The Midas Flesh Vol 1

The Midas Flesh Vol 1✭ The Midas Flesh Vol 1 Books ✯ Author Ryan North – Dang King MidasWe've all heard of the Midas Touch You know the Greek myth about the man who did a number on himself by wishing everything he touched to turn to gold Well you haven't heard everything J Dang King MidasWe've all heard of the Flesh Vol Epub µ Midas Touch You know the Greek myth about the man who did a number on himself by wishing everything he The Midas PDF or touched to turn to gold Well you haven't heard everything Joey and her space crew have decided to return to Earth a planet completely sectioned off abandoned and Midas Flesh Vol Epub Û covered in gold to find out exactly what happened to this once thriving planet and see if they can use that knowledge against the evil empire that's tracking them down As luck would have it they just landed the most powerful weapon in the universe some ancient dead guy's body The totally unpredictable first collection of Ryan North's debut original print comic book series The Midas Touch featuring art by illustration dynamos Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb will leave the reader reeling from start to gilded finish. A few months ago I bought the Boom Studios Humble Bundle where you get to buy a ton of electronic comics and name your price with the money going towards Humble Bundle Boom andor a named charity – it’s basically a great deal and millions gets raised to help disadvantaged people I ended up reading one book immediately disliked it enormously and promptly put the rest on the backburner It’s now the end of the year and I’ve decided to download nearly everything else I’m not going to read the Planet of the Apes or Sons of Anarchy comics and plow my way through them So far Lumberjanes and Bee and Puppycat are the only halfway decent comics I’ve come across so Boom do kids’ comics well at least Other books like Curse Day Men unfinished Six Gun Gorilla unfinished Deathmatch Suicide Risk and The Midas Flesh are so bad they’ve given me a new appreciation of DC’s New 52 line up That’s right DC might put out some bad comics so so many but at least there are a few gems here and there Boom’s catalogue? I’m not seeing anything that measures up to Scott Snyder’s Batman And when a book like Midas Flesh makes you think “Hmm y’know I bet Ann Nocenti’s Catwoman isn’t THAT bad” then boy is it a bad comic Ryan North is Matt Fraction minus the talent plus a severe blow to the head Or at least that’s my perspective as an adult male who can read slightly better than a high schooler because I’m sure this book – like most of North’s stuff – is aimed at the youngs and not I I’m sure the characters are meant to sound hep and funny witty even for a 12 year old reader but their dialogue just read as teeth gratingly annoying to me The weak ass story King Midas was real and his wish to turn everything he touched into gold came true – don’t ask how or why it just happened Only he turned the entire planet into gold because of a chain reaction – but not his flesh Fast forward 200 years and a pair of humanoids from another planet – and a talking dinosaur because we’re fun and whacky yo – go on a mission to cut off part of Midas’ body finger and use it against the evil Federation The evil Federation guess how we’re supposed to feel about them? are oppressing everyone in the universe and the freedom fightersterrorists depending on your perspective want to fight back by turning them all into gold Do they do it? There’s a Volume 2 available but I’m definitely not going to read it to find out I can’t say I ever liked our “heroes” partly because their personalities were just so horribly written to be “cool” and their dialogue – yuck They’re also given the most minimal backstory like all the characters and the cap’n of the group thinks nothing of blowing up a civilian transport ship at the end killing hundreds of innocents so yeah I wasn’t rooting for either side really I just wanted the comic to end The story is so simplistic and annoyingly slow partly because I think we’re supposed to love our characters’ interactions so much that we want to spend all the time with them that it became an enormously frustrating read The art looks like every other kid’s comic ie serviceable and unmemorable and several elements of the story felt hopelessly derivative of Star Wars and Star Trek I’ll just stop here with The Midas Flesh was dreadful It is a super annoying comic and I hated it I’ve got six or seven Boom books in the bundle left to sample it looks like they went for uantity over uality yet despite the string of failures I’ve encountered so far I live in hope that at least one of the remaining books will be good I mean there’s got to be one right? I’m not even angry I just feel sorry for this company – they’ve got nothing but crap I might even just go back and tip them a few extra bucks out of pity So