The Twelve Days to Christmas

The Twelve Days to Christmas[Read] ➲ The Twelve Days to Christmas By Michele Gorman – Librarian note alternate cover edition of B00FL1X8MUWhat if his proposal had an expiration dateHannah's in a bit of a pickle In twelve days she flies from Hong Kong to the US with Sam where he's final Librarian note alternate cover Days to MOBI ☆ edition of BFLXMUWhat if his proposal had an expiration dateHannah's in The Twelve MOBI :¼ a bit of a pickle In twelve days she flies from Hong Kong to the US Twelve Days to PDF ↠ with Sam where he's finally going to meet her parents and ask to marry herSince overcoming a rather rocky patch in their relationship which was totally his fault he really is a new man and they're completely in love The problem is she feels panicky every time she contemplates matrimony Which is perfectly normal isn't it Isn't it She has no idea but she's got to find out before he pops the uestion because she's not % sure she's going to say yes Which will make for a very uncomfortable family holiday He's got to ask her before they go So Operation Proposal beginsAs time ticks down to their flight Hannah realizes that her own secrets are threatening their future Before she can be happy with Sam she's got a lot to learn about herself in the twelve days to Christmas. Hannah has moved to Hong Kong from the USA to be with her boyfriend Sam the only trouble is he almost immediately got sent to work in Vietnam Now its coming up to Christmas and she thinks he is taking her home to the USA to propose after getting her parents' approval of course The only trouble is Hannah isn't entirely sure whether she wants to marry Sam The trouble is right from the start Hannah has been trying to impress Sam and find things in common when really they are like chalk and cheese now she is faced with a lifetime of pretending she likes adventurous food and sporty activitiesThis is the third in a series and although I read it as a stand alone novel I think maybe some of the nuances were lost on me Hannah strikes me a little like Bridget Jones all dead end job and incompetence with lots of cleverer wealthier friends I also clearly misread the signs early on and was rooting for Hannah to dump Sam and find love with her best friend Brent I find that always disorientates me when I'm shipping the wrong couple Also the Hong Kong setting clearly works as a common thread with the other books but it kind of felt superfluous in this novellaAnyway it was fun amusing and holiday themed just right for reading while sitting on the sofa eating uality Street This review was originally posted on Melissa's Midnight Musings on October 13 2012I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewA few months ago Michele contacted me to review the previous novel in this series Misfortune Cookie You can read that review here So when she contacted me about The Twelve Days to Christmas I was happy to say yes because I wondered what had happened to themI have to admit that I wasn't all that thrilled by the ending of Misfortune Cookie only because I had hoped that Hannah would stick to her guns and not get back together with Sam because it seemed like he didn't care about her enough But at the end of the book you could already tell that she was considering letting him back in In this book it's very obvious that he cares for her a lot It seems as if they've flipped roles a little in that regard because Hannah doesn't seem uite as needy as she was before this is a very good thingBut as she starts to suspect and worry that Sam is going to propose to her she starts to plan Operation Proposal to ensure that he does even though it's clear that she's having second thoughts about the whole idea I was a bit disappointed about this on a personal level than one with the book itself Hannah knowing that Sam is going to propose just takes all the fun out of it In terms of the story though it's perfect because it's reason to throw Hannah into a frenzy and get her all worked up which is typical of her characterIt's a bit fun to watch her go to the length to ensure that Sam proposes but I did feel kind of bad about the fact that she had her own secrets to keep from him in this book It's almost like payback for the secret he kept from her in Misfortune Cookie One thing that I want to note that was really fun about the structure is that at the beginning of each chapter there's a set of lines that's repeated and grows with each chapter that's very similar to The Twelve Days of Christmas song That was a cute touch to the storyIf you're worried about the fact that this is a series don't be Each of these work well as standalone books too I didn't get a chance to read Single in the City before I read Misfortune Cookie and I didn't really feel like anything major was missing I don't think anyone who reads just this story will feel that way eitherI do have to say that I was slightly disappointed by the ending To me it just felt a tiny bit cliche I was hoping for something There was also an issue with the names of characters at the end I won't say what this is because I don't want to spoil it but I felt it was slightly unoriginalThose are really personal issues though nothing to do with the book itself which was excellent This is a wonderfully sweet story that's perfect for the Christmas season A good conscience is a continual Christmas Benjamin FranklinHannah suspects her boyfriend Sam will ask her to marry her when they both fly from Hong Kong to her