Baby Im Yours Life Love and Babies #2

Baby Im Yours Life Love and Babies #2[Reading] ➷ Baby Im Yours Life Love and Babies #2 By Samantha Chase – One hot night Two fake names Three years later Nicole Taylor thought she was merely hosting a pre wedding dinner for her best friend What she ended up with was coming face to face with the man she had Yours Life Epub Ù One hot night Two fake names Three years later Nicole Taylor thought she was merely hosting a pre wedding dinner for her best friend What she ended up with was coming face to face with the man she had shared Baby Im MOBI :¼ her Im Yours Life Love and Kindle - one and only wild night with three years earlier Now had to introduce him to the daughter that he didn't know that he had Her entire world is about to be turned upside down and she's unsure that she can Im Yours Life MOBI ð trust in the hope of a family for her little girl Josh Masterson had no idea why he lied that night so long ago Nicole was everything he had ever wanted in a woman and he had regretted that bad decision Im Yours Life Love and Kindle - for far too long Now he had the perfect opportunity to make up for it He had no idea that he had fathered a child with Nicole but now that he did he wasn't going to just walk away He had made a mistake three years ago and now he was determined to show Nicole that there really is such a thing as love at first sight and happily ever after's. This is another easy cheesy addition to the series Yes I said cheesy but it's cheesy in a good way most of the time I enjoyed the story the charactersthis is a light entertaining readAn ARC was provided by the publisher I love a good surprise baby story The only exception is when a heroine keeps the pregnancy from the hero on purpose I just don't think that is cool Unless that hero is abusive or dangerous you don't take that option away from a dad That is not the case with this story Josh and Nikki met up when they were both at turning points in their lives Nikki had just graduated college and was about to start a new teaching job Josh is at point in his life that he needs to make some major decisions They meet up in a bar sparks fly and you know where this goes Josh tell Nikki his name is Tyler his middle name and Nikki tells him that her name is Nichole which she never goes by Not realizing that the amazing night was going to produce than wonderful memoriesJosh wasn't my favorite hero because he lied to Nikki view spoiler Aside from his name he failed to mention that he was engaged One of the reasons he was in town was to talk to his brother because he was not in love with his fiance and she was pressuring him to start making wedding plans Once he met Nikki he knew that he could never marry the fiance because he was in love with Nikkilove at first sight hide spoiler Fourth Time Through I just love this uick and easy readNicole Taylor so unlike herself had a one night stand three years ago resulting in a pregnancy She tried to no avail to find the young man to inform him he was going to be a father She had no clue that the man she was with did not use his real name She has never forgotten him or the instant connection that she felt to him It was love at first sight on both sidesJosh Masterson had no idea why he lied that night so long ago using his middle name instead of his first Nicole was everything he had ever wanted in a woman She had awakened during the night and left without Josh learning her last name or contact information He searched for her but had no luck He has never forgotten her the one woman who was perfect for himNicole was hosting a pre wedding dinner for her best friend her fiance and the groom's best man who was the groom's brother whom she had never met When she opened the door to let them in she was face to face with the man she had spent that one splendid night with who was the father of her daughterThoughts I didn't think our hero handled things well by keeping it a secret from the woman and his family that he had fallen in love with the heroine three years ago and wanted her in his life as well as his daughter's He mistakenly didn't understand that she thought he only wanted his daughter That was frustrating and definitely knocked it down a star I also felt the heroine was weak willed and wouldn't say what she wanted holding everything inside so he was left to try and piece it together and did a poor job She also seemed to always need opinions from her mother and best friend instead of making up her own mind That caused a lot of undue stress because their advice was just plain awful and they didn't even know Josh but made him out to be a bad guy and he was anything butsetting the relationship back even further and let them have power over the relationship She had no self assurance and reminded me of a smart mouthed door mat Is that an oxymoron? She visits her mother who puts all kinds of terrible accusations in her head about Josh then when she dumps him for things she imagines he had done things like'when he travels I bet he picks up women every where he goes Wonder how many children he has running loose around the world I'm sure he will dump you and the kid This is from her beloved mother It worked out well in the end but I could have handle a secure heroine one that had enough confidence in herself to trust what she and the hero felt for each other instead of listening to the doom and gloom of outside sources She had a brain and she should have used it and simply talked to him about it But then I suppose it wouldn't be a romance without the speed bumpsA sweet read I enjoyed most of this book It was a uick read with a lot packed into 117 pages I highly recommend you read this book A short sweet read about a guy and a girl who have a one night stand three years ago He gives her a false name she sneaks out in the morning without giving him her name at all She ends up pregnant with no way of finding the dad Three years later her best friends are getting married and she meets the groom to be's brother and voila baby daddy is foundThese books usually can be so sugary sweet or so angsty that they are not worth reading This book is the total opposite They were both generally sorry that they didn't know who each other was he accepted his parental role immediately she angsted just a teeny bit about now having to share her daughter but got over it uickly and they were both honest now with how they felt