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Konan við 1000°❰Epub❯ ➞ Konan við 1000° Author Hallgrímur Helgason – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Fa bene a tutti perdere la facciata della propria casa sentire lo stridore dei freni davanti al proprio figlio o vedere sparare alla schiena al proprio innamorato Ho sempre detestato freuentare gente Fa bene a tutti perdere la facciata della propria casa sentire lo stridore dei freni davanti al proprio figlio o vedere sparare alla schiena al proprio innamorato Ho sempre detestato freuentare gente che non ha mai dovuto scavalcare un cadavere A Herra Bjornsson tutto uesto è capitato Ma non solo Le è capitato anche di baciare il più famoso dei Beatles uando erano solo ignoti scarafaggi appena sbarcati ad Amburgo e di incrociare in una bettola di Parigi lo sguardo libidinoso di Sartre Le è capitato di attraversare Konan við PDF/EPUB or la guerra con un'unica ricchezza due perle della collana di Casanova peccato che un soldato tedesco alto e idiota le abbia viste e se le sia mangiate Ha scaricato più di un uomo con la frase E arrivato il taxi compreso ancora in sala parto il padre del suo primogenito Ha fatto tre figli con nove uomini conoscendo le canaglie di mezzo mondo Nipote titolata del primo presidente d'Islanda ha attraversato il vecchio continente e si è spinta fino in Sudafrica e in Argentina ha conosciuto le guerre e si è fatta nuovi amici e spasimanti su Facebook E sopravvissuta ai figli privi di talento e a tutte le terribili nuore Ma ora chiusa in un garage nella sua amata Reykjavik in compagnia di un computer portatile due stecche di Pall Mall e una bomba a mano di fabbricazione tedesca è decisa a battere sul tempo la propria malattia Non senza aver preparato la sua ultima grandiosa vendetta. This is a novel written in first person voice of an elderly woman from Iceland who is contemplating her death and the 1000 degrees Celsius that will be needed to cremate her body As she considers her demise she recalls her teenage years living in Denmark when the Germans invaded and her family became entangled in the upheaval of war The book describes a present day curmudgeonly and crusty personality that is a product of a hardscrabble youth when she was forced to struggle and use her wits to surviveMultiple stories are revealed as the book's narrative switches back and forth between the past and present Her family was stranded in German controlled Denmark early in World War II unable to return to Iceland Her family was split on how to respond to the invasion The following excerpt describes the divisions within the family as they sit around a dining table trying to carry on a conversationGrandma sat at the end and glared at the SS insignia on my father as he slipped into the place farthest away from her I sat opposite him and felt as if I were sitting at a negotiating table Because it was a tricky situation Grandma was a Danish aristocrat who was married to an Icelander and despised the Germans Dad was a German soldier who was married to an Icelandic woman and despised the Danes Jón Krabbe was a half Icelandic official married to a Danish woman who every day had to bow to the Germans Puti was a half Danish but optimistic Icelander who allowed himself to dream of an independent Iceland Kylla was also Icelandic Danish but married to a Faeroese man who considered the idea of Icelandic independence utterly ludicrous Mom was from Breidafjördur and saw everything from the perspective of the sea I was still a work in progress p86The book's narrator likewise felt that she never fit in wherever she went I think the following excerpt offers a hint of her crusty personality but I was wrong everywhere I went To Åse I was too Danish At school I was too German And to everyone too Icelandic I never fitted in At any time in my life In Argentina after the war people thought I was German and looked at me askance In Germany when they realized I'd been to Argentina people looked at me askance And at home I was a Nazi in America a Communist and on a trip to the Soviet Union I was accused of capitalistic behavior In Iceland I was too traveled on my travels too Icelandic And I was never elegant enough for the presidential residence in Bessastadir while in Bolungarík where I lived with my sailor Bæring they called me a prima donna Women told be I drank like a man men like a slut In my flings I was deemed too keen; in my relationships to frigid I couldn't fit in any damned where and was therefore always looking for the next party I was a relentless fugitive on the run p94Through a series of unfortunate events she ends up wondering through the occupied Polish countryside during the war without ID papers which raises the possibility of her being apprehended by the Nazis and assumed to be Jewish She witnesses the death of a peasant family that's hiding her she ends up being raped then later seduces a German officer who will be executed for cowardice At the end