This Is the One Sir Alex Ferguson The Uncut Story of a Football Genius

This Is the One Sir Alex Ferguson The Uncut Story of a Football Genius[PDF / Epub] ☆ This Is the One Sir Alex Ferguson The Uncut Story of a Football Genius By Daniel Taylor – When Manchester United deposed Chelsea as Premiership champions at the end of the 2006 07 season Sir Alex Ferguson described it as the 'greatest achievement' of his twenty years in charge A year earli When Manchester United deposed Chelsea the One MOBI õ as Premiership champions at the end of the This Is Kindle - season Sir Alex Ferguson described it as the 'greatest achievement' of his twenty years in charge Is the One MOBI ô A year earlier his managerial career had reached its nadir amid speculation he would be forced Is the One Sir Alex Kindle - out of Old Trafford He was taken to the limit over the Roy Keane scandal his volatile relationship with the media the political fallout of Malcolm Glazer's takeover and a miserable six month run in which the team were humbled in Europe embarrassed by the Conference side Burton Albion and barracked by their own fans Ferguson it is claimed came close to uitting But the great man has used his inimitable managing skills and bloody minded determination to turn it around yet again and remind everyone he is still the most formidable manager in the business. This is the One is Daniel Taylor's riveting account of what it was like to cover Alex Ferguson from a journalist's perspective It takes place during 05–07 It's written in Diary form giving the reader a Fly on the wall view of a Ferguson press conference Using these press conferences as his starting point Taylor weaves together a gripping week by week narrative of the two seasons mentioned One of the most uniue and informative football books I've read If I had to sum up in one word I'd say fascinating Not because it was written spectacularly but because it had spectacular contentMake no mistake I'm not taking anything away from Daniel Taylor who rose higher in my opinion with his excellent writing in this book Many a times was I pulled into it with his gripping story telling But the ultimate worth of the book lies in the criminally exclusive stuff about the legendary Ferguson And reading it all through a series of press conferences a concept I liked filled with extremely lovable details about behind the curtain exchanges and through the eyes and minds of a reputed journalist makes it all the appealing For every United fan and for most fans of football this is an absolute must read An experience out of which you can only come out richer and mightily satisfied A great insight into what makes the Worlds Greatest Sports Manager tick It's a glorious read thats main focus is on events off the pitch while still keeping an eye on events on the pitch “Rival United? Arsenal? Never They will need three stadiums and thirty three teams to rival us as a club Nobody is as big as Manchester United Nobody ever will be either”For two seasons between 2005 and 2007 Taylor enjoyed fantastic access to Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United He followed United home and away developing a definitive portrait of Ferguson through two immensely challenging seasonsHis assessments are fair and developed with elouence and it was supremely easy to read his account There was variation depth and comedy throughout The anecdotes were fabulous and the level of access which Taylor had was built upon by his excellent ability to tell stories within a wider narrative This is much than purely a journalistic account of those two seasons Taylor’s depiction and explanation of Ferguson’s feud with the BBC is fascinating and delivered with fine balance He demonstrates a superb knowledge of Manchester United and Ferguson at the time and also a journalistic passion which definitely brings the book alive Taylor was also spot on in foreshadowing Ferguson’s eventual retirement and the void he would leave at the club As a United fan reading those words from 2008 did bring a smile to remember how Ferguson would add Premier League titles again in 0708 0809 1011 and 1213 as well as his second Champions League triumph in 0708Overall this is perhaps the best book related to Manchester United that I have ever read it is very hard to choose between this and Fergie’s ‘Managing My Life’ Taylor has no agenda no overt bias and offers such uniue insight that it was near impossible to put down He is a terrific writer storyteller and judge of character His insight was phenomenal Fascinating read Sir Alex Ferguson is without a doubt the greatest manager in the history of football Taylor's book offers a rare view behind the curtain in the form of a diary which covers the 0506 and 0607 seasons During the first season Ferguson is under increasing media pressure as it seems time has finally caught up with him and the game has passed him by Of course as every football fan knows the next season proved this was far from being the case Fergie's tumultuous relationship with the media and even his own players make for a good story In retrospect it was also extremely interesting to see and hear Fergie and Taylor's opinions on Jose Mourinho which have since then proven true time and time again Overall one of the best football books I've read and one that made me sorely miss Sir Alex We'll never see the likes of him again This is an engrossing book on Sir Alex Ferguson particularly focussing on his relationship with the press It covers two seasons the first has his Manchester United team failing to win the league by some distance but then the second season shows them regaining their Premier League crown The story of those two seasons is told against the backdrop of his spiky relationship with the press and is extremely well told The book offers insights into the man's character and his need for complete control over all issues concerning Manchester United At times this almost borders on paranoia But the drive determination and aggression all come through Fantastic account of a huge two year period in the Premier League Brought back memories of another under rated gem Football Bloody Hell by Patrick BarclayWell worth a read I recently signed up for The Athletic just to continue to follow Daniel Taylor's journalism Misleading title Good material but covers like 3 seasons This is graded on a Soccer Books Scale If you're a United fan very enjoyable Sometimes you've gotta take a book off Brilliant book about a side of Sir Alex Ferguson that we don't get to see very often

This Is the One Sir Alex Ferguson The Uncut Story of a
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  • This Is the One Sir Alex Ferguson The Uncut Story of a Football Genius
  • Daniel Taylor
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  • 14 March 2015
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