The Guardian Angels

The Guardian Angels[Read] ➭ The Guardian Angels Author Rohit Gore – The Guardian Angels is the epic and tumultuous story of two star crossed lovers who weren’t just soul mates but were also each other’s protectors The fates of Adi Mehta and Radha Deodhar are deepl The Guardian Angels is the epic and tumultuous story of two star crossed lovers who weren’t just soul mates but were also each other’s protectors The fates of Adi Mehta and Radha Deodhar are deeply entwined when within days of their first rendezvous they save each other’s livesDespite their vast sociopolitical differences they are drawn to an uncertain future fraught with contrasting ambitions personas and ideologies he is the son of a billionaire she is the daughter of a socialist The Guardian PDF \ he is uiet and unassuming she is a firebrand and spiritedHowever the unexplained phenomena ties them forever – whenever they are in peril they are each other’s only saviorsOver the following two decades Adi and Radha live through hope and despair joy and sadness and try to decipher their relationship As the truth of their bond is revealed they must confront the true nature of love and ultimately their destinies Rohit Gore's narrative is smooth and vivid THE TIMES OF INDIA. Twelve year old Aditya Mehta was being bullied on a daily basis by other kids at his school but he didn't know how to stop it from happening That was until Radha Deodhar came to his rescue one day It wasn't what Radha did to the bullies but what she said that stopped them in their tracks A few days later the bullies return but this time they have Radha in their sights and what happens next has Radha fighting for her life It is was from this day on that Adi and Radha would start to form an unlikely friendship and always be there for each otherAdi and Radha come from totally different worlds Adi is the son of a billionaire and Radha's parents are closer to middle class and her father works in a bank where he is transferred every couple of years As the story unfolds we can clearly see that Adi and Radha have strong feelings for one another and the bond between the pair becomes stronger It seems the pair were destined to be together or were they? Adi's life dream is taken away from him and Radha has to deal with a serious family issue that could impact on her life in the future This story goes back and forth as Radha keeps a journal and it's through this journal we get a better understanding as to what exactly happens in each of theirs livesI throughly enjoyed reading this beautiful story A very compelling and moving read about friendship love and loss Rohit Gore is a talented author and I look forward to reading of his books in the future Recommended Recommended by Goodreads friends 4★s'If I had a flower for every time I thought of you I could walk through my garden forever' Alfred TennysonTheir fingers were tightly entwined as if trying to touch something deeper in each otherDEEPLY AFFECTINGIt is impossible for me to review this story from a technical or critical point of view because to my mind it transcends those realmsIts value is relative to the individual reader I gave it a star rating not out of a need to judge it but rather not to dismiss it As a book reviewer I am supposed to pen down the thoughts that emerge in my mind while reading a novel whether it is deep or shallow It’s my responsibility to throw light on the canvas that the authors have created and provide my opinions However when your mind goes numb and words desert you what can you say?The Guardian Angels by Rohit Gore is one such novel that doesn’t give me the luxury of constructing full grown sentences to voice my thoughts It doesn’t allow me to vent out the emotions that have flown deep inside me while I turned the pages of this book Rather this book had me lost lost in the magic of its plot its story line and tugged the heart that used to beat steadily before I picked up this book but not anyAnd yes I find myself lost in the bond between the protagonists Adi and Radha Perhaps lost in love and lost in respect to the brilliant chemistry that they portray in this novel Mr Gore I should thank you for sketching love in a pure blissful wayWhen the market is flooded with love stories this novel comes as a breath of fresh air Now this one is a love story too but without the pretenses and any artificiality Rather this is simple prosaic and flows deeply like a subtle poemThe Guardian Angels describe the story of Adi Mehta and Radha Deodhar who cross paths several times in different phases of their lives sometimes holding promises of a sweet togetherness while at other times dropping tears of loneliness and separation; but they are together always; for who can uestion destiny when it has already plotted the points that need to be traversed Adi and Radha are different in the way they have been brought up in their ideologies and in their principles but at the end of it they are united by a special bond – the bond of trust and friendshipAnd the bond of loveThough they try not to acknowledge this fact there is no escaping the truth They grow with it and live with it shying away from acceptance but still nurturing dreams of togetherness They are near but far and far yet near Their undefined relationship often drives them to the pure joy that’s felt when dreams are achieved However at the very next moment they are enveloped by the realization that the dreams they nurture are absolutely futileRohit Gore uses his words well and as such this is a novel that should be read slowly thoroughly You need to do justice to the paintings that the words create and like a faithful admirer you are slowly gradually drawn into this world of colors The Guardian Angels manages to make you smile and at times you shed that single drop of tear but then The Guardian Angels wipes