of the war she ends up being a sex slave for the invading Russian soldiers where she crosses paths with her father who is now in a Russian Army uniformIncredibly her father who at the beginning of the war was in the German Wehrmacht had managed to be taken prisoner of war by the Russians and then in the prison camp had somehow convinced the Russians that he was Estonian thus eligible to be drafted into the Russian Army Conseuently he had spent the first part of the war in the German Army invading Russia and then in the later part of the war he was in the Russian Army invading Germany He managed to survive both of these perilous situations and after the war moved to Argentina to get a new start in lifeThe story was inspired by an actual person's life but the author begins the book with an Author's Note emphasizing that the story is fictional It is my understanding from other sources that the surviving family members of the person whose story is being told in the book are not happy about how their relative was depicted I'll have to admit that I've speculated about which parts were fictional and which parts were actual events Certainly the part of the story that depicts the eighty year old antagonist as a computer hacker breaking into the online social media lives of her children and in laws would be problematic for almost any family Some of the stories of survival from WWII are hard to believe but I suspect there's a kernel of truth in them In particular the part about her father beginning the war on the German side and ending up on the Russian side is too unbelievable to be fiction I wish the author had described which parts were trueIn the Acknowledgments at the end of the book the author describes how he first encountered the woman who inspired the story His only contact with her was a forty minute telephone conversation in which she described her life She died a year later He never met her in person He didn't change names for the book which is probably one reason why the relatives are not happy The book was originally written in Icelandic and later translated to English In which is demonstrated that there is a difference between having a terrific idea for a book and writing itHerra is 80 years old and has already made an appointment with the crematorium although as the pleasant young man on the phone points out she has to be dead before they push her into the 1000° oven In the meantime she lives alone in a garage along with a laptop and a hand grenade On the laptop she has set up several accounts at facebook using a photo of Linda Pétursdóttir Miss World 1988 as any fule kno and gingering up the hopes of men from Harare to Hamilton The hand grenade is a relic from WW2 To deflect the legitimate concern of her carer she claims it is a novelty perfume flask Feu de CologneIt all starts off well you see Droll in a uirky bizarre way What German calls skurril which is a false friend to the English word scurrilous Not vulgar or offensive merely freakish funky flaky FunLike many elderly people Herra lives in the past than the present and like many an elderly raconteur the memories pour in willy nilly The most intense experiences of her life are the ones that elbow their way to the front of the unruly crowd; those of the war years when she was a girl in Denmark and Germany As one might expect the fun fizzles out fast to be replaced by horror So the concept is realistic Yes 80 year olds do ramble I know I spend several hours a week with my 89 year old father in law He's a poppet with a great sense of humour but he does go off at a tangent sometimes One of his legendary phrases is Den kennst du doch which has entered family lore You must know him surely thingie whatshisname he lives down the street from the woman who used to do for Annemarie's sister's hairdresser you know The best non committal response is to nod and shrug at the same time So I know the form But it is far from engrossing Sometimes dare I say it a little frustratingJumbled up and comical is fine but of the 119 short chapters over half around 60 or so take place in the years between 1939 and 45 Not much to laugh at there no matter how twisted a sense of humour you might have Not much in the way of suspense Not much incentive to pick up the book once it was put down Interestingly enough I hope since Iceland has a population of around 320000 Hallgrímur Helgason has readers in Germany than in his home country As far as national stereotyping is concerned he's very considerate of his German readers I suppose it's not a good idea to alienate your main audience But he is definitely writing about Iceland and is scathing of the change of values that led to the 2008 crash And I managed to finish this on the day the centre right parties who are widely held responsible for that particular debacle have been returned to power How topical is that Despite my personal dislike of uirky old person narratives I really found myself enjoying this novel Herra Bjornsson