parents' home for Christmas In the days leading up to their departure Hannah has a battle of conscience she moved to Hong Kong to be with Sam But her life in Hong Kong has expanded her horizons and she wonders if Sam will accept the imperfect side of herOh this may seem to be a heavy story but it is not It is a laugh out loud adventure in the final chapter of Hannah's story Readers first met Hannah in Book 1 SINGLE IN THE CITY full length novel with Hannah moving to London and falling in love with fellow American Sam I joined the fun with Book 2 MISFORTUNE COOKIE full length novel when Hannah followed Sam to Hong Kong It was not uite the romance story that I expected but rather Hannah's self discovery a story that I thoroughly enjoyedBook 3 a novella continues in Hong Kong with a self assured Hannah As she considers what may be her reaction to Sam's expected proposal Hannah comes to realize that her friends accept her uirks and all But she has not allowed Sam to see those uirks in fear of his disapproval Hannah finds herself in conflict The ending was not what I expected but one that brought the series to a plausible conclusionI give it a three star rating because I felt a novella was too short for reintroducing Sam back into Hannah's life to the point of proposing I thought the pace was too fast as Hannah considered her predicament Plus Gorman had to use precious space to recap Hannah's life for new readersThat being said Gorman delivered a fun read with Hannah at her best because she accepted herself My children wondered why I was singing Wang Chung TonightI'll drive a million milesTo be with you tonightEv'rybody have fun tonightEv'rybody Wang Chung tonightOh you have to read the novella to understand how Gorman leads into this situation with Chinese cloth manufacturers And that is where Gorman shined allowing Hannah to have fun in Hong Kong Fans of the Hannah's two first books will want to read this novella I recommend readers new to the series consider the first andor second full length novels before ending the series with this novellaI received an ecopy from the author for this review This is the third book in The Single in the City series I have not read the first two books and felt like it stood alone nicely This is also my first read by Michele Gorman I do want to read the first two books as they are all connected Hannah she is great and cracks me up I like that she is excited yet a bit jittery about a possible proposal from Sam her boyfriend I found her self evaluation funny and real I felt that she worked things through and grew in the process Her friends are amazing and help Hannah figure things out A story of love lies and will things work out? My favorite parts are the jellyfish scene and the epilogue The Twelve Days to Christmas is a wonderful read that I will be reading again I am hooked on Michele Gorman and I love to find new authors and she is on my must read listJust FYI This does contain one swear word and talk of sex toys but no sex The Twelve Days to Christmas is an easy to read story about a woman who finds out that her boyfriend is going to propose to her at Christmas while visiting her family but isn't really sure how she feels about that or what her answer will be This story highlights the importance of trust honesty and being yourself in a relationship Though sometimes the story was a little predictable overall it was a very enjoyable read and I really liked Ms Gorman's writing A great story for anyone who has ever felt conflicted in a relationshipThis book was received for free through Goodreads First ReadsFTC Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog Regardless I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers Having read both Single in the City and Misfortune Cookie I couldn't wait to see what mischief and mishaps awaited Hannah in The Twelve Days to Christmas and I wasn't disappointed In typical bubbly fun fashion Hannah manages to find her way to what's really important and negotiate her own happy ending A wonderfully warm fitting conclusion to a great series A wonderfully delightful novella with a great cast of characters I enjoyed being on the journey with Hannah while she discovered what she really wanted and how sometimes life works out just the way it was meant to Pick up this Christmas novella and enjoy a uick fun read 45 starsnote this book is part of a series A sweet conclusion to this series Hannah is back with Sam and she believes he’s going to propose to her at Christmas Hannah is in a panic remembering all the times she told little white lies to impress him Does he know the real Hannah? Would he love her if he knew? Meanwhile Hannah’s boss is dating her friend Stacy and trying to sell the company Hannah was way overthinking things and not being open and honest again It annoyed me after I thought she had matured in the last book However I loved the ending to this story I also liked the format as each chapter title went with the 12 days of Christmas song I was honestly not sure how the story was going to end I appreciate that this series hasn’t been predictable which is a rarity in a chick lit Everything is tied up nicely at the end even with secondary characters Overall I would recommend this series to fans of travel chick lit Three stars Entertaining but probably the weakest book in the trilogy I love all of Michele's booksThey are true to life Hannah must decide if she is ready for a future with Sam or if she should explore things with Brent