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Blogging for Writers[Ebook] ➮ Blogging for Writers ➭ Robin Houghton – The world of words has undergone a revolution and everyone from authors to publishers has been affected by the explosion of digital media Today a blog is one of the most powerful tools a writer has at The world of words has undergone a revolution and everyone from authors to publishers has been affected by the explosion of digital media Today a blog is one of the most powerful tools a writer has at his or her disposal Whether you want to connect with a potentially huge new readership or showcase your work and get published a well written well presented blog is essentialPacked with Blogging for MOBI :¼ tips advice and inspirational stories from successful writers who blog Blogging for Writers is an accessible guide that teaches everything you need to know to create a blog that you'll enjoy writing and one that readers will return to again and again No technical knowledge is reuired Blogging expert Robin Houghton will take you through the whole process step by step and you'll soon discover how to blog with confidence substance and style. I have found it is a running theme with these sorts of guides to have a title that seems to directly offer something to a certain demographic and yet what is delivered is general information that can be found in any other book on the topic This didn't feel targeted at writers all that much but would be a great tool for anyone interested in starting a blogThis was not a bad read but not exactly what I was looking for A lot of this details how to set up a blog and for someone already writing for one I found this to be useless information One aspect I did appreciate were the small sections that accompanied each page featuring a blog Facebook page or individual on Twitter of interest As the book was only published in 2014 a lot of these were still running and relevent and from these I have found a wealth of resources and knowledge This book however? Not so much My review is for the newer 2017 paperback editionI just finished an enlightening book Blogging for Writers by Robin Houghton While geared towards writers the information is useful for anyone interested in creating their own blog or making an ongoing blog successfulTopics range from choosing a platform to getting the right look to getting noticed Houghton provides hints on what makes a good blog post She discusses using your blog to interact with and get noticed by the media Houghton also mentions connecting to other social media and how to earn income through your blog Houghton also spotlights other bloggers as inspirationOverall Blogging for Writers is a great pick Houghton’s writing is uick and snappy She covers each topic effectively and efficiently and supports her assertions with good examples from other blogs However there are two strikes against Blogging for Writers Some of the illustrations are screenshots that are too small to be very helpful magnifying glass maybe? Some of the links are dead or point to sites that have migrated to something else Granted in our fast paced online world things change speedily But some of the defunctmissing sites should have been caught in whatever update happened in 2017 For example Stacy Millican a featured blogger used to blog at wwwthenovellifecom However she has not been the owner of this blog since 2014 Apparently Ms Millican now has a websiteblog at wwwstacymillicancom which is “coming soon” Meanwhile wwwthenovellifecom subtitled “where travel and books collide” is now solely a travel tips blog and does not seem to include books at all “Niawmitz” a young woman who lives with her husband and children in Singapore now owns the siteBut I still give this book a thumbs up I’ll implement some of her suggestions on my own blog at wwwjanecairnscom and follow up on many of the bloggers she introduces in the book This how to guide focuses on the nuts and bolts of blogging from choosing your platform primarily Blogger and WordPress and setting up your blog to writing content and promoting your blog using social media and other means Each chapter highlights well known bloggers in short case studies and is jam packed with screenshots diagrams and other visuals Experienced bloggers will find the advice in here fairly basic and some of the information is out of date eg Google doesn't exist any But for anyone who has yet to start this kind of venture BLOGGING FOR WRITERS is a comprehensive step by step tutorial that can help you create a blog that you'll enjoy writing and feel confident about sharing with the world Very basic blogging advice aimed at writers authors journalists etc I've been blogging for years though minimally only as part of broader marketing efforts not as a full time blogger This book includes many specific tutorials for different blogging related services WordPresscom Blogger etc It contains many featured bloggers briefly showing the experience of real bloggers which include a tip here and there but are not very insightfulI read this to look for tips for my blog about personal cybersecurity and online privacy Defending DigitalNotesBlog post types that workStory formula situation issues action outcomeListHow topractical adviceInterviewRound up collection of resourcesReviewPoint of viewopinionControversyContestgiveawayPredictionDilemmaHow to encourage comments1 End post with a uestion Don't use it too often2 Ask for advice or contributions3 Reduce barriers to commenting CAPTCHA etc4 Show appreciation for commenters At least reply even if just to thank commenter Consider thanking publicly on social media Consider inviting regular contributors to write a guest postTry to post once a week as a minimum This is enough for your blog to look active for Google to notice you and for subscribers to feel loved Research has shown that when you start to post freuently subscriptions page views and comments all go up I have to admit that this book somewhat disappointed me  To be fair I have been blogging for a long time since the mid 2000's and I thought that there would be discussion when it comes to creating great content  What I saw instead is a lot of frippery as the author seemed to indicate that dumbing down and reducing text and increasing the number of pictures to make for showy and glitzy visuals is the key to building a successful blog  It is commonly said that the current generation of computer users is not generally one that is friendly to text  Writers and authors and bloggers though are people whose passions lead them to write text sometimes in very large amounts  The author might take it for granted that such bloggers would by definition have a lot of text to work with and decided to focus on elements that authors and writers might be less knowledgeable about namely pretty themes and lots of pictures to attract the semi literate masses  I don't think people are that uninterested in text though as solid information compellingly presented with a minimum of visuals can still be immensely compelling for those who enjoy readingThis book is less than 200 pages long and it is divided into twelve chapters  The author