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Star Witness❰Download❯ ➹ Star Witness Author Lisa Phillips – SSHE THOUGHT SHE WAS SAFE Mackenzie Winters spent years building a life in Witness Protection but when someone shoots at her she fears her cover has been blown Could the brother of the drug lord she p SSHE THOUGHT SHE WAS SAFE Mackenzie Winters spent years building a life in Witness Protection but when someone shoots at her she fears her cover has been blown Could the brother of the drug lord she put away be here for revenge Mackenzie must rely on her handler's twin world weary Delta Force soldier Aaron Hanning to protect her Aaron doesn't want to be anyone's hero but he can't let this brave woman die Now with danger stalking them they'll have to make a daring choice that means life or death—for them both. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Star Witness is an inspirational romantic suspense story this means it has a religious tone and in this case Christian ideology influences As someone who doesn't typically read this subgenre I found the beginning focused on the suspense side and the ending dealt with what the characters felt could be their salvation The Christian values were never overly off putting and if a reader enjoyed such aspects they would enjoy how it is weaved in Mackenzie has lived the last several years of her life alone and isolated due to a Colombian drug lord A lifetime ago Mackenzie used to be known as Lani and she was a huge up and coming pop star with the world at her fingertips and a spoiled outlook on life This all changed when her manager failed to pay back the money he owed to Carosa the drug lord who's brother gunned him down in front of Lani Lani and her bodyguards were also shot but only Lani survived After testifying against the brother and sending him to jail Lani becomes Mackenzie through the Witness Protection program Years have passed with Mackenzie still in hiding when her car tires get slashed and she senses someone following her Calling her witness protection officer Eric she only reaches his voicemail As she is walking home a car starts to follow she takes off and the chase is on Mackenzie is about to enter a coffee shop when shots are fired but luckily she runs into Eric as he is coming out and he pulls her to the ground and gets her to safety The coincidence seems a little too fortuitous and it actually is the Eric she ran into is in fact his twin brother Aaron When this all gets figured out it turns out Eric has been investigating a potential rat in his office who could be compromising witness identities so he asks his brother Aaron to watch over Mackenzie for him Luckily Aaron is a Delta Force soldier so he is physically up to the task but after a botched last mission mentally he is not uite stable yet The beginning started off intense as Mackenzie was running for her life and figuring out who she could and couldn't trust Aaron was a cool casual keep it together guy even when the bullets were flying but due to his day job this was understandable Mackenzie came off a bit needy and too demanding of Aaron at times At one point in the book they are surrounded by four gunmen and she is sad and disappointed when Aaron just lets them take her Let's cut the guy a break he is Delta Force not Superman There are other instances in the book too where her lack of trust which is suppose to demonstrate that their relationship is building instead came off as a lack of common sense Mackenzie starts off a sympathetic character but dips into annoying at times throughout the book While Mackenzie had the tendency to become annoying she did have depth to her Aaron was one dimensional for a chunk of the story The main thing on his mind was how he mismanaged his first time as team leader The point of this was to obviously add broodiness to him but his fixation was basically the same three thoughts over and over that lacked to give it substance Even though the main characters had their profoundness problems the overall story arc was suspenseful enough to keep me reading The main villain is not up front and center but the threat of him and how Mackenzie and Aaron have to stay on the move keep the excitement going Secondary characters such as Aaron's friends Doug and Sabine who enter the scene to help add extra dynamics work to keep things interesting As I said before the ending starts to get heavy handed with the religion but if you enjoy this aspect to your stories then Mackenzie and Aaron's eventual acceptance to their own personal enlightenment will add a pleasant uality to the story for you The writing pace and overall story is solid and entertaining If looking for a uick read that integrates suspense and Christian themes Star Witness would be a good purchase Great new book from Lisa PhillipsStar Witness is Lisa Phillips’ newest book from Love Inspired Suspense It comes after Double Agent though you don’t have to read them in order I have uickly become a big fan of Ms Phillips’ books and am happy to say that I really enjoyed this oneLisa does an excellent job of building the suspense and drawing you into the story The descriptions and details were great not overwhelming but still enough to give you a clear picture I confess that I don’t remember much about Double Agent but despite that I really enjoyed Sabine and Doug being back in this book They bring a little comedic relief Doug and wisdom SabineI loved Mackenzie White the heroine I uickly connected with her and found her to be a very realistic character She is sweet and