it as wellHow I wish things could have been a bit smoother for Adi and Radha but then that wouldn't have been life We live in hardships suffer difficulties and emerge out of it only to understand the meaning of our existence better Rohit Gore showcases life and love in an uncharacteristically true and honest way This is a book that must be read re read and lived Review The Guardian Angels A Must Read Love Story That Goes Beyond LoveRohit Gore is a brilliant writer with lots of clarity in his mind the way he takes care of all aspects of writing story conceptualization characterization streaming and so on The Guardian Angels is fourth book written by Rohit Gore His earlier books have been well acclaimed with each book adding fanfare and readers to the extent of manifold His third book Circle of Three was a kind of blockbuster All his books have been well acclaimed by critics and reviewers Rohit seems to be an intense thinker and uick conceptualization capabilities but when he pens down his thoughts it flows flawlessly His writing style is seductive that engrosses reader to its core and keeps carrying along with the story by holding his hand and gripping his mindIt will not be possible to translate the satisfaction and good feelings that you get while and after reading this book but if you like philosophical fiction and love story books this is for you You get a calm and soothing touch while reading The Guardian Angels The story starts in July 1993 when Adi the lead male character was just 12 and was being beaten to the extent of worse by a gang of three buffoons of his school with no crime from his side The first encounter of Adi and the lead female character Radha who is also 12 and has joined Adi's school recently happens during this encounter when Adi is being thrashed up badly and Radha saves her from those buffoons And there starts a deep angelic relationship between Adi and Radha The story of The Guardian Angels that starts when Adi and Radha are 12 goes till when they reach their early thirties July 1993 July 2012There are so many ups and downs in the story of The Guardian Angels in the life of Adi and Radha But everytime when either of them gets into trouble another one comes as a savior There is a deep never dying bonding that occurs between Adi and Radha though both of them belonged to two different planets in all aspects except one their faith trust love and care for each other In this intense story you get so engrossed that while reading you feel the pain behind the smile of Adi you get hurt when Radha gets hurt you laugh when they both laugh you become tense when either of them becomes tense you will hit by severe circumstances when it happens to either of them So don't bother if you find yourself smiling at times or get the corners of your eyes wet; while reading this bookThe Guardian Angels by Rohit Gore carries a touch of writing style of Maxim Gorky and philosophical writing style of Ayn Rand 4 out of 5 angelic starsRead After Author's kind reuest for an honest review To tell you the truth I could not understand from the very first moment how the title connected with the story But after reading the book I realized that the title is indeed a very suitable oneThe story basically follows Adi and Radha when they were really young After an incident when Radha saved Adi's life the two youngsters became inseparableBut my heart knows it would be happiest when I would meet him when I would touch him It is when my soul and my body are in perfect unisonAfter that day they never stopped being apart from each other even when they were But they always remained in each other's hearts'Are you telling me someone else has kissed you?''what if I Am?''can I have his name and address maybe someone needs to die soon' Adi is a romanticRadha is a realistThey couldn't have been any different but that didn't stop them from becoming each other's guardian angelsFor some reason it was very difficult for them to express their appreciation and love for each otherA uniue and sometimes unusual bond keeps them togetherI keep thinking about what Adi means to me and keep wondering about what I mean to him What should I call this relationship? And should it be called something?Although sometimes it feels like they are together and at the same time they aren't Nicole said with a wistful smile 'I have seen guys talking about a woman many times but nothing like the way you do about her Your entire face no not just your face but your entire being alters when you talk about herBut since the day they first met they always protect and love each other no matter what like they are exactly that guardian angelsEven if it wasn't that expected from the very beginning they actually seemed to fight a lot and most of the time without a reasonI know there is no way we can be apart as there is something that binds us Overall the story was very beautiful and heartbreaking at times and even if sometimes I could not understand why they made certain decisionwhy they were so very stubborn I could still feel their heart ache their true feelings and how they were meant to stay in each other's lifeStrong Characters beautiful story I like your everything –AdiEnjoy Okay so first confession time I don't like books by Indian authors I hate Chetan Bhagat books with a fiery passion and I DNFed The Immortals of Meluha All the authors seem capable of are cheesy lines haywire stories flat characters and all in all lackluster stuff which fails to impress big time So I was skeptical to start The Guardian Angels in the beginning what with all of my past experiences with these books I hadn't read any other books by the author previously and didn't know what to expectSo safe to say I gave it a fair chanceNow getting to the review The Guardian Angels is love story NOT a love story people Aditya Mehta the heir