A Negro Explorer at the North Pole: The Autobiography of Matthew Henson

A Negro Explorer at the North Pole: The Autobiography of Matthew Henson✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ A Negro Explorer at the North Pole: The Autobiography of Matthew Henson By Matthew A. Henson ✸ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk In this fascinating memoir Matthew Henson describes the incredibly dangerous exhausting and bone chilling trip to what was until then the never before reached point on earth the North PoleRobert Peary In this fascinating Explorer at PDF/EPUB å memoir Matthew Henson describes the incredibly dangerous exhausting and bone chilling trip to what was until then the never before reached point on earth the North PoleRobert Peary is remembered as the intrepid explorer who successfully reached the North Pole in Far less celebrated is his companion Matthew Henson a black man from Maryland Henson's gripping memoir first published in A Negro PDF or tells this unsung hero's story in his own words Hensonwas indispensable to the famous explorer's journey; he learned the language of the Eskimos was an expert dog sled driver and even built the sleds Publishers WeeklyAn original document One of the giants of polar exploration Henson had the graceful modesty of genuinely big men The world would know even about him now if his Negro Explorer at ePUB ☆ commander Peary had been less an egotist and generous in sharing credit for his discovery of the Negro Explorer at the North PDF/EPUB or North Pole Washington Post Book WorldA really valuable addition to the literature of polar exploration Filled with incident occupation description emotion and comment The New York Times. Growing up in Maryland I was always taught in school about the explorer Matthew Henson He was from Charles County Maryland below my own Prince George's County and grew up in DC before leaving home fro Balti and later the Arctic He was the first African American Arctic explorer and possibly the first man to read the North Pole Because this feat was accomplished in 1909 his very crucial contribution as US Naval Commander Robert E Peary's primary assistant was uickly covered up but attempts have been made since to bring to light Henson's contributions This book by Henson himself was the first I first encountered the man as a child in my Afro Bets Book of Black Heroes from A to Z Growing up in Maryland in the 90s meant that any person who could be used as an inspiration to Black youth would have their story told It was only recently that I learned that he had published his own account And of course I decided to read itThe story is of mixed uality On the one hand it is basic propaganda for Perry and his legacy with Henson doing all he could to emphasize Peary but he also incidentally gave interesting insight to the struggles of an Arctic expedition Also Peary Henson had been going on expeditions around the world for 23 years before the final attempt at reaching the North Pole in 1909 Despite this there was extreme anger at Peary taking Henson especially choosing Henson to be the only other American to make the 130 mile journey to the Pole While this this book is propaganda than historical account it does make for an interesting adventure account I did not expect him to be able to go into honest detail of his role in the North Pole Expedition this was written in 1912 and I was not impressed by his paternalistic view of Inuits ironic given his own treatment once he got back to the USA but there were some details that really stood out to me Henson's detailing of all the procedure of how you prepared for and carried out such an expedition was intriguing as was his observations on the way over fishing by commercial industries was negatively affecting the way of life of the local Inuit communities Dangers of the expedition itself were suspenseful And then there was the dogsIf there was one group that could possibly lay claim over Henson as the hero was the North Pole expedition it was the sled dogs The narrative always became interesting and detailed when Henson talked about them They were crucial to the survival of the expedition and I was almost moved in how Henson was mindful of how they acted in relation to the events of the expedition He seemed to have a regard for them than the humans at certain points This isn't a scientific book in any sense but his accounts of the sled dogs offers a good look at the social behavior of canines If you have a dog and read this book you will hug your dog afterwards This is as good as anything by Jack LondonBeyond this book there isn't too much to know Henson's role in the expedition was ignored until the 1940s when the US Navy wanted to raise recruitment for African Americans A short revival of Henson occurred from 1947 until his death in 1955 He was once again forgotten until Dr S Allen Counter's one man mission to look for Henson's decedents from his relationship with an Inuit woman and his successful petition to get Henson buried at Arlington National Cemetery Counter wrote a book detailing all this called North Pole Legacy Black White and Eskimo in 1991 There is also a website where you can see learn a little about Henson's offspring in Greenland but the website's certification is messed up so be forewarned I have to say despite the Inuit appearance the majority of them all favor Henson's facial features I read this for a freelance article I'm working on for Black History month about the African American polar explorer Matthew Henson who may or may not have been the first person to reach the North Pole in 1909 Whether he was or not Henson was a remarkable and admirable manBorn of free blacks a year after the Civil War ended and orphaned early in life he worked as a seaman on ships going around the world from his teen years and then talked explorer Robert Peary into taking him on as an assistant for several trips notably those carried out in the early 1900s as Peary competed to become the first to reach the North PoleHenson was along on all those trips and may