kind but she is also determined and stronger than she thinks While she is on the run from mercenaries she doesn’t focus on herself but rather tries to take care of Aaron and others she comes in contact with Aaron Hanning is an interesting character He is strong a Delta Force soldier but sees himself as a failure He doesn’t want to help Mackenzie as first because he is afraid of failing her and his brother He doesn’t want to be responsible for someone else’s life While he is strong blunt a little rough around the edges there is also a brokenness in him that drew me in I found that like Mackenzie I wanted to help him heal I really enjoyed Aaron and Mackenzie’s relationship It didn’t seem too fast even though most of the book only covers a few days It was sweet at times but not really the focus of the story They kind of start out as awkward friends They are thrown together in the beginning and Aaron doesn’t want to get close to anyone so he pushes Mackenzie away But Mackenzie pushes back just as hard determined that if she’s stuck with Aaron she has to know him to be able to trust him My favorite part of the book is the spiritual theme redemption Mackenzie has spent the last 16 years trying to make up for her past life She is determined to be a better person than she was before She believes she has to atone for the past before she can come to God and ask for forgiveness I love this uote from page 189 “Undeserved just like God’s grace She didn’t have to do anything to earn it God would always love her no matter what she did or the kind of person she was” I love the realization in this So often we believe we must do something to be “good enough” but as Mackenzie learns you can’t earn grace It is a gift freely given Aaron also struggles with grace He doesn’t really believe in God He says a prayer once in a while but feels God is a crutch than anything He feels trapped by his mistakes by his failures I love this uote from Sabine Laduca “I had to give up my preconceived notions of what faith is like but now I know It’s freedom” Aaron needed that freedom from all the burdens he had piled on his shoulders I admit to struggling to get into the story at first I had to really push myself to keep reading through the first 2 or 3 chapters It didn’t draw me immediately like I’m used it but made up for it later on when I was so hooked I didn’t want to put it down My only real complaint is that I was confused about how much time had passed at the end A little “this many months later” note would have been nice but I’m a nut about that stuff It throws me off when I’m trying to guess how long it’s been I highly recommend this book if you enjoy mystery and suspense I received an advanced copy from the author for my honest review which I have given I was not reuired to write a positive review and have not been compensated for it in any way All opinions expressed are my own All uotations used with permission from the author No infringement intended STAR WITNESS by Lisa Phillips is her second book with Love Inspired Suspense and I certainly look forward for to come In Star Witness the characters are very interesting the pacing moves along smoothly and the story line kept me wanting to find out what would happen next as well as what had happened in the past I highly recommend STAR WITNESS to anyone who is looking for a novel of suspense but wants real characters that learns or relearns the power of trust and love in Christ Most definitely a 5 star novel I love happy endings and this one was so heart warming This book was wonderful and I loved it from page one Thanks Lisa for sharing your God given talentyour writing is awesome I have been looking for a new author of Christian suspense to try Unfortunately I did not enjoy this I rate books at two stars for two different reasons First if I scan read a book a lot I rate it two stars If I dislike the book but finish reading it I rate it two stars That usually happens when I have purchased it and feel some obligation to finish reading it In this case both of these problems apply I felt like there were details that did not add up and some things I just couldn't buy I did not like the characters and felt like they were often inconsistent with themselves and even at times behaved irrationally Note to self NO books by this author I really enjoyed Ms Phillips writing style with authentic faith overcoming of past wounds and romance that was inspiring and worth while I also enjoyed the friendships between the characters I will be reading others of hers soon God can wipe it away15 stars for Star WitnessMAJOR SPOILERSThought and PlotHave you ever read a book and went okay maybe it's not so nopeI was wrong I tried to like this book I really did What's not to like about a deta force military man protecting a women from a drug lord drug lord's kid on behalf of his brother who is SUPPOSED to be protecting her but is too busy trying to stop the leaks in the boat from sinking his entire organization? A lot apparently But I ignored the chippy writing and the near insta love at first and tried to just enjoy the story And I almost got thereuntil I hit this part God can wipe it away He takes our sins and makes it as though it never happenedOkay seriously??? I may have burst out laughing in surprise and slight disgust at this terrible terrible line Did you sin? Just leave it in God's hands and forget about it That's not right at all What christian religion is this book based off exactly and how did it get into this particular book? It just steam rolled down the negativity