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Healthy Happy Sexy[KINDLE] ❁ Healthy Happy Sexy ❄ Katie Silcox – A hip sensual Ayurveda bible for the modern woman this life changing guide distills ancient teachings into a spirit infused yet pragmatic approach to your physical mental and spiritual healthTeacher a A hip sensual Ayurveda bible for the modern woman this life changing guide distills ancient teachings into a spirit infused yet pragmatic approach to your physical mental and spiritual healthTeacher and yoga instructor Katie Silcox is a leading expert on Ayurveda She knows that bringing ancient wisdom into our modern lives does not mean sacrificing the occasional rendezvous with red wine fashion magazines and other sensual pleasures In Healthy Happy Sexy Katie offers not only a philosophy of Healthy Happy eBook ½ life but a time tested we’re talking thousands of years method for living your most radiant healthy and sexually vital life possibleCovering everything from how to get the perfect poo to glowing skin to deeper sexual fulfillment here is a complete guide to women’s health It offers evocative uestions journaling exercises simple but deep meditations and natural recipes and remedies for common health and beauty needs By engaging in these lifestyle choices you will experience ancient practices that resonate with the way we live our lives nowCombining Ayurvedic wisdom with practical tools and her lively playful and down to earth voice Katie provides a method to heal entertain inspire and remind you that you are one sexy goddess. This book may not be as deep or comprehensive as other books on the topic but it is a really nice introduction to whet the appetite I thought it was very approachable and well written The author's focus on women also appealed to me because duh I'm a woman I really appreciated the sections on women's health issues and sex topics that are too often overlooked glossed over or just plain not discussed I definitely feel inspired to implement some of her suggestions in my life I also anticipate the meditations recipes and resources that she includes are going to be useful And now I have the itch to re read The Red Tent Because reading something the year you graduate high school is not the same as reading it when you'rea little bit older than that Ahem Great introductory book for learning about the ayruvedic lifestyle Information was easy to comprehend and easy to adapt to a modern way of life Also the recipes in the back are delicious Okay I had to get over myself and yes read a book that had the word sexy in the title It's bizarre that I should be embarrassed by that I guess The word does have a rightful place there though because there are three pillars of Ayurveda and sex is one of them I was only familiar with the doshas and foodherbal part of Ayurveda before reading this book In a Western way much of what I knew about Ayurveda was what herb to buy to balance my out of wack pittavata This book gives a good overall explanation of each of the three pillars and then provides recipes mantras and meditations Everything presented is very approachable I recommend it for any woman interested in learning about Ayurveda Silcox teaches us how to love our bodies and ourselves Her book is about than yoga she relates how we can fully embrace our human experience As a male reader I felt like she was letting me peel back the layer of feminine secrets that had always bewildered me Surprise sex is not merely a physical act for women In order to supercharge your sex life you've gotta start by training your mind I mean who hasn't had an orgasm interrupted by thoughts of a work deadline? And if a male partner can get past a woman's big O as the goal of intimacy then we may achieve a healthy happy sexy life This book was recommended to me by my yoga teacher after talking to her about my interest in becoming a Yoga Teacher I am so glad that I read it There are so many wonderful references and eye opening and heart enlightening ideas and practices for your everyday life I love this book and the journey it has taken me on for the past few weeks I recommend this book to everyone Very accessible really good recipes tons of great information It's Swami Rama adapted for modern American women Good stuff Good basic beginner Ayurvedic info Katie Silcox is such an inspiration and served as my hero A modern woman who managed to incorporate eastern practices into her western lifestyle Accessible book on Ayurveda Very whitewashed though The book is not bad There was some interesting information on ayurveda philosophy and its outlook on diet exercise way of thinking etc There are some nice ayurvedic recipes both culinary and esthetic like herbal remedies for colds home made beauty products etc However I lacked guidance For example the author obviously values spices and she does provide some recipes that use them but I would like a general description of how each spice can and should be used otherwise I will just end up coming home with this huge bag of exotic powders not knowing what to do with them The recipes she provides also seemed a bit too exotic The author advocates using home grown products that our grandmas used in the past but where do mangoes uinoa and agave come in? I understand it is an Indian philosophy but couldn't we also use our beloved apples currants or beets which are also much cheaper but still very good for you? Overall I don't regret reading this book I found out a lot of interesting things but I think it should have been holistic and concrete

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