lives in a garage where she is dying from emphysema and is thinking back on her life And what a life She came of age in Iceland during World War II I had never stopped to think about Iceland during World War II and the book gave me the occasion to do so Technically Iceland was ruled by Denmark at the time but Denmark was invaded by Germany while the island of Iceland was occupied by the British And in 1944 Iceland declared its independence in the midst of the worldwide chaosSo what do you do if you are a young Icelandic girl whose father fights for the Nazis? Herra moves with her mother to the Danish island of Amrum where hundreds of people are taking shelter from the war until they are forced to relocate At that point she is sent to live with a family who is supposed to only take her in for a few months But when her mother doesn't make the rendezvous point and Herra's father goes back to the front she is forced as a young teen to attempt to survive on her own taking her through areas of Denmark Poland and Germany When she returns to Iceland her father is ostracized and she can't forgive her mother while her grandparents the president of Iceland have war forgetting cocktail parties for the new wealthy class that profited from the warBetween the chapters of this history are chapters from the present day which in this novel is 2009 Herra is bedridden but she has internet access and spends much of her time trolling people on the internet including her daughter in law One of her neighbors teaches her how to be a low key hacker and this leads to other shenanigans The reference to 1000 degrees is the temperature at which a body is burned for cremation and one memorable scene has Herra making her own appointment at the crematorium I think without the balancing of the feisty old person Herra the story may have seemed overly melodramatic It did add a lot to the story to know where she ended up And it isn't glamorousThere is even here commentary on the Icelandic people the discomfort of representing the great white ideal because of Hitler her father was a professor of mythhistory the line gets a bit blurred by the Nazis of course the reactions of normal people to war and other atrocities survival and even sexual awakening this last one makes me consider whether or not this is mild enough for a book club recommendation There is enough humor to balance the stark realities and Herra is probably the most kickass invalid you will ever encounter I enjoyed it far than I expected and will seek out additional books by the author someone who somehow escaped me in my year of reading Iceland Shame Thanks to the publisher for providing early access to this title via NetGalley The book comes out January 9 2018 If you like Björk An Icelandic 80 year old woman named Herra Björnsson lies in her garage a human reliuary holding onto the live grenade from WWII she was given by her Nazi father estranged from her two sons and waiting to die after having made an appointment for the 14th to be cremated a Woman at 1000 degreesHerra may be the crassest female narrator in my recollection often resorting to the vulgar in language to describe the repulsive in life It is definitely not for those weak of stomach She recounts her tragic life beginning primarily when she the daughter of a confused Icelandic royal who joins the Nazi cause becomes a lost child who treks across Poland trying to survive suffering brutal rapes time and again and being forced to sell her body for food often describing her degradation in sickening detail At one time she passes near the Treblinka extermination camp and describes the smell of burning bodies She goes with her father to Argentina presumably for him to escape prosecution as a Nazi war criminal There she becomes pregnant under bizarre circumstances This segment felt like it did not fit and should have been a separate short story or novella When she moves back closer to home she marries an abusive husband It's not all bleak though Helgason occasionally employs humor mostly tongue in cheek anecdotes and mordant wit within the recollections of this acerbic lady's mostly horrible lifeWhile the uality of writing is excellent the woman narrator is so embittered and relentlessly nasty I was constitutionally incapable of feeling anything for her or her plight This was particularly so with a narrative structure in which she traveled back in her memories in an incoherent way to different time periods with no pattern nor apparent purpose I'd describe this structure as atonal or maybe a better description would be Björk like That is to say if you like Björk you will likely enjoy Herra and her story It's 35 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ actually Did you ever love a book and in the same time hate it with just as much intensity??? This is exactly how I am left feeling about this bookit is not an easy read and it doesn't paint an easy to digest storybut it is beautiful in it's own uirky waylovehate