Jackie After Jack: Portrait of the Lady

Jackie After Jack: Portrait of the Lady✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Jackie After Jack: Portrait of the Lady By Christopher Andersen ✸ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Jack was the love of my life No one will ever know a big part of me died with him Jackie Kennedy was only thirty four when Camelot ended with a blaze of gunfire on November 22 1963 Here Christopher An Jack was the Jack: Portrait PDF Å love of my life No one will ever know a big part of me died with him Jackie Kennedy was only thirty four when Camelot ended with a blaze of gunfire Jackie After PDF \ on November Here Christopher Anderson draws on previously sealed archival material and newly declassified documents to paint a sympathetic yet often startling portrait of Jackie in all her complexity Alone after Dallas Jackie After Jack: Portrait eBook ↠ summoned the strength and dignity to go on Jackie After Jack traces her remarkable personal journey. I finished reading this book a short time ago tonight 1032 PM It gave me a better appreciation for the type of life Jacueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was able to make for herself and her 2 children from the immediate aftermath of President Kennedy's assassination to her own death 3 decades laterThis is the second book about a Kennedy that I've read from Christopher Anderson and he is to be commended for the painstaking research and scores of interviews he conducted with people who knew Jacueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis well My only uibble are a few errors with regard to historical dates that I found lightly sprinkled throughout the book Otherwise Jackie After Jack was easily readable and made me feel almost as if I were Jackie's shadow I recently became fascinated with Jacueline Kennedy and I have to say the book is interesting but paints accurately describes? her as a gold digging vain and superficial bitch and by the end of the book I hated her I gave this 35 stars While it was certainly interesting it took a long time to slog through it Some times trashy and then at other times engaging it is difficult to know what was true and untrue Many tattletale facts seemed undocumented Did she really have an affair with Marlin Brando Bobby Kennedy some of her husbands cabinet members? One of the interesting tidbits was that the doctor who repeatedly injected the president also injected Jackie with the same feel good steroids Years later before Jackie's diagnosis of non Hodgkin's lymphoma it was discovered that these chemicals were known to cause the illness that Jackie died from No doubt a highly interesting lady she brought fashion and class to the White House The portrayal of the death of her husband while she watched his body parts fly on her and the car leaves no doubt that she would be emotionally challenged afterward She was a very strong woman Like all of us at times other directed and other instances self absorbed Who was Jackie O? This was not my first biography on the former first lady A enjoyable portrait of a beautiful and intelligent woman who was not always successful in fighting her demons are any of us? Was she calculating callous and sometimes cruel? It would seem so But even so for me her name remains synonymous with courage In Jackie After Jack author Christopher Andersen has put together a fairly comprehensive look at Jackie Kennedy Onassis' life after the death of John F Kennedy despite the fact that she was one of the most private people in the world I find the Kennedy family fascinating yet there was still so much I didn't know about Jackie This book was well written gossipy and surprising at many turns I almost feel like if you are a Jackie fan you might not want to read this book because it doesn't always present her in the most flattering way She comes across as strong at times set in her ways very protective of her children but also a compulsive spender potentially addicted to drugs and having affair after affair Honestly I couldn't believe some of the previously unreported stories including a brief romance that both she and the alleged man kept completely secret I wanted of how Jackie cultivated the Camelot myth which I didn't realize wasn't promulgated until after JFK's death I did enjoy the parts about Jackie's foray into the publishing world she seemed to be an exceptional editor and really came into her own in a job she didn't even need For me Jackie is always associated with JFK but she also lived a complete life after him and this book is a look inside that extraordinary life 35 stars The author seems to have no trouble sharing some very unflattering aspects of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and I couldn't help but uestion how much is fabricated If I hadn't picked up this copy in a thrift store for50c I might feel badly for adding to his success So so much trash shared in this book about our former first lady it caused me to doubt its entire validity Outside of the Jackie bashing I did enjoy the historical information Enough said An interesting enough readgood on her role in the aftermath of Kennedy's assassinationher relations with the Kennedy family especially Bobbyher marriage to Onassis and her later lifeNot always a nice person but an important oneGossipy in partsIs she being forgotten now ? A very interesting insight into the life one of the most famous woman in American history But if you want to always think of her as a perfect example of poise and grace don’t read it She was not perfect and often was not even nice but she was as interesting a person as there ever was I uit reading before I finished it It was ok I just got bored with it #67 of 120 books pledged to read during 2017

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