stand your ground and don't let the server bully you into making a hasty choice Well the server comes back to the table after a few minutes to see if you have any uestions and then gives you time They don't do it to pressure you Once again this book is dangerously planting an idea in it's readers minds that could make a dining experience go south from the beginning If servers always gave every guest 10 minutes to look at the wine list they would have a lot customers upset over slow service than they would happy guests who appreciate the extra time to look over the list If you always expect 10 minutes of uninterrupted time and feel pressured if the server returns after a few minutes you'll always be disappointed But it's just standard serviceThis part also encourages being insulted if women are poured first and if the server tries to refill your glasses instead of letting you pour yourself If that really is something that bothers you not just because you read it in the book then politely tell your server you like to pour for yourself once the bottle is open But don't wait for himher to try and then act insulted because they tried to do something that is standard restaurant protocolOther than this chapter it's a great book for touching the surface on all the basic aspects of wine knowledge They just dropped the ball in the restaurant chapter Book rec from R Sterling in How to Eat around the world Wine for Dummies is a great book for both the experienced and novice wine drinker The Introduction goes through how the book is organized and which parts of the book should be read depending on what the reader is interested in Pretty much every aspect of wine is covered grape varieties how wine is made and regulated in various countries how to read a wine label or restaurant wine list and much The really technical information is labeled as such and can easily be skippedI liked that the tone of the book was very conversational and not at all pretentious The authors actually have a sense of humor about wine and seemed to make an effort to make wine less intimidating for the reader This will be a book that I refer to often and has me interested in wine than ever Before this book I had a few brands that I stuck to but now I'm looking forward to trying new and different wines I didn't realize how many choices there are out there That's one hazard of reading this book I was craving wine the whole time I was reading I only drink Champagne when I'm happy and when I'm sad Sometimes I drink it when I'm alone When I have company I consider it obligatory I trifle with it if I am not hungry and drink it when I am Otherwise I never touch it unless I'm thirsty Madame Lily Bollinger I am now prepared to read and understand a wine list and order a glass of Italian wine that I will enjoy In a way this feels like it's just the beginning but I know I can never be a wine snob Packed with good information Will make a better as need to know resource rather than sit down and read cover to cover The For Dummies series has been an intriguing enterprise The use of the term Dummies could be considered offputting yet the series has obviously done well as and volumes are developed I have found many of the books useful to me And this is another in that groupI know enough about wine to get by This volume though adds a context to my knowledge of wine that I appreciate The purpose is presented at the outset Page 1 We want you and everyone else to enjoy wine regardless of your experience or your budgetThe first chapter is titled Wine 101 and it provides the background to understands wine better It covers issues such as how wine is made the difference between reds and whites and blushes or pinks and such Chapter 2 talks about the language and experience of wine It concludes with a nice distinction between good wines and bad wines with a claim that few wines are really bad any Chapter 3 addresses the variety of grapes that help define a wine a subject that can confuse pinot noir cabernet sauvignon chardonnay and pinot grigio Chapter 4? The wine name game starts the chapter off Also there is a section that helps understand the label on the bottle EtcOther features a country by country region by region analysis of wines There is of course an analysis of French Italian German and American wines Also a nice discussion of South American winemaking There is also a chapter on champagne The book concludes by looking at answers to ten uestions about wine eg What's the best wine? and addresses what the book considers to be 10 myths about wine eg Old wines are good winesAll in all a well written book that is a good read And a helpful tutor for those who want to know about wine This is a brief introduction to wine for people who normally drink beer from what glass to use to how to describe flavors this book will help you fake knowledge about wine Made for the American market for American wine drinkers with only a nod to the most famous European wines the focus is on Californian wines and Oregon Really Oregon? I had no idea they made wine in Oregon This book will appeal to anyone looking to appear knowledgeable about wineWe listened to the book while driving from one degustation to the next in Burgundy and there was little mention of wines from this area There were some entertaining points but I think the best way to learn about wine is to talk to people who love wine and drink a little while you are listening to them Another disappointment was the narrow focus on Champagne while fully ignoring all other sparkling wines like Prosecco or CavaI did end up giving it three stars because I truly enjoyed the section about the American obsession with grape varieties which by the way is ruining the French wine industry Our favorite winemaker in Provence has been blending wines for generations to create a uniuely drinkable wine has started producing a Merlot for export Why? Because American consumers believe that certain grapes are better than othersLike you would forsake Granny Smiths the rest of your life eating only Gala apples? You would not do that Admit it So I was genuinely happy when this chapter concluded that if you are hooked on a grape type you don’t get it go back to your beer Which is what we have been mumbling about for years or at least every time I hear someone order a “Char”Egads This is a great primer for anyone who wants to learn about wines and wine terminology I learned some interesting things and this book explains things clearly and succinctlyThe one thing I realized while reading this is that I actually don't care that much There are other things in the world that are much interesting to me

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