hate love I really enjoyed the first 200 pages of this book Herra Bjornsson is an old feisty foul mouthed woman who has had a huge life and who's story is pretty amazing Until it wasn't I could have done without the last 100 pages at least there was plenty of sorrow and anger and angst in the stories that were told on the previous pages that I am not sure we needed It is a good example of having a really good idea for a book and then actually writing said book There are parts that are hilarious her many email correspondences comes to mind and it IS and interesting look at World War 2 that we Americans rarely get thanks to Joy Walsh for that phrase it was perfect but ultimately it just became a little too much for me They say your life passes before your eyes before you die Something like this is happening to Herra Björnsson as she lies bedridden and clutching a live WWII hand grenade in a converted garage in Reykjavik Herra's been forgotten and exploited by family and friends but she hasn't lost the dark sense of humor that has enabled her to survive a life that would have broken a dozen lesser women Tossed about by world history and personal tragedy she lives life on her own terms When she calls a crematorium to make a reservation for her own cremation at 1000 degrees Celsius you realize she intends to die on her own terms as well Don't read this book if you want to laugh without crying at the same time As a young girl Herra lives a simple and happy life with her mother on a remote island in Iceland but shortly before WWII her DanishIcelandic father returns to claim the family he's hidden away in shame When the war breaks out her father becomes a Nazi soldier while Herra and her mother navigate life in occupied Denmark until circumstances separate them and launches Herra into a survival situation in war torn Poland From then on Herra's life enters a series of amazing roller coaster up and downsHerra relates her story in first person out of chronological order as one might expect from a dying old woman Her reflections on the past mingle with her relationships with her caregiver and family in the present To while away the time while she's waiting to die she embarks on a hobby of poignant and hilarious online trolling and catfishing Herra is a wounded soul but she's not one to indulge in self pity If she had been she'd have given up the ghost long agoI enjoyed this book immensely from its darkly humorous beginning to its devastating ending If you're looking for a light read this isn't it But if you're looking for drama history and a uirky sarcastic tough as nails character who gives as good as she gets look no further than Woman at 1000 Degrees The narrator is 80 years old and lies dying in a converted garage attic She looks back at her life and relates a tale of mainly her experiences during WWII where she is separated from her parents and roams around Germany and Poland The narrator is Icelandic she reminds the reader on almost every page she is dying every second page and has lived a life full of sex twice each page This repetition was one of the things that detracted from a promising start The other annoying aspect was the trying to hard to be funny stories being rememberedThis is no A Man Called Ove or The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared Very rarely do I enjoy a man writing about a women's experiences especially those involving rape but Helgason does uite a formidable job  Maybe it's the fact that I didn't live through World War II or that I'm not an Icelandic woman but his voice was certainly refreshing  I mean first of all I can't remember the last time that I read a book about an elderly person  Maybe never?  Second of all Herra is blunt and brunt and rude  And that's something women rarely get to be even in literatureAnd something I don't see as often is women living to their greatest potential  Herra did so much and was forced to do so much so it's completely understandable why she takes upon such a harsh tone through Helgason's writing  She falls in love multiple times gets pregnant multiple times is forced to flee multiple times all while being accompanied by her father's hand grenade  There's also some great passages about being a woman within this book that I so wish I had underlined  Like I said before I was a little wary about this being written by a man but wow  I think he understands how much and how often women sacrifice themselves in order to appease men whether on a personal level or a political global level  Overall this book was so incredibly enjoyable and interesting that I had a hard time putting it down  I definitely recommend this to those who like fiction biographies and WWII literatureReview cross listed here I read a third of this and learned a lot about Iceland I also learned that a crappy translation is well a crappy translation Some of the clunkiest prose this side of an undergraduate essay

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