Teddy Co.

Teddy Co.❰Download❯ ➹ Teddy Co. Author Cynthia Voigt – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Teddy is a thinking kind of bear Of all his friends he does the most wondering He lives with a ragtag group of lost toys—a very hungry snake an elephant who likes to bake two charmingly silly pigs a Teddy is a thinking kind of bear Of all his friends he does the most wondering He lives with a ragtag group of lost toys—a very hungry snake an elephant who likes to bake two charmingly silly pigs and a reclusive penguin—and they all bump along happily together But their peaceful world gets shaken up when new toys arrive—first a rabbit who is not as soft and floppy as he looks and then a beautiful doll with royal ambitions Will the newcomers learn to fit into the community Or will the community be forever changed by them As Teddy the philosopher would answer Yes. This review has also been posted on Xpresso ReadsTeddy Co immediately caught my attention when I saw it being compared to works by A A Milne and Kate DiCamillo Up to this point I had read nothing by Cynthia Voigt even the famous Tillerman Cycle books but after reading Teddy Co I can see what the hype is all aboutTeddy Co is SUCH a thought provoking book and I had so much fun reading it I am going to sound so much like a lit major right now and forgive me but I love that books like Teddy Co exist and allow young kids to engage with the familiar in a fantastical settingTeddy is a wonderful thinking kind of bear He loves to go on adventures and loves pondering the what ifs of the world and pushing his friends to think outside of the box He also needs to be pulled around in a wheelbarrow but that doesn't stop him from having new experiences and learning how to swimThe structure of the book is a little interesting in that there is no overarching plot arc but there are little stories and those little stories say so much about communities friends and stepping outside of your comfort zoneTeddy Co is a fantastic read for kids and anyone else who likes to read kid lit and is destined to become a classic in the veins of The Velveteen Rabbit Note that I received an advanced copy of this book for review A sweet and simple chapter book sure to charm young readers Almost reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh but still special in its own way This was a recommended children's book from the local library To be honest the cover drew me in and for some reason I was thinking the author was a well known adult author so I figured I'd give it a go With very few illustrations in this nearly 200 page book I was disappointed The illustration on the cover is what caused me to grab the book in the first place and sadly those illustrations are better than the story So many times I wanted to put this book down and not finish it but I never in my life have started a book and not finished it so I pushed on This book is most likely written for 8 12 year olds but even as an adult there were uestions I KNOW kids would be asking We open on what we later find out to be an island and characters just appear with little to no introduction or back story We have no clue why these toys are on this island or how they got there The main character of this little lot is a stuffed bear with no legs and has to be pushed around in a wagon by his friends The book goes through several days with these characters doing mundane things; you learn Bear is a thinker and uite smart actually there is a standoffish penuin who just wants to be alone a worry wart pig a smaller pig who's adventurous an elephant baker who also takes care of the bear and a snake who loves to eatSuddenly one day 2 new characters just appear; no one asks why or how they came to be there First a lazy bunny arrives and he continually attempts to pester the penuin and a day later a doll arrives who is nothing short of a dictator and asserts herself as ueen immediately making ridiculous demands and rules The only redeeming factor of this book and the reason I gave it a 2 star rating instead of 1 was because the last several chapters 20 to 30 pages were the best part of the book Those pages alone should have been the story It would have made a great picture book with the story of Bear's party being planned and carried out and should have been the only story we knew I felt very strongly the rest of the book was literally just filler which is sad because that story of Bear's party was magical The lessons of a disabled bear were great and I think important for the younger audience but if I was left asking uite a few uestions and frustrated by the book as much as I was as an adult I can't imagine how much it would be for kids Very disappointing unfortunately I love Cynthia Voight's young adult books so was excited to see a children's book by her But I didn't like the book at all and would not have liked it when I was a child It's old fashioned and not in a good way Toys mostly stuffed animals live on an island with no past and no explanation of how they get muffin ingredients or building materials The mama stuffed pig always frets about the child and just loves to clean house Each episode seems to have a lesson for the reader but they seemed well lame I dragged myself through it hoping it would get better but no Rudolph the Island of Misfit Toys meets Winnie the PoohWhen children pretend and do role play things just appear to make their role play imaginative I believe this book is just that and nothing It's told in short chapters almost like a series of ER books It is AR level 45 and 4 pts but it is written to appeal to K 3rd gradeIt has been given a low rating from Goodreaders for the imaginative uality that is missed and take this book literally It will appeal to those who have a high reading level but are in the lower grades Very sweet early chapter book with a classic feel Even though I enjoyed this cute story of talking stuffed animals and dolls I couldn't help wondering about things that just suddenly appeared like the doll Clara's palace the palace's furnishings and how did Mr B and the doll just suddenly appear on the island? How did they get there? Where did they come from? These uestions were not answered in the story This book reminded me of Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne or Old Mother West Wind by Thornton W Burgess It has that same calm sweet uality to it that used to permeate classic children’s stories It threw me off at first because the story is slow and you don’t know when or if a purpose will emergeThis is the kind of story that grows on you the you read it It doesn’t follow the traditional story arc where events build on each other until you reach the climax Instead it’s of an “and then” story The characters bop along doing one thing and then another—the events don’t lead into each other and they usually aren’t connected They go exploring and then they have a picnic and then they go swimming and thenyou get the pointIt’s not a bad thing though This is the kind of book kids love I read all sorts of books like this when I was a kid and now my own kids are than happy to read a book about the generally happy existence of a group of toys on an islandTeddy is a philosophical bear He likes to think Umpah likes to bake muffins which Sid likes to eat Peng wants to be left alone while Zia loves to clean and Prinny just wants everyone to pay attention to her Mr B and Clara brought something different to the island and at first you aren’t sure if they will learn to fit in at allIn the end my kids adored Teddy and Co and it grew on me as well I loved the sweet nostalgic feel to it and my kids are anxiously waiting for another book featuring the toysContent clean Ugh I wanted to like this book but alas I could not This book wants to be like Winnie the Pooh but it felt forced and rushed I just waited for it to end Solid five stars so simple and sweet it was great