Quarterly Essay 53 That Sinking Feeling

Quarterly Essay 53 That Sinking Feeling[PDF / Epub] ☆ Quarterly Essay 53 That Sinking Feeling By Paul Toohey – Oaklandjobs.co.uk In the first uarterly Essay of 2014 Paul Toohey searches for the solution our politicians have been unwilling or unable to find and asks whether amid the diplomatic turmoil we’ve now missed our chan In the 53 That PDF/EPUB Ä first uarterly Essay of Paul Toohey searches for the solution our politicians have been unwilling or unable to find and asks whether amid the diplomatic turmoil we’ve now missed our chance Tony Abbott promised to stop the boats With the help of Quarterly Essay PDF/EPUB ² Kevin Rudd’s “PNG solution” he has But at what costVisiting the Indonesian departure points Toohey tells the dramatic stories of asylum seekers heading from Java to Australia investigates people smuggling and witnesses the aftermath of a sinking at sea He examines the individual policies and outcomes Essay 53 That ePUB ¹ of the Howard Rudd Gillard and now Abbott governments He also interrogates Australian attitudes to boat people and what politicians have made of theseThis engaging powerful essay provides the untold personal stories of those waiting to make the dangerous journey and the long view of this fraught issue That Sinking Feeling is an unflinching look at people at their worst and best – and most ruthless and most vulnerable – by one of Australia’s finest reporters“Any hope for a genuine regional solution rested with Indonesia the final stepping stone to Australia Why did neither Howard in his better times with Indonesia or Labor from seek a one on one solution with Indonesia ‘The Indonesian Solution’ Those words would have been the most convincing political statement any Australian government could ever deliver to Australian voters on asylum seekers” – Paul Toohey That Sinking FeelingPaul Toohey is chief northern correspondent for the Australian He won a Walkley Award for his first uarterly Essay Last Drinks The Impact of the Northern Territory Intervention He was previously a senior writer at the Bulletin and is the author of three books God’s Little Acre Rocky Goes West and The Killer Within He has won the Graham Perkin journalist of the year award and a Walkley award for magazine feature writing He lives in Darwin. This well argued essay was the pick of the 2014 crop for mine Toohey excellently asserts how the asylum seeker debate and political responses in Australia has totally removed any pretence of humanitarianism much to Australia's eternal shame The worst part is we are colonising our much smaller and economically vulnerable neighbours Nauru Manus Island as a means of outsourcing our inhumanity This essay despite being a little old in 2019 is so important All the atrocities we let happen because our government is never uestioned about its human rights violations This explains why we need a geo political solution that incorporates Indonesia in order to process people and avoid deaths at sea as well as progress with strong relations with a rising power in the region Join your local refugee action committee march in the streets protest call your MPs and lets get the people off manus nauru and christmas island Probably the best piece I have read that clearly explains the asylum seekers and their situation It covers the background of typical asylum seekers and refugees their journey to Indonesia via Malaysia their potential staus their motivations the roles of the various players and the Governments handling of matters both in Australia and in Indo It also provides a high level overview of the relationship between Australia and it's neighbours and the significance of this Almost completely free of bias I finished this without a sense of the writers political views which is rare and refreshing He states the facts and describes his own recent experiences The reader is left to make up their own mind Should be compulsory reading for anyone who thinks they have am opinion on this complex and tragic situation A fascinating examination of one part of Australia's asylum seeker issue our relationship with Indonesia Rather than try to examine the whole thing Toohey delves into Indonesia's role and how badly we've managed it under successive governments no matter what side of the issue you're on there's a fact or two in this book that will piss you right the hell off The rhetorical positions of left and right alike are fragile and shatter easily upon contact with reality There are no easy answers here the essay is an enumeration of wasted opportunities and wasted lives than a provider of simple solutions but there is considerable food for thought Thought provoking Examines the asylum seeker policies of the current and most recent past government and how they are not dissimilar Also defines the difference between a political and an economic refugee and how there are certain groups of refugees that Australia might not want to accept for genuine reasons Perhaps a little emotive at times but provides a deeper insight into the issue Ultimately the asylum seeker debate is the result of a much larger problem of sovereignty and persecution of groups and individuals in countries right around the world This essay gave me uite an insight into the asylum seeker situation It is well written but still leaves me uncertain as to the best course of action for this problem Australia through all governments has not handled it well and humanely Amongst other virtues this makes for a strong primer on how we got into this mess and the intricacies of the geo politicial relations of our surrounds