of a billion dollar conglomerate Mehta Groups first meets Radha Deodhar while he was being scorned and thrashed by school bullies at the age of 12 She outwits the bullies and saves Aditya and thus begins their story The novel spans 30 years and delineates the interwoven threads of their livesHow their lives come together coalesce into a resplendent relationship and subseuently moves apart The story line was fairly engaging Not keeps you to the edge of your seat engaging but neither wouldn't pick up for my life dull Just walks the fine line between the twoThe prologue was a disappointment of sorts And safe to say I wasn't really impressed But as the story progressed it sure gets interesting and I found myself leaving other books to complete this oneThe entire novel is written in POV of the two protagonists And here lies a major problem I couldn't distinguish between their monologues if it hadn't been clarified right from the beginning of the chapter Both Adi and Radha have similar voices inspite of being polar opposites of each otherThe author keeps the story simple and succinct No copious amounts of teenage angst no superfluous drama no bitchy antagonists I loved how Radha and Adi remain friends and don't jump headfirst into a relationship Because really all relationship DON'T HAVE TO BE ABOUT LOVE It was sweet but not disgustingly saccharineAdityaAdi Mehta is a child starved for attention The father and mother are too busy running their business to pay an iota of attention to their child Conseuently he is closed off and terribly shy He finds a great friend in Radha who supports him encourages him and doesn't hesitate to call him on his bullshitAdi's chracter was easy to understand and relate to which is than I can say about RadhaRadha is born and raised in a strictly urban middle class family Her father is a socialist and safe to say they reside in a sphere glaringly far from the Mehtas I understand the fact that it is uncomfortable for her to live in Adi's glamorous world but seriously she went way overboard with the uncomfortable thing She would rarely visit Adi's house and even if she did she wouldn't wander far from his room in fear of god knows what She comes off bitchy at times when she incessantly scorns Adi for his father's wealth Give the guy a break It isn't his fault his family is filthy richThe characterization was okay I guess Not really attention grabbing but not drab either And now the major letdown that resulted in slashing of 2 stars straight the writingsighWhenever the going would be smooth and the story engrossing BAM A grammatical error here a misspelled word there and all the magic would be leached away It was like being woken up rudely to the reality And I absolutely loathed it because the story had some true potential The amateurish writing and awkward sentence construction made it really hard to get into the story The sentences were choppy and just didn't go with the setting All this and the terrible editing kept the story strictly at a superficial level and prevented from evoking any real feels which in turn ensured that the book stays away from my favorite shelf Conclusion The Guardian Angel is a good novel much much better than Chetan Bhagat according to me If you can condone the writing and are looking for a light breezy read the novel's just right for you The copy was received free of cost by the author in exchange of an honest review One and a half months ago I decided not to read thrillers for a while Before this book I picked a book a highly acclaimed award winning book and ended up with a horrible experience and to be very honest I was very skeptical about this book also But later decided to read it The Guardian Angels by Rohit Gore is completely a worthy read The story of two persons and their interwoven lives even though belonging from different classes of society and even having stark contradicting ideologies But than these two persons the story is about a relation a bond which can't be named just can be felt The most beautiful thing about the book is that the author doesn't used any extraordinary situations to make the novel extravagant the situations were realistic and thus relateable The character building of both Radha and Aditya are excellent and apart from this the supporting characters mainly of Nicole and Vedant are well built and wisely used The story spans over two decades but still the pace of novel was breakneck and there is no single chapter which was meaningless or stratched The use of Radha's journal and the use of e mail as the means of communication was great Loved the ending It was not like any another novel's Togather Forever Ending rather it's a beautiful Protecting Each Other Forever which completely justifies the title 45 Stars Cutting5 star because of predictiblity Overall a book worth reading It's an epic love saga which can be remembered for a lifetime The author has left no stone unturned in order to capture the best emotions and portray the love and sacrifice of two people who are in love but yet so far from each other They experience each and every emotion and their journey is not easy as it seems to be from a distance They'll love they'll fight they'll despise they'll be back again to each other as a invisible bond works its way for both of them everytime they drift apart from each other It's a must read and an excellent effort by the author When this sweet girl asked me whether I would like to review a book my first reaction was why not? anything for a free book To be honest I did not expect much and the book blurb seemed like a typical boy meets girl in true Bollywood stylehe is the son of a billionaireshe is the daughter of a socialisthe is uiet and unassumingshe is firebrand and spiritedAfter the first two chapters it was as if my skepticism had been proven right Aditya Mehta son of