Ann Nocenti eh Sometimes I feel like describing a book's premise should be enough For The Midas Flesh all I want to write is talking dinosaur is part of revolutionary spaceship crew and BAM you should be reading this comicIf that's not enough how's this? An Evil Empire is crushing planets underfoot A talking dinosaur uncovers rumors that the Evil Empire has hidden that old planet Earth because it fell victim to a deadly weapon A rebel starship captain agrees to take the talking dinosaur and an ace starship pilot who wears a hijab yay diversity to Earth to retrieve the weapon and stop the war It has strong female characters one of whom becomes disabled during the story which does not stop for lamentations about how her life is now over because she's disabled The characters struggle productively with how to be a moral person and a good friend And I feel like I need to mention the talking dinosaur again in case you missed itThe Midas Flesh is complete in two volumes Appropriate for middle grade kids and up and both the adults in our house loved it Pros good story ideas well thought out concept believable conflict between the main characters fun feel like North does so well in Suirrel Girl Cons lots of wordy talking especially egregious in the interstitial moments during fast paced conflict like an interstellar chase scene the art doesn't well support the emotions of many scenes or the feel of the book overall flashback transitions are hard to detect they could've used a design element like different colour palette font choice or a digital filter I like this and I know I enjoy North's storytelling tics in small doses but I'm unsure whether this counts as really liked it four stars recommend to most or just liked it three stars but prolly wouldn't read again NetGalley ARCThis has been repackaged in 2019 as Midas by BOOM and I received it from NetGalley But it the update doesn't exist on Goodreads and I'm not sure why it has been repackaged or reissued but it's now one volume instead of two This was pretty terrible The illustrations were great but the story line was really bad There are bad guys and there are bad good guys and there are good guys Setting a weapon loose on an entire planet to stop the bad guys is a bad guy move This is a very surface level comic and the writing is not great Even for middle grade But Vol 2 is available from KU so I may read it Maybe the bad good guys will turn out to be good guys The Midas Flesh bumps Ryan North right onto my list of top writers to watch with an incredible concept and some amazing dialogue North's command of his characters and their voices is nothing short of astounding against an expertly crafted backdrop of space empires and dinosaur astronauts Paroline and Lamb's playful art delivers Disney esue designs to North's striking cast of people and starships establishing a wildly uniue tone These four issues are loaded with depth than you can imagine complete with stalemates severed fingers galactic politic and poorly timed ethical uandariesThe Midas Flesh is one of the smartest books of the year and I can't wait to read the conclusion First collection of the comic entertaining Premise is that the legend of King Midas was real and his curse conducts through touch so of course the entire Earth turns to gold Untold centuries pass and now space rebels want to retrieve his body to use as a weapon against the evil galactic tyrants Hilarity ensues Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewThe ARC I got is of volumes 1 and 2 put together so I'll review them both hereThis story is so interesting I'm a big fan of Suirrel Girl but I'd never heard of this comic before by Ryan North I love the concept of taking mythology and saying if this thing happened what might happen thousands of years in the future as a repercussion of that? and adding in sci fi elements and dinosaurs Anything is better basically with dinosaurs If only this had a unicorn in too then it'd be a 5 star read for sureThis comic is very ambitious trying to fit in all this worldbuilding and plot in an 8 issue comic series is kind of crazy and it doesn't TOTALLY work towards the end especially it gets real weird but I respect that it tried Speaking of worldbuilding there isn't really any Were told that the main characters we're following are the good guys who are rebelling against an evil empire but we're really shown very little of that because there just isn't time It basically tells you enough that you go OK it's like Star Wars then and imagine most of it for yourselfI think the 1st volume was better than the 2nd it kind of lost me towards the end but overall I did really enjoy it and the art was really good Very unlike Suirrel Girl but I'm glad Ryan North made this The premise of this comic is fantastic and I don’t blame Ryan North for working on it for 10 years just to find the right way to tell it We all know the story