The Keeper Of The Wind

The Keeper Of The Wind☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Keeper Of The Wind By Mark Shaw ❤ – When a trio of high school seniors list three ancient artifacts for sale on eBay professor and archeologist of native artifacts Mitch Waters believes he hit the jackpot But is he concerned with histor When a trio of high school seniors Of The PDF ☆ list three ancient artifacts for sale The Keeper PDF \ on eBay professor and archeologist of native artifacts Mitch Waters believes he hit the Keeper Of The Kindle Ñ jackpot But is he concerned with historical preservation or his own fame and fortune Author Mark A Shaw brings together an unlikely yet entertaining trio of high school seniors each of a different race and upbringing who are separated from their senior class during a high school camping trip On their own in the wilderness they come across three authentic artifacts in a hidden cave The events that unfold once they return to safety and attempt to sell their newfound treasures on eBay intersect modern with ancient worlds superstition with truth and trust with trickery In the tradition of children’s literature classics The Keeper Of The Wind takes readers on a magical and enthralling journey along which three best friends learn the true meaning of friendship teamwork and perseverance This page turning read introduces Mark A Shaw as a powerful up and coming young adult fiction novelist leaving readers to wonder Will there be a seuel. A Pot of Honey After reading The keeper of winds I had the same feeling i usually get after watching a Disney movieThe Keeper of Winds has a very adroit story that is treated in a very sweet and lovable fashion The book opens with a good pace and maintains it throughout without once dipping in its overall tone or flowThe narration is simple and systematic and sometimes a bit too systematic and seriatim for my taste but still it keeps the entertainment factors intactIt was good to see an young adult book with real kids rather than those who act and speak eons away from their actual age and because of this one thing the story had a uniue mixture of simplicity and cuteness to it making it a sweet read Although at times it is too sweet The book had these amazing teen banters that were comic relief as well as a breath of fresh air The keeper of wind with a good and simple treatment brings forward a book that will remind you of all those Disney movies that comes with a whole lot of messages but at the same time takes you to different fantasy worlds with moments of grief laughter and excitement So for me this is a feel good book that will bring a smile on your face as well as leave you with these short notes on facing troubles with courage First of all I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story by Mr Shaw To be uite honest I had a hard time starting it because I was stuck on the cover I was thinking “The Goonies” which is never a bad thing but it’s not something I would read WellI’m glad I gave it a chance As an author it’s important to read different genres and step outside of your comfort zone now and then but I truly enjoyed this book from beginning to end The characters were engaging and they had me laughing a few times However because of the ages of the characters I did not expect some of the languagedialogue that came out of them Once that initial surprise was out of the way I was over it and continued to enjoy the story I love that the characters are from diverse ethnic backgrounds and the adventure in this story was original and very enjoyable The Keeper of the Wind is a real page turner which will keep you riveted by a strong story line and engaging characters I stayed up late at night reading this novel it was very difficult to put down once I was immersed Shaw captures the teenage voice and behaviour perfectly with his three main protagonists their friendships relationship issues and their daring is skilfully portrayed against a rare humour the dialogue is witty and at times endearing The fact that the teenagers come from different ethnic backgrounds is an affirmation of the multicultural melting pot of American culture And I must admit I really liked the fact that not everyone in the novel was involved in romantic relationships the female characters are feisty and independent which provides good role models for young women todayThe mix of native American history and fiction is a great combination As I love history I found the plot involving rare artefacts uite compelling But I think my favourite parts were the elements of American culture we often don't get to see the kids from the hood are portrayed in a realistic but positive light This honest portrayal shows that Shaw really knows his stuffNot only does this book demand a seuel it would translate well into a film Well done to Shaw for a memorable read Mark Shaw is a pioneer in the movement to get indie books noticed He is the founder of the hashtag and corresponding promotional group #indiebooksbeseen His motto is making indie trendy He is also an indie writer himself and one day I got to thinking that maybe his work needs some recognition I picked up Keeper of the Wind and got a pleasant treatIn Keeper of the Wind three high school seniors wander away from a school camping trip and get lost in a cave where they discover some Indian artifacts They post the items for sale on eBay and are immediately contacted by Professor Waters an anthropologist and Justin Sigo a malevolent shaman Of particular interest is a staff that has the power to control the winds A stand off ensues that will culminate in an epic battle of good vs evilThrough his work Shaw reflects a deep respect for Native American cultures and for other cultures in general The teenagers speak using adolescent street slang which gives the book a humorous element and takes the edge off its serious themes respect tolerance justice Readers will also feel nostalgia for their own teenage experiences first love prom going out with friends graduation etc A highly recommended read With all of the youthful and daring curiosity of normal teens Marcus Olivia and Tim “sort of” break camp rules and begin an adventure that will take them through caves danger and a world of Native American spirits legends and artifacts filled with the power to destroy or rescue the world Unaware of what lay ahead for them one fateful fall will open a cavern with ancient artifacts of power and each will connect with one of these three teensSo do they sell them on eBay? Get them appraised and authenticated? Show them to an expert in Native American culture? Approached by a scholar only wishing to help and find relics the kids wonder if he can be trusted When another darker entity comes forward and offers them hard cash for these finds the adventure through history time and realms begins as they must stand up to evil with the help of ancient warriors and their priceless findsDirected at a younger teen audience the fantasy and sense of mystery surrounding The Keeper of the Wind is a fascinating leap out of reality and into a tale that feels magically real and exciting Mark A Shaw has unleashed the power of his pen and creates a world that comes alive all around his readers What better way to create future readers than to build a world a child or young adult can relate to while giving them the tools to enter into a realm of imagination and the ultimate battle between good and evil? Face it we all have dreamed of being a larger than life hero at one time or another and The Keeper of the Wind lets us to that from the safety