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Guess Who Noahs Boat[Download] ➾ Guess Who Noahs Boat Author Matt Mitter – Children will love this interactive new telling of the Noah's ark story With fun rhyming text each spread asks kids to guess which animal is heading toward the ark The answer is revealed under the cle Children will love this interactive new telling of the Noah's ark story With fun rhyming text each spread asks kids to guess which animal is Guess Who PDF or heading toward the ark The answer is revealed under the cleverly designed flap With eye catching illustrations and easy to understand text Guess Who Noah's Boat is sure to become a favorite. Matt Mitter in his new book “Guess Who Noah’s Boat” published by Kregel Publications and illustrated by Ela Jarzabek gives us an interactive new telling of the Noah’s ark storyFrom the back cover Who’s on Noah’s boat?Noah is about to start a great adventure–and he’s bringing lots of animals with him There are furry creatures and wooly creatures and some with stripes and some withoutKids help Noah figure out which animal is hiding on each page then lift the flap to see if they are right Fun riddles give readers all the clues they need to guess whoThe recommended age range for “Guess Who Noah’s Boat” is 2 – 4 years old which is a good guideline It is a very sturdy board book that will stand up to little hands opening and closing the flaps many times Each page is like a little riddle with fun rhyming text that gives a clue and then asks “guess who?” The answer is revealed under the cleverly designed flap This is a fun book that will give lots of entertainment to your young ones and they will enjoy the art work as well A great gift to give to friends and familyDisclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from Kregel Publications I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” This book checks all the boxes for being a great book for preschoolers It is never too early to start teaching little one’s Bible stories This is an excellent introduction to the story of Noah’s ark for small hearts and mindsThe characters are sweet and engaging The bright colors add to the attractiveness and attention grabbing uality of the book The children love rhyming words and they retain information when it is presented in this way The story does an outstanding job of conveying the bare bone basics of Noah’s story I have yet to see a child that is not delighted with interactive books This one accomplishes that in two ways First at the end of the paragraph on each page the child is asked the uestion “Guess Who” After a reading it a few times they will enjoy being able to give the answer I promise you they will be asking to read this book many times Second there is a flap with the pictureanswer hidden behind it My grandkids absolutely love flap booksI appreciate the sturdiness and glossy finish that will enable the child to look at the book alone It will also be easy to clean the pages A book you will want to give young children you know I think it would make a great baby shower gift and addition to a church nursery I received this book free from Kregel Publications I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I had my last baby several years after having my first two children My five and six year olds are kind of passed pop up and flap type books so I'm excited to see that my nine month old is just entering that phase It was the perfect time to give him his first pop up book Guess Who Noah's BoatThis is the story of Noah's Ark but the focus is on the animals than on Noah himself It's a rhyming book which I feel like always helps the really little ones get into the story Jax is only nine months old but he still listens to the fluctuation of my voice and while he's learning to talk rhymes are great for him to hearHe loved the bright colorful pictures and after showing him just once was able to look for and pull down the flap on each page This is such a great introduction to books for babies and hopefully his love for opening the flap and turning the page will turn to a love for books laterEach page is like a little riddle that gives a clue and then asks guess who? Even my five year old saw me reading to the baby and wanted to get in on it She was able to actually guess all of the riddles and who it was talking aboutI like the Guess Who Noah's Boat for my baby and kids It's a fun book for them and helps them to remember the details of one of the favorite Bible stories of all time We're hearing and seeing a lot in books and movies about Noah and the Flood these days It is an old old Bible story that really took place and was God's judgment on a corrupt world In Guess Who Noah's Boat the telling of Noah's story is sweetly told in rhyme and with wonderful illustrations so sweet and bright They will surely capture the attention of young childrenThis is a lift the flap book and is very well designed with easy to find and lift flaps that expose of the picture that completes the rhyme on the page when the text reads Guess who NoahCreatures marched on two by two while skies were clear and sunny This pair of furry forest beasts came hoping for some honeyI see this as a really fun book for little ones It is