of King Midas who was both blessed and cursed with the ability to turn things to gold with a single touch But what if that golden touch was transmuted through objects as well turning everything that touched an object Midas was touching into gold as well including air? It wouldn’t be long before the whole planet is covered in gold everything dead and frozen all turned literally into goldThat is exactly what happens in this book but the story doesn’t end there Centuries after the Midas “miracle” another race of people that look remarkably like humans happen upon the planet realize what is going on and uickly erase the planet from their maps and database to hide the potential weapon from the rest of the universeOh you didn’t realize this was a weapon? Well in the planetary war we are thrown into an all powerful Federation is in control and a few rebels who stumbled upon long lost information about the golden planet are trying to fight back to rescue their people A team of three Joey Conner and Fatima travel to the gold planet to try to figure out a way to weaponize whatever caused the golden epidemic because if they can harness that power they can use it to stop the Federation Instead of a mechanized weapon though what holds the power is literally Midas’ flesh and blood And they uickly discover possessing the Flesh isn’t the same as being able to use itSo far I love the characters and find the plot really intriguing So far we’ve seen a little bit of Conner the dinosaur’s backstory Did I mention there were dinosaurs? THERE ARE DINOSAURS but I can’t wait to hear about Joey and Fatima’s motivations It’s easy to see why Conner is fighting back – his wife was murdered and his people destroyed by the Federation He either runs and lives in hiding his whole life or fights back at this point But Joey and Fatima both appear to be humanoid somehow so I haven’t uite figured out why they are on the wrong side of the FederationThere are a few things so far that are rather curious First that humanoid beings could possibly develop somewhere other than Earth is pretty far fetched Also all the aliens of all species seem to speak English which is pretty much not just improbably but impossible At least North acknowledges the unlikelihood of this when he has them able to read the crown that says “MIDAS” and argue over the likelihood of being able to read the language of a foreign planet That made me laugh and I understand that simplifying the language and cultural barriers makes it easier to focus on plot I’d rather have interesting well written story and characters that just happen to speak the same languageLast but certainly not least I love Shelli Paroline Braden Lamb’s artwork The style is simple and engaging and I appreciated being able to read in the back about not only North’s process of creating the comic but the artists’ process of visual conceptualization from establishing a visual style to the collaborative process The cartoony style of art really suits the subject matter well and I can imagine the art style appealing to not just adults like me but also to kidsI hope that this comic gets to continue on for a long while because so far it is really well done and it feels like there is a lot of story left to tell in there This is a fairly fascinating look at unintended conseuences in a far future galaxy Earth exists as a solid gold planet all due to Midas' golden touch But a team of resistance fighters stumble on the story and decide they can use Midas as a weapon The first volume focuses on their search and extraction as the Federation catches on and catches up to themThere's a dichotomy in the art style and some of the dialogue which is very upbeat and feels like it's intended for preteensteens and the overarching themes which are very dark although not as much in the first volume The characters are fun and silly shouting off one liners and bantering well but they are also very meticulous and cautious as they deal with this world destroying power There's a lot of philosophy and tough decision making going on here most of which plays out very rationally Definitely a good start At first glance The Midas Flesh looked to be another ably written ably drawn and colored fun adventure comic for kids And if the gorgeous artwork were all there was to the story it might be true However the addition of interesting characters who experience real and significant conseuences to their actions elevate this book far beyond its cutesy art and bright colorsTake the legend of King Midas throw in a random act by a capricious god an evil Federation politically motivated astronaut terrorists and a talking dinosaur and you have a really good comic for fans of all ages Highly recommended

The Midas Flesh Vol 1 Kindle ☆ Flesh Vol  Epub
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  • The Midas Flesh Vol 1
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