multi billionaire industrialist Ketan Mehta who lives in a twenty storied building in South Bombay His mother Naina Mehta is an eual partner in the business and is even suspected to be the real power And if that was not enough the wealth was amassed by his grandfather who started his life as an ordinary trader and rose to heights through apparently dubious means Sounds very familiar right?This is when we meet Radha like the uintessential breath of fresh air The story is told through a flash back Adi and Radha meet as 12 year olds there is an instant connect and the bond is strengthened when Adi saves Radha's life The two share something special it is as if however far they are physically they seem to instantly know when one needs the otherLife's paths takes them through parallel roads but the soul mates keep each other sane Adi who is shot back to crude reality after a dream that was shattered joins his father's business and as expected shines brilliantly Radha with her haunting family ghost goes into 'activism' and her revered Sudha ji is obviously sketched after Medha Patkar There is the resort that is being built by a goonda don by displacing tribals there is the 500 km padayatra and even a mention of fast unto deathSo what is so special about the book isn't it like a typical Bollywood masala flick you ask? That is where this book differs from the dime a dozen chick lit type best sellers that are being churned out these days I loved the way each character was etched the strength and weakness of each relationship was brought out beautifully by the author It is as if you really know them and you want to know what happens to them after each twist in the plot I also liked the realistic manner in which the story was brought to end no miracles just the stark truth and an acceptance of what cannot be changedWhatever the story line maybe even if you find it a little difficult to believe if an author can make you reach back to the story after each time you put it down that is when it becomes a success You can clearly sense his passion for the protagonists and what they stand for It is as if he know both of them personally and have lived their life with them The differences in the parent children connect at two levels of society was also brilliantly brought out without being preachyI was truly surprised that I hadn't heard of Rohit Gore before this My only wish after completing the book was if only he hadn't built his characters on some well known figures in society the similarities are so blatant That somehow made an otherwise lovey tale a bit hollow As also the very smooth way things seems to have been taken care of There were some editing errors that could have been avoided For instance 'of course' being spelt as 'off course' in at least two pagesVerdict Loved the characters specially the firebrand Radha A light but gripping read in spite of the somewhat artificial feeling plot at least in places But I loved the way his protagonists and their family relate to each other that was realistic Worth a read My Review When I began reading the novel I was initially skeptical about it just like I have this preconceived notion that Indian writers in a dire attempt to receive agreement from a wide readership design plots that cater out to the archetypal Indian mentalities But as I became and engrossed and a part of the novel I realized soon that it IS addictive because it deals with the intricacies of human relationships and other such fundamental issues just as universal as life itselfI am grateful to the author and commend him for the same too for creating an ending which although made me lachrymose credits its poignancy made me revisit my perspectives upon several issues which it addresses without making it seem as if the text is burdened with irrelevant abundance of themesFor the most part of the novel the author keeps the things simple the protagonists Radha and Adi are classmates and each other's saviours visibly soAnd then it seems so true to life that you just don't want it to change That is when something happens which forces the reader to ponder if the author took a cue from some bollywood movie Nonetheless the plot endears itself to the reader But eually incontrovertible is the fact that if converted into a major motion film and supported by direction and adaptation of highest order it will ualify to the oscars Reason? It not only touches the grim politics in Mumbai the interpersonal aspect of relationships but also leaves an imprint somewhere in the core of a reader's heart However it does not seem an indelible or ever lasting imprint When I read it I felt itbut as soon as I closed the book and went on to carry on with my daily choresI had apparently forgotten the pain I am yet to figure out whether it's something about the story or with meIt's a clear message out there their lives that of the protagonists are thoroughly entwined inextricable even but life is a practical replica of the same No intention of spoilers but it does echo the agony of a hereditary disease acuired by Radha who led the cause of socialism with much vigour but to no avail Then enters Nicole and that is the turning point somehow we know as readers that it is It is like stating the obviousOne point of disapproval something that really put me off is that the author portrays both female lead characters raped in past or present making it seem like a mainstream 90s movie for which the plot finds my scornThe aspect worth mentioning is that it is an open ended book leaving much to the interpretation and perception of the readerIt is a great departure from the stories of contemporary novels and leaves you touched to the coreSome things happen in life some people enter our life and we are never the same If you want to experience the truth behind this aforementioned statement grab your copy now