durable and sized just right for the kiddies I have found that Kregel produces uality dependable children's books including Guess Who NoahDISCLOSURE A complimentary copy was provided by Kregel Children's Books in exchange for my review Opinions expressed are solely my own I was not compensated for this review Youngsters are certainly going to enjoy guessing who as they embark on an adventure with Noah as he gatherers animals for the ark This sturdy little board book is filled with colorful illustrations that will capture the eye and imagination as well The rhyming story which is written in easy to read words just might encourage your youngster to try and read along The rhyming prose with an interactive uestion will get youngsters to try and guess just what animal is hiding behind the flapGlossy pages allow for wiping off if something is spilled the pages are sturdy and the flaps seem to stay in place when they are folded back up A perfect little gift that surely will become a favorite the book is geared toward 2 4 year olds and I would say that age range is pretty accurate Overall a sturdy little storybook that shares the simplistic story that reveals a few of the animals that Noah had on the ark One that will certainly keep a youngster entertained as they try and Guess Who is on Noah's BoatA complimentary copy of this book was provided for review Guess Who Noah’s Boat is super cute me and my three year old son just love itHere’s why#1 The story of Noah told in a fun simple way for toddlers to understand We all know that little ones have a very short attention span so this book fits the bill perfectly#2 Cute and Colorful Pictures The wonderful illustrations will keep your little ones captivated#3 Good Sturdy Pages Flaps I hate when a flap book tears up after only a few uses I was really surprised at how well made this book is#4 Fun Riddles to Keep Kids Guessing My son loved trying to guess which animals were hiding behind the flapsOverall this is a great book to add to your little ones library It would make a wonderful gift for birthdays baby showers and Christmas And of course it would be perfect for a church nursery or Sunday school class Guess Who Noah's Boat is a board book written for children ages 2 to 4 years Each page has flaps to lift up and the book is a nice sturdy The illustrations are cute and done in bright vibrant colorsI was excited to read this book with my 2 year old son He loved the pictures and was thoroughly excited about lifting each of the flaps throughout the book We even played peek a boo with the front cover since the lion's hands fold down to reveal 2 little bunnies My son had also learned about the story of Noah's Ark in his class at church recently so this was a fun little story for us to read togetherI would definitely recommend this little book It would make a great gift or just another fun book to add to your growing libraryI received this book free from Kregel in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own Guess Who Noah's BoatBy Matt Mitter Illustrated by Ela JarzabekGuess Who Noah's Boat is a cute and fun book that will enthrall even the most reluctant young reader starting with the cover Little fold over flaps make for a fun interactive reading experience as you let your little readers guess who or what is hidden from viewEnjoy learning about Noah's ark with this delightful and fun bookThis is a perfect book for children's church Sunday school and early literacy programs Looking for a gift for Christmas or a birthday? This would be a well loved and cherished gift around which memories would be createdI was provided a copy of this book through Kregel's blogger program in exchange for my honest review and tour participation This board book for the very young offers what could be first exposure to the story of Noah and the arkOffering four lines of simple text with the last words on the second and fourth lines rhyming on each double spread in the 10 page format author Matt Mitter provides snippets of the voyage on the ark with clues as to which animals are hiding under fold out portions of the pages Children can flip them open to reveal the answer after the reading of Guess who NoahIllustrator Ela Jarzabek uses soft colors to depict Noah and his helpers and the animals all Caucasian in appearance as the ark is built sailing and landing The interactive part of the book will entertain youngstersAn advanced reader's copy was provided by the publisher This is a very cute lift the flap book great for toddlers It tells the story of the animals being gathered onto Noah's Ark with a flap to lift on each set of pages Each flap hides a different set of animals and Noah has to guess who they are At the end the child being read to is asked to guess who is the last one left on the ark This is a hardcover with each page similar to a board book but not as thick The text is rhyming and the illustrations very colorful The spiritual message is that the Lord steered the boat safely onto solid ground and that we are all God's creatures I would recommend this for both boys and girls around toddler ageI received this book free from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review

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