cliff from thereThere was some nice gentle under tones of a religious faith laying just under the surface of our main gal's MackenzieLani character and then you get to somewhere in chapter 18 and the religious message comes hurling out of the pages so unexpectedly and so hard I'm surprised my eyebrows stayed on my face the way they shot up I laughed but not because it was funny but because it was so bad And it just kept getting WORSEAnd let's not forget to get the man of broken faith to magically see the light through a few spoken words GuhAnd what is with the near insta love feeling going on? How long have you guys known each other? Week or so? Tops What was it three four days before your friend is loudly announcing that she the one for you??? GGGUUUHHHH I HATE THAT No insta love and no declarations of WE KNOW SHE'S THE RIGHT PERSON FOR YOU EVEN THOUGH WE LITERALLY JUST MET HER TEN MINUTES AGO It's written all over you face dudeguh just give a girl a break and stop heaping the trash all in one place Chapter 18 right next to the dam break that started the unexpected God flood I want to vomit just thinking about it Let's not mention the marriage proposal about a week into the relationship Is it really so impossible to write a realistic love story??? Things I didn't like the summary list Insta love God flood Magical faith finding the vomit comet of insta mush It's all really technical and I don't really understand it let's skip over actually sort of explain how your IP address can't be tracked due to how you set up your internet bullst The cliche everybody I cared for is in hospital because of me Lani I'll let you cry while I cradle you on my lap and promise to never leave you Aaron Bleh Soyou blocked the front door but did nothing to the back door???? And you people are special forces and ex CIA????? Good Lord You let the person you're protecting go into the bath that has a windowbefore the fire fight starteduhuh NOT BELIEVEABLE Excessive self sacrificing Witness Protection fails that would honestly never happen in real life I hope A suicidal rich drug lord's son bad guy who is killing himself and her willing for no good reason Uh what??? The conversation with said suicidal drug lord's son and the mush talk in chapter 18 and beyonddouble bleh that girlfriend girlfriend Nahuh That endingUGH Things I did like Aaron until he turned into a mushy idiot Aaron's team's forgiveness because it was a nice subtle message about forgiveness and moving on with people you care for The friendship factor between Aaaron and all his friends Doug's lame ass jokes Actually kind of funny Not much else Conclusion I would suggest to others not bother reading this book personally I've read cliche YA romance novels that worked better and were believable than this story But it's your time if you choose to read it and see it for yourself I personally am disappointed that the uality went down rather than up as we neared the climax of the story line Pity It had potential This book started off ok it was a fast read The plot had lots of potential but it never materialized The story was about a woman who was in witness protection for years after helping to send a man to jail for drugs and murder One day she finds herself being shot at and thinking she is asking her 'handler' for help is at least at that point saved She later finds out the guy helping her is her handler's twin brother former Delta Force member Now with the help of the twins Mackenzie needs to stay alive The plot sounded good for a suspenseromance type book but I didn't like it Knowing some police officers and former special ops members this book just had way too many mistakes I was surprised all the main characters didn't get killed I finished reading the book as I always do but I really didn't like it Hence the 2 stars You might want to set a timer to remind yourself to breathe every so often before you start reading Star Witness And try not to blink you might miss something important This is Phillips's second book and it is just as intense as her first And bonus fans of her debut novel Double Agent will be thrilled to discover that Doug and Sabine take on prominent secondary roles in this book Rife with danger and action Mackenzie and Aaron can't seem to keep ahead of the mercenaries that want her dead Their tenuous romance barely has time to flicker to life as they dodge bullets and countless perils Another compelling romantic suspense from an author who is making a name for herself in this popular genre This was a suspenseful intriguing read that fit well within the Love Inspired Suspense line There was a point in the middle where I got a little bogged down in the details but I'm glad I kept going because I ended up really enjoying this story I liked the mistaken identitytwin thing going on for the first few chapters It definitely made things interesting The characters were well developed and the plot was paced correctly for a romantic suspense novel There were some good twists and turns too Well done Ms Phillips 4 stars for a thrilling chilling read This book had the potential to be really good but it had so many law enforcement and military mistakes I know someone who had been in special forces in the military and he would never had made and continue to make the mistakes Aaron the hero of this novel did It was as if this hero should've been in boot camp not the elite suadron of the US Army Give the Army a bad name And the heroine MacKenzie got on my nerves Luckily it's a short book

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