of our imagination Hopefully there is coming from the rich well of Mr Shaw’s mind because I want to take another ridePublication Date January 31 2014Publisher lillie PublishingGenre YA FantasyAdventurePrint Length 196 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleReviewed for I started laughing at the beginning it was incredible how these three teenagers were portrayed in such a way you could actually see them and think “That is exactly how a teenager would act and talk” One of my favorite line in this book was “It ain’t Beyoncé” I literally laughed out loud The three teens Marcus Olivia and Tim stumble upon ancient artifacts that will forever change their lives It’s incredible how Mark Shaw portrays the teen when they begin dealing with disembodied voices; it was uite amazing the first time these three heard them Then to add to the mystery they are thrown into a situation of dealing with a mysterious menacing fog Interesting yes but I cannot say any about that so not to spoil any part of the story They teens are compelled to examine their reality and embrace one that is extreme and uniue from anything they imaginedYou have to read this oneloved it Great novel for all teenagers»The Keeper Of The Wind« is a great young adult fiction novel that is fun even for adults It contains many elements of a good and interesting story that really draws you into it and I am sure that any teenager would love it There is great mixture of themes and symbols that make reading interesting – you will meet everything from adventure to friendship interweaving of history and present moral principles and much I would not like to reveal you the whole story but I can assure that it’s a very interesting adventures and entertaining The story focuses on three main characters three friends Olivia Marcus and Tim who experience an unexpected adventure that connects them even The story is well written it is very entertaining easy to read exciting and most important it really draws you in I would highly recommend it When best friends Marcus Olivia and Tim get separated from the rest of their group on a school trip they could never have guessed what would come They follow their adventurous streak and discover powerful Native American artefacts thought lost long agoThis is a very sweet book There's a lot of emphasis on being the person you want to be regardless of your background and start in life The mutual respect whether it is between friends; between family; or between a teen and adult it is always in a bright and positive lightShaw steers clear of many clichés of high school genres It was refreshing to read about kids that actually get on with school and look forward to college There is only one incident of two guys not getting on but it shows the importance of friendship and rising above such uarrels There are relationships but again there is a feeling of maturity and respect they grow in a natural way throughout the bookThe story is from multiple points of view and I don't just mean our main 3 Everyone gets an opinion family the wider group of friends the native chief the bad guy his goons but once you get used to it it flows smoothly and actually works well to give a well rounded feel to the bookThere were a couple of points that I struggled withTo start with I felt there was a lot of exposition which left very little to discover with some of the characters For example we are told that Josette Tim's new girlfriend has trust issues because of an ex boyfriend This is done in the same paragraph as we are given a similar bio of Fatima Marcus' new girlfriend and is done right before they are given their role in the storyTo be fair once the back stories had all had their limelight in the first uarter of the book the rest of it allowed you to start to connect for said characters and was much smootherHave you all seen The Princess Bride? I know we all have Stick with me there's a reason You know where the grandad is reading the story but breaks off to remind the little boy that something was or wasn't going to happen or that so and so isn't really dead I kinda got that same feeling from the story telling that it could have been a grandad surrounded by his grandkids telling them his favourite story Which is a good thing believe me I only mention it down here because there was one thing that nagged me There was a section where there's a pause in the storytelling to inform us that one character wasn't as up to speed with us But repeatedly view spoilerLike when Professor Waters doesn't know that the eagle was in fact Marcus Yeah I think we worked that out by the fact that the Professor was being carried by said eagle and was confused and worried about Marcus being left with the bad guys hide spoiler The Keeper of the Wind is a wonderful magical realism story centering on the amazing adventure shared by three high school seniors After finding ancient artefacts while on their senior trip Marcus Olivia and Tim’s lives change irrevocably They must contend with disembodied voices mysterious menacing fog people who should not be taken at face value and re thinking their entire worldview to incorporate a reality far different from anything they had ever imaginedThese three teens come from different ethnic and economic backgrounds making it even difficult for some of them to revamp their ideology of how the world should operate Tim is Caucasian Marcus is African American and Olivia is a Latina Their backgrounds play heavily into the story’s plotting and structure which adds believability to the overall story which contains fantastical elements that will dazzle your mind’s eyeThe artefacts that each teen finds assists each of them to help one another on their journey while deepening their bonds of trust and connection Their adventures bring them two new friends — Professor Waters and Peter a fledgling shaman While the teens are not sure of either man initially it becomes clear as the story unfolds that all five of their fates are intertwinedThe Keeper of the Wind weaves a compelling story Each of the main five characters face dangers that put each of their lives in jeopardy than once The author Mark Shaw does an excellent job of providing great focal characters that readers can fall in love with I know I did Mark Shaw has produced a wonderful first book It would have kept my young sons totally engaged from beginning to end There were enough bad words to make them laugh out loud but not so many I'd have restricted the book Kids hear these words every day and they would notice if they weren't present Mark managed to bring together multiple cultures in a beautiful way that emulates the melting pot of today's world with humor and dignity When three teens escape a class trip and discover ancient artifacts in a cave that is most certainly haunted by the spirits of tribal elders the kids begin a journey to responsibility and adulthood Their journey touches on the first blush of young love the wonders of the stories which many times mold our past to our present and the courage reuired to enter a world that contains both good and bad adults All too soon Olivia Marcus and Tim discover the artifacts they intended to sell on Ebay are worth far than they could even dream In fact the direction of the world may be tied up in a simple crown of feathers club and animal skin Will they be up to the challenge of forces that have taken centuries to develop? Is Professor Waters leading them to their destiny or death? In all fairness I know my sons at ages 12 14 would have rated this book as a 5 Star effort and they would have begged for the next