Burning Up the Ice International Men of Sports #5

Burning Up the Ice International Men of Sports #5[Epub] ➟ Burning Up the Ice International Men of Sports #5 By T.A. Chase – Oaklandjobs.co.uk International Men of Sport Come with us around the world as the men who compete in their country's most popular sports find that though it's not always easy to win in the game of love it's the only vi International Men of the Ice Kindle Ð Sport Come with us around the world as the men who compete in their country's most popular sports find Burning Up eBook µ that though it's not always easy to win in the game of love it's the only victory worth having Burning Up the Ice Up the Ice PDF ☆ by Devon Rhodes TA Chase This is book five in the. Olivier St Pierre loves playing hockey Even if he knows that if you’re going to play the game you kinda got to expect to get hurt But usually he’s expecting it on the ice not in the locker room When a fight between two guys on his team lands Olivier with a screwed up knee and a ticket to the operating table he is not exactly feeling the love in return Neither is he feeling all that lucky when he comes back to his hometown to find that ice time seems to be scarcer than a mean word on a Canadian’s lips But if he wants to play again he needs to skateeven if that means he has to bargain with the owner of the local skating rinkEver since the municipal rink had a meltdown Evan Campbell has heard every plea been bombarded with every tight lipped reuest and waylaid by every hockeyskatingjust plain desperate parent in the area But there are only so many hours in the day and despite enjoying the fact that his family’s rink is in high demand he would actually like to have time to do things like eat and sleep every once and a while So when he receives yet another call to book time at the rink he has to let the man down Granted he might not have done it in the nicest way possible but the guy had just finished belittling the sport that Evan loved and played So yeah he totally deserved to be hung up onOlivier isn’t going to give up though and Ethan just might find that there is little he can do to keep a hockey player off the ice Or out of his pants Or off his ZamboniHockey Curling Highly improper uses of Zambonis Burning up the Ice sure does know how to tickle my ice fetishesOk so I haven’t exactly been a religious follower of hockey for long I’d call it about three weeks Which with some things could be a very long time indeed if you are experiencing an erection lasting longer than three weeksyou’re already probably wishing you are dead but call a doctor anyways but it doesn’t exactly do my fan credentials much good I sorta fell was pushed down the deep dark hole of hockey slash about three weeks ago and I do not think there is a cure for the crazy I have become Since then I have picked my team go Sharks and gained some ideas on the perfect amount of violence needed to break down your opponent without actually breaking your opponent too badly I also have some rather firm beliefs about a certain pair of hockey playersbut it is probably best to keep that kind of stuff internalized less I come off as a crazy stalker at least until I can come up with a good slash story to write for themThis story just happened to come across at the right time Not only did I have a newly formed obsession with hockey but with the Olympics having just wrapped up I actually know a few things about curling Well mostly that inside the circle things is good and outside is bad I thinkI kinda fell asleep when they were explaining it on the TV So while I freely admit I don’t know a lot about the specifics of each sport the desire to read about them was all ready to goBoth Olivier and Ethan have a love of hockey and the ice though Ethan’s love is a tad bit unreuited since he long ago had to come to terms with the fact that he was just not built for the sport he loved But he has found that curling while not as breathtakingly exciting or violent is a great balm on his heart And when Olivier unwittingly insults it Ethan is than a little ticked off I really loved how Ethan comes to terms with what he can and he cannot have For a long time he has been saying he is fine with what he lost but it is been eating away at him all this time He was good hell he could have been great but just didn’t have the body for it But over the course of the book he finds that he doesn’t have to lose the sport altogether even if it means he will never be part of top level playAnd Olivier is having to deal with having to decide if what he loves is worth what it costs Both in hockey and with Ethan There is a built in end date to their crazy romance because they both know that Olivier has to go back to his team eventually but neither of them can seem to fight the heat building up between them Even if it could hurt later on This was a very nicely built romance between the two and I have to say that I will never ever look at a Zamboni the same way again Dear lords of ice maintenance machines that was hot And the heat isn’t just on the ice It is all over that rink On most of the stable objects in fact Whewyeah these authors know how to ratchet up the heat even when it is takes place in freezing temperaturesThe secondary characters in this story like usual in this series were just great We had Ethan sister Chelsea who had her hockey career basically cut short when she got pregnant and who now helps Ethan run the family rink We also have Barry a sort close family friend who might just have aims on becoming a little of the family and a little of the friend Then you have the parents of both of the guys who bring a whole interesting spin on how you perceive Ethan and Olivier Olivier’s parents are both really well educated and Olivier himself is pretty damn smart And Ethan’s parentswell his father is very involved in their children’s lives I really enjoyed seeing how all these people impacted on the main MCs and really liked that not everything was wrapped up in a nice neat bow for all partiesleaving a bit of mystery for me to ponder onThis was yet another great addition to the International Men of Sports series and since I’ve got the next book waiting on my Kindle for me to review I have to say I am glad I don’t have to wait to get my hands Serving Love At Carnival I really love this series and it has been fun taking this trip around the world and to so many different sportsNowI’m off to read some hockey slash Try to not judge me too harshly D This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews author interviews and all those awesome giveaways Click below Olivier is “out” but not necessarily vocal about it as he’s a professional hockey player He gets injured and returns home to heal When the normal rink has problems he turns to a smaller family owned rink to practice He finds Ethan there a guy he knew as a kid and a wall of resentmentEthan is too small to play pro hockey but he’s got mad skills He turns to curling for an outlet but is often ridiculed by the hockey players he envies When Olivier does the same he hits him with attitudeBut over time the two come to find that they actually have something special to share if they let the other inSo Olivier is uite cute and Ethan is sad about not being able to play hockey and they have great