actually have reached the reputed pole location before his boss But importantly this largely unschooled man learned the Inuit language was the main liaison between the Inuits who accompanied the explorations and the whites who were the principal figures and was a masterful jack of all trades building the sleds taking care of the dogs hunting wildlife building tents and igloos and otherwise shouldering a major part of every job at a time when his leader had lost 8 of his 10 toes to frostbite and was debilitated for his final tripThis memoir is a bit scattershot in its tale of the trip but Henson does provide enough details to show just how brutal and challenging it was from the temperatures that were routinely than 40 below to the huge ice ridges that filled the miles between the coast of Greenland and the North Pole to the storms that raged across the area often hurtling boulders over cliffs as though they were crumpled of pieces of paper in a breezeHe also manages to show how much he did without sounding bitter for the subservient position into which Peary put him and manages to praise his commander even while noting Peary's lack of praise for him It's always fascinating to read first person accounts like these No agenda from a third party author Just the thoughts feelings of the person it's happening to This is not a comprehensive detailing of all of Matthew Henson's Polar exploits This book primarily focuses on his Peary's last push for the Pole I just wish there was MORE His writing is beautiful and his love for the Arctic its people is evident page after page It's too bad Peary didn't allow him to publish this until 1912 three years after their return the story had already been well told but I for one am glad Mr Henson got his story out to the world An absolutely brilliant expedition memoir of a man mostly forgotten by history One of the small team to first reach the North Pole Commander Peary and 4 Inuit were the only others and there's evidence Henson was the first of the team to hit the exact spot Henson packed this little book with detailed observation wry humor and adventure stories that will leave you looking for info on the man himselfHenson's 150th birthday would have been this August 8th so pay him some respect and read an out of copyright book easily found online or in larger libraries I picked up this book because I was interested in learning about African American explorers The introduction and preface were very informative to the the big picture of Matthew Henson's life and the entire Polar Controversary I learned most of what I needed to know from the introduction There seems to be a lot of controversary about Henson's contributions to the discovery of the Pole This book is evidence that Henson was an invaluable team leader on the journey Matthew Henson has to be one of the most inspirational men who ever lived A very interesting book Excellent readingMatthew's account of reaching the North Pole is fascinating I truly enjoyed itHe does use some specific terms that I had to look up to understand In the journey to the pole he spoke of coming to leads These were places of open water as they crossed the artic ice l thought this a solid book albeit a bit dry and matter of fact It is an accounting of the Peary Expedition to the North Pole in 1908 9 Matthew Henson 1867 1955 was an African American born in Maryland to parents who had been free sharecroppers before the Civil War He eventually became Robert Peary's assistant on many of his expeditions Henson was part of the small group who reached the North Pole in 1909 He said that his footsteps were first Peary got the credit because it was his expedition He was a rival of Frederick Cook who had also claimed to reach the Pole but whose claims were discredited It is uncertain if Peary reached his destination as well or whether he was about 60 miles away This fact is almost irrelevant as this was just part of the accomplishments of these men They had spent years learning the ways of the Inuit people in order to survive Henson learned the language as well This journey was an incredible feat and should be recognized as such I'm interested in learning about Henson There is a biography that he contributed to that is hard to find The narration was perfectly good but I wonder why no African American man has recorded this? I wish this were in a authentic voice This is my 7th book of Summer Listening Around the World and it was about as good as I had expected and hoped A great writer could really put together an incredible biography of Henson Henson may not be well known today but he deserves credit for being among the first people to reach the North Pole As for the claims about Dr Cook reaching the pole first Henson laughs about it and says Cook is a liar since he didn't show the necessary skills in his time as Peary's surgeonThere's not as much about race in America as you may think There's an introduction by Booker T Washington and Henson sometimes reflects on the role that black people have had in the history of exploration Peary treats him as a valuable traveling companion and gives him much of the credit for reaching the North PoleModern readers may not like some of the patronizing comments that Henson makes about the Inuit He discusses the Inuit companions who saved his life many times however especially OotahReaders expecting grisly details about polar exploration will find them here including one person being conked on the head by a boulder eating dogs and Peary's toes falling off You know the feeling when you read an author and wish it was someone you could hang out with? That is how I feel about Matt Henson An intelligent hardworking but doesn't brag about it funny easy going guy who also happened to be the man chosen to accompany Peary on his marking of the North Pole A great read that neither glosses over nor dwells on the hardships and enlightens the reader on just what was involved in traversing the Arctic

A Negro Explorer at the North Pole: The Autobiography of
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