The Hills of Chianti

The Hills of Chianti[PDF / Epub] ✅ The Hills of Chianti By Piero Antinori – The head of Italy's first family of winemaking reflects on the Antinoris' six hundred year legacy and a life of good food and drink in the hills of Tuscany If you know wine you know the name Antinori The head of Italy's first family of winemaking reflects on the Antinoris' six hundred year legacy and a life of good food and drink in The Hills Kindle - the hills of Tuscany If you know wine you know the name Antinori Since this noble Florentine family has produced some of Italy's finest wines The Hills of Chianti tells the story of the Antinoris and the Tuscany they call home through seven iconic bottles that define their legacy From the Tignanello that ushered in the era of Super Tuscans to limited edition vintages these wines embody a way of life and will excite oenophile readers and lovers of Italy alike In this family memoir Piero Antinori reveals the passion tradition and love of craft that have driven twenty seven generations of vintners from the first ancestor who signed up to the winemakers guild in the fourteenth century to Antinori's own three daughters poised to carry this most celebrated family of artisans into the future But The Hills of Chianti is about much than wine At its heart the Antinori story is about Tuscan ness a connection to the land an appreciation for good food and drink and the uintessentially Italian love of hospitality that make this one of the world's most inspiring and memorable destinations. Pietro Antinori paints an improbable picture of the reality of a multimillion dollar family owned wine business It is clear Antinori has a love of family wine and Tuscany but also a love of influence and success Throughout the book Antinori struggles what story to tell; the humble yet successful Chianti making family still with boots in the soil or an elite and globalized company with goals of a sort of wine imperialism Perhaps this book told a story about Italian wine I didn’t want to hear This history of a great Italian wine maker makes me want to schedule a vacation to Italy as soon as possible A tratti un po' autocelebrativo ma molto interessante uando racconta il modo in cui ha vissuto e influenzato l'evoluzione dell'industria vitivinicola della seconda metà del 1900 The author tends to repeat information but then a piece of fascinating information is given ie South American natives were cultivating grapes decades before the arrival of Columbus 1 Montenisa Brut Rose Franciacortahttpwwwwine searchercomwine 669WSJ article on Antinori family successionhttpwwwwsjcomarticlesSB1207342Another famous female Italian wine maker Gaia Gajahttpwwwwine searchercomm20141httpswwwtripadvisorcomsgAttracPalazzo AntinorihttpswwwtripadvisorcomsgAttrac2 Villa Antinori Chianti Classicohttpwwwwine searchercomwine 5123 Solaia Piero Antinori’s fave ’82 86 ’09 12 ’06 07 ’04 ’97 94Osteria di PassignanohttpswwwtripadvisorcomsgRestauSoave Frank Sinatra was alleged to have insisted that a bottle of nicely chilled Soave accompany his every mealhttpblogswsjcomwine20110711httpwwwnjcomhomegardenentertaiCampania Mastroberardino Radici Riserva Taurasi ’05 Italian wineshttpwwwvinographycomarchives204 TignanelloSuper Tuscans 4 Super Tuscans served by Italian PM to Obama Sassicaia ’85 ’88 2006 12 ’98 ‘01 Tignanello '75 '82 '04 '07 Ornellaia '98 Mastrojanni Brunello di Montalcino 2007 9 Tua Rita Giusto di Nostri 2006 Fattoria Le Pupille ‘Saffredi’ 2010 ’09 ’04 ’07 Isole e Olena Cepparello Solaia Piero Antinori’s fave ’82 86 ’09 12 ’06 07 ’04 '01 ’97 94 Masseto 100% merlot; brother of Piero Antinori Fontalloro Fontodi Flccienello Castello di Fonterutoli Siepi di Napoli Vigna d'Alceo Le Pergole Tortehttptuscany winecomsupertuscansOther Tuscany Chianti Marchesi Antinori Badia a Passignano Chianti Classico Castelgiocondo DOCG Livio Sassetti 1997 2004 ’09 Le Potazzine Girelli San Giusto a Rentennano ‘Percarlo’; Brunello di Montalcino Biondi Santi Pian delle Vigne; Vino Nobile Montepulciano Boscarelli5 Cervaro Della Sala '87 Chardonnay Corton Charlemagne from Cote de Beaune BurgundyPiedmont Marchesi di Barolo Cannubi Produttori del Barbaresco Muncagota Elio Altare Barolo was the first to use new French Oak breaking w tradition Elio Altare Larigi Langhe is one of Tsun Yan's fave Gaja Sori San Lorenzo LangheSori Tildin Langhe ’11 ’88Costa Russi Langhe ’10 ’90Sperss Langhe ’11 ’89Barbaresco ’90 ’06 Antica Napa ValleyColumbia Valley Col Solare partnership bw Washington State’s Chateau Ste Michelle Tuscany’s Marchesi Antinori winemakers for Tignanello one of the first Super Tuscans that shook up the Italian wine industryWine distributor in Singapore MONOPOLE Pte Ltd T 65 6554 3680 in Singaporehttpthediningtablesg201501new 7 Mezzo Braccio Monteloro '07 una storia del vino una famiglia un terroir una dinastia unica nei secoli ed un fil d'union l'uvaLa storia di una dinastia gli Antinori raccontati da Piero padre nonno ed non ultimo erede di una famiglia che ha saputo superare mille traversie pur di preservare il loro valore ed il loro a per il vinoUna passione che non ha mai mancato nel loro sangue dinastico Un racconto pieno di passione e di paesaggi di stagioni di profumi Piero Antinori ha saputo senza annoiare senza tecnicismi e sofismi raccontarci uello che lui ama ha saputo con parole semplici portarci nei secoli della sua famiglia e riportarci nel presente per poi proiettarci nel futuro senza annoiarciBello intenso imperdibile da leggere con pazienza degustandolo come un buon calice di vinoDedicato agli uomini meditativi e alle donne sportive ma che adorano la campagnaGrande There was no evocative book for me to be reading on the ride through Tuscany’s wine country this past spring Antinori’s Florentine family has been making wine since 1385; “Wine runs through every part of my life like a red river linking who I was as a child to my current identityfor as long as I can remember wine has been associated with pleasure for me” uite so I thought as I sat on a terrace tasting the local ChiantiThis book features on my Italian Reading List for BookTrib I love Italy and its culture so I thought this book would be interesting Unfortunately it wasn't interesting enough to hold my attention Piero Antinori tells his family's story of being in the wine business At times it seemed like the author was just bragging about their accomplishments I was surprised to learn that the family has been in the wine business for twenty six generations Most families sell a business after a few generations This book will appeal to wine enthusiasts but others might find it dull Very affectionately written and inspiringI thought this would be a difficult read but it wasn't Enjoyed the author's thoughts and reminiscences I love wine and clearly Piero Antinori is still very wine passionate several years after he took over the reins of his company Like most Tuscan things this books is a treasure An excellent read that really contributed to my knowledge of Italian wines wine making and history Beautifully written

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