sex but where is the relationship and where is it going? I never really felt the connection between these two beyond the physical I just didn’t “see” their connectionI thought the Zamboni sex was hot but it felt awkward that they couple didn’t ever go on dates or even have sex on a bed til the endOlivier was a super neat character – an astrophysisist hockey player and I wished we’d had interactions with him and Ethan as a couple – taking advantage of that uniueness that seemed to be just something to say rather than a real aspect of his personalityI didn’t know anything about curling and got to learn something new so that was nice but again it felt like everything was just kinda put out there to “be uniue” and not something integral to the charactersThe writing and editing were fine but I didn’t really get a great feeling about these guys as a couple and didn’t even understand where they ended up by the end of the book Are they moving in together? Doing the long distance thing? They just sort of hinted at things in the future which was very unsatisfyingI’ve enjoyed TA Chase in the past and I’ll definitely given Devon Rhodes another shot but I was underwhelmed by this effort25 of 5 stars Original Blog Post Rating 35 of 5 StarsBurning Up The Ice is the fifth installment to the International Men of Sports series by authors TA Chase and Devon Rhodes This is a fantastic duo of authors whose coming together has given us a delicious taste of men romancing men in the world of sports When they first started out this series it was unimaginable to think that these men would actually come out and enjoy their lives as they have the right to Just the other day another star athlete came out and it was a joy to see that this is now actually happeningThis is the story of Olivier and Ethan Two athletic men whose one common ground was the ice rink Olivier is a star defense hockey player while Ethan is a curler Honestly I had to go to YouTube to familiarize myself with the sport before I could go on as I had no idea what it was After which I started to enjoy this book Accidentally injured in a locker room brawl Olivier has to go through painful therapy to get himself together and after being paparazzi ed to the max he finally finds a uiet little rink in his hometown Or so he thought There he meets Ethan Ethan knew all about Olivier Everyone did in his hometown When he walks into his rink to ask for some private ice time practically begging for it Ethan could not say no And that was the start of a beautiful friendship which morphed into romanceWho knew one could turn a Zamboni into a hot ride? As the two men get to know each other all the drama goes of and on around them Thankfully this was not happening in their budding relationship Unless one had to think about the future This Ethan was scared of When Olivier finally leaves what happens next?Overall Burning Up The Ice was a beautifully written story of romance on and off the ice between two men It was fun erotic and consuming It was uite difficult putting this down excepting that time when I had to look up curling and I really enjoyed myself The only trouble I had was near the end I was left a little dissatisfied for although this is an HEA I was left wondering how it came to be There was a hole somewhere and I could not fill it Probably somewhere between 335 for meI liked it enjoyed the wintery sports aspects and there was Zamboni kinkI was a bit up and down over the relationship between Olivier and Ethan and wanted to know about how Olivier's team reacted to he and EthanI ended up wanting to have a bigger story about these two but liked what I got I liked it but not really 3 stars worth I thought the relationship was just sex so it was surprising to read that the guys were really into each other long term There was no indication of that other than them stating it Zamboni sex must be a universal hockey fan fantasy lol My biggest peeve was the blow up near the end with Brad It came out of nowhere and never was resolved Is he going to get his own story or are we just left hanging? Oh and size It does matter; judging by the way teams draft it must matter Butthere are plenty of smaller hockey players Marty St Louis and Mats Zuccarello to name just 2 Just saying if Ethan was really THAT skilled Sweet low angst read Until the guys had sex in the Zamboni I was than okay with this story After that? I was a little uneasy because I was waiting for something else jarring and unrealistic to happen Fortunately nothing did When the Saskatoon Canada municipal skating rink becomes inoperable only two other rinks are available the private membership only club and Campbell's public rink Once the happening place Campbell's clientelle is now made up of curling teams and not much public business However with the municipal rink closed Campbell's is now packed with hockey teams wanting practice space and free skaters asking for time on the ice Ethan Campbell with the help of his sister Chelsea now manages the place since their father had a heart attack and minor stroke even though they like to make the older man think he's still the boss Having been seriously injured NHL defensive player and Saskatoon native Olivier St Pierre returns home to recuperate from his surgeries and regain his skating edge A few years younger than Olivier Ethan has always looked up to the hockey player and wants to accommodate his reuest for ice time but the rink is overbooked the way it is Olivier who wants to be as anonymous as possible as far as the NHL press is concerned so that he can heal in peace has been outed by the members only rink which invites the press in to watch Olivier skate and offers interviews so he turns to Ethan's rink for privacy Ethan offers him time at night after the rink is closed and promises to keep his rink time a secretRead the rest of my review at The Romance Reviews Olivier St Pierre what a wonderful name is a professional Ice Hockey player who is visiting his home town to recuperate from injuries that reuired major surgery He needs private practice time to build up his strength and gets this by using the ice at Ethan’s family’s rink which is run by Ethan and his sisterThis was a sweet story nothing too angsty just nice characters falling in love with some hot sexThere were also some cute funny lines Here’s what follows after Ethan gives his friend Barry some advice about impressing the girl he likes by surprising her with a coffee “Is that what gay guys do when they’re dating? Do you buy each other caramel lattes?” He smirked then opened his own lockerEthan rolled his eyes “Yeah but not until we’ve met the parentsor after the fourth blow job whichever comes first” 35 starsFor mm romance reviews and check out Because Two Men Are Better Than One Wow I just reread this book as I am catching up this week with the others in the series I'd forgotten how much I laughed while reading this Hockey and Curling I'm not sure how close these sports are or if there is a rivalry but if it's anything like our boys in this book I hope they are just as hot Even with the sports family and all the fun in the book this story is character driven with such strong cast that I would like to insist our author go back Go back and write Lol Please Awww this was such a sweet story Really enjoyed it