begins with an introduction that seeks to justify blogging to existing writers and encourage the reader to choose a blogging persona plan and name 1  After that comes a discussion of the choice of blogging platform layout as well as some basic building blocks 2  After that comes a step by step discussion of how to set up a blog in either Blogger or Wordpress 3  This is followed by a discussion of how one can get the right look 4 for a blog as well as adding images audio and video 5  The author then discusses how to get noticed 6 and how to use social media to drive traffic to one's blog 7  There are then discussions of using the blog as a PR tool to court the media 8 earn money from being an affiliate advertising or selling merch 9  The author then looks at how a blogger can measure how they are doing 10 troubleshoot and avoid problems with law or with one's motivation to write 11 and encourages people to get blogging 12 after which there is an index and acknowledgementsIf this book was a bit disappointing to me it is probably something that those whose blogs are included on here would well enjoy  The definition of what makes for a successful blog is left deliberately vague by the authors  Some people end up creating blogs that have thousands of views a day  Others of us myself included have hundreds a day and come up with new content that occasionally draws interest and commentary from others  This is a book to read if you want to create an aesthetically pleasing blog or if your blog was deemed pretty enough and successful enough to be a part of this book  Given the amount of blogs included here there are at least a few hundred potential readers of this book who would enjoy what the author has to say  Some of the technical information is useful as the author is keen on promoting Blogger and WordPress and I have personal experience using both myself as is likely the case with at least some other writers  As is often the case with books aimed at writers the author assumes that the writing part is down pat and that it is the marketing and technical elements that need work which is probably a fair assumption for the most part  Take of this book what you will General ObservationsThis book while useful was centered towards beginners or writers who are only just discovering blogging In that regard it is a very handy all in one reference for those just starting out however I was looking for something Very visual orientated with interesting pictures and diagrams lots of colorful boarders around specialized chapters and Blogger profilesI felt the author could have gone into detail with the monetizing chapter the author mentioned pay pal but not other possible options or upfront costs an emerging author would have to put forwardThe Blogging Platforms were primarily focused on Blogger and WordPress which was fine but I would have preferred for the author to discuss Tumblr in greater detailThe social media platforms were primarily Twitter which I didn’t have a problem with and Google the one social media application I have really struggled with However Robin Houghton’s book made me re think Google and Facebook so I might be willing to try to give it another goOverall the book contained lots of useful references most I already knew about and use but there were a few links I hadn’t found before and I found the blogger profiles and chapter section on Google Analytics helpful An excellent resource for Writer’s just beginning their blogging journey A good comprehensive guide for beginning bloggers I read the 2014 ed I don't know if the above cover is from an updated ed There is a lot of step by step info in the book that helps set up a basic blog However I felt like the author could have driven a little deeper into the topic of good content since she emphasizes how important it is Perhaps providing the reader with exercises in a future edition would be helpful to readers I know exercises help inspire me often enough Houghton does have lots of sample blogs and featured bloggers in the book and visiting their pages does help with some of the design aspects I even found some new blogs I may wish to follow just to see how they generate content But as mentioned earlier I feel that after paying for the book I shouldn't have to seek this information from outside sources It is time consuming and not efficient There are some points Houghton covers in the book that aren't covered in smaller brochures or pamphlets such as an extensive view of social media marketing for a new blog and how to most efficiently manage that social media through an app I learned new things in this book that I didn't know previously hence the four stars It would have gotten five if it wasn't uite so basic I would read books by this author though I began blogging several years ago as a means of sharing my thoughts and feelings on matters of faith the Franciscan way of life and the Catholic Church I have always been searching for any source of information that could guide me through the ways of the blogosphere I have found Robin Houghton to be one of those guides To date I have purchased the her three books on blogging the latest being Blogging for Writer's Following the same format she used in her first book Blogging for Creatives she goes through the steps of setting up and using a blog with the emphasis on how it can help an aspiring author Through each chapter she introduces the reader to writers and authors who are actively blogging and have successful blogs I enjoyed this book; it is a type of book that is easy to read on the commuter train and can inspire you to take up blogging or to return to it My only complaint is that her screen shots showing blogs that illustrate her chapter's point very small You would need a magnifying glass to examine it Still it is a good introduction to world of blogging It’s a little ironic that I thought this book would have worked much better on an online medium ie series of blog posts as opposed to a book I did find some very useful nuggets though especially on content types that work and the editorial calendar If I’d read this book in the year it was published no ualms about giving it four stars But given its 2019 now as I wrote this and just two weeks from 2020 you’d probably want to give this book a miss unless it’s a loaner Given the pace of technological change many of the things mentioned are now a little out of date and if you didn’t know otherwise you’d be sent on plenty of goose chases I had started a blog to highlight my work but had not had much success when I picked this up at a local bookstore It was just what I needed The instructions are plain easy to follow and well illustrated You get a large set of examples and resources to help you improve your site My copy ended up getting numerous tabs and is now sitting on the shelf above my workspace as a reference If it is missing it will be because my wife has taken it to work on her blog

Blogging for Writers PDF/EPUB · Blogging for  MOBI
  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Blogging for Writers
  • Robin Houghton
  • English
  • 10 November 2014
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