about each other after all these years Both of their families were warm and accepting not any anger or accusations from either side Just unconditional loveAfter another minor angst episode when she briefly thought maybe she hadn't been his only one night stand is resolved uickly and there was a nice HEAThese are the kind of books I can't get enough of Meeting your True Love againI was and excited and just thrilled to read this funny romantic book Baby I'm yours In this this adorable and sweet second series Life Love and Babies and written by my all time favourite author Samantha Chase Such a rich exciting and entertaining story it is I really just loved it soPoor NikkiTaylor was the head for her bestie Denise's wedding Whilst at her practice wedding meal and she wasn't fond on who would end up as her date As she was a single mother who had gotten pregnant having her little girl Ellie Nikki was had been living single with her child for three years Not even knowing who the man was or is Until when she meets Denise's husband's own brother Joshua Masterson Realising that he'd used a different name all along from three years ago He was the father of her child And wasn't Tyler the whole time Noticing her daughter still have affinity with her father tooI just adored this amazing most beautiful book I love all its wonderful characters as they broiled together this fun romantic book I recommend this book to everyone Ugh Baby I'm Yours by Samantha Chase had so much promise How did it go so wrong? I’ll tell you how Nikki’s mixed signals It really put a damper on the story for me Nikki and Josh have a one night stand Josh lies about his first name and gives Nikki his middle name Tyler Neither gives their last name or any contact information and Nikki embarrassed by her behaviour sneaks off in the middle of the night Low and behold 9 months later Ellie is born Nikki has no way to contact the father to tell him And then one night he shows up on her doorstep It turns out he’s her friend’s fiancé’s brother The two work together so that Ellie and her dad can get to know one another but their attraction has been simmering for over 3 years If only Nikki wasn’t hung up on every doubt known to manI jest but not really Josh was way patient that I was They came close to being together so many times only to have Nikki pull away with a new excuse The way I saw it they were both at fault for how the one night stand went down But Josh took all the blame and Nikki was than willing to let him have it She accused him of not being trustworthy but that didn’t fly with me Yes he didn’t use his given name but the name he used was still his middle name and it wasn’t as if Nikki could have found him without his last name Josh waded through her all over the place feelings like a champion trying to do what she asked and then later getting in trouble for it I understood that she was scared and trying to protect her daughter but she wasn’t as honest as she could have been as she should have been It felt like Josh had to do all the riskingI liked Nikki’s friends Denise and David who happened to be Josh’s brother but we didn’t see them very much The story is fitted around their wedding a detail I really enjoyed It helped lend a sense of reality to the story Again this was another fast read that you probably had to go into reading with a certain frame of mind I liked that the heat was dialed up a little in this story and the parts with Ellie were cute albeit somewhat unrealistic for a child of her age and I really liked that Josh’s family was so accepting and supporting of everyone The brief flash we got of Nikki’s parents showed they were there same way Overall a uick decent read Not every one night stand ends like this oneAn exchange of names lot of sex and sneaking out the next morning Neither one of them expected a baby to come out of it Fast forward 4 years or so Turns out to be a small world when she meets her best friends brother in law to be You guessed it The guy from her dreams her hot unforgettable night of wild sex and her daughters fatherNow comes the fun drama Can and will he want to be a part of her daughters life? Do they still feel that attraction that drew them together? Will his lies keep them apart? And so many drama action and heartwarming thingsThis was a cute story that does have a happy ending Don't judge me I was in the mood to read some romantic fluff Next time I'll ask for high uality fluff WonderfulThis is such a wonderful heartwarming story that simply left me smiling It's a surprise baby story that's beautifully written with great characters in Josh Nicole and Ellie Low angst great HEA Definitely a recommended read In my opinion Samantha Chase has an amazing talent for writing and each new book that she writes makes that talent shine through even All of her books are amazing but I will fully admit that I just found my most favorite of her books with Baby I'm Yours I was completely hooked from the very beginning and had a hard time every time I had to put it down Nicole became a single parent unexpectedly after going out of her comfort zone one time and having a one night stand Unfortunately she was not told the truth of the man's name so she was not able to look for him after finding out she was pregnant with his child Three years later she surprisingly comes face to face with him again It turns out to be a very small world of who he really is Josh has regretted for than two years that he did not find out the woman's last name or even give her his real information because he has never been able to get her out of his head He felt that they really bonded over the endless hours of talking that they did and of course spending the night together So when he sees her again he feels like he was given a second chance When he finds out that they have a child together it proves to him even that he needs to do what ever it takes to make the relationship workEven though Nicole agrees that there is chemistry and attraction between her Josh she is not sure she is ready to trust him again after everything that she has gone through This is such a wonderful story that will definitely tug at the reader's heart strings than once The relationship between Josh Ellie was absolutely heartwarming to watch I loved how Josh's parents stepped in and treated Nicole Ellie like they had been family all along This